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Karen Bishop
Greetings!   If you awoke this morning with a sense of something different, you were not alone. We have just completed a monumental cleansing and shift, and have now released our “old world” ties and connection to the old planet Earth. We have finally completed the elevating process of releasing the “old us”, the “old personality”, the “old incarnation” of our prior roles, and basically, the “old human” model that related and existed in the old world. As this process accelerated most intensely in December, it began a chain reaction of deep cleansing and purifying from within, that seemed to continue on with back to back surges and “bump ups” in acceleration, with few breaks in between.
Karen Bishop
Greetings! As we progress through this extraordinary time of transition in the physical, much is occurring. The strange and frequent dreams persist, a great “push” to move to New locations, and again, those interesting physical and emotional sensations…   With the great “sadness” increasing, it is almost as if we are mourning. This past week brought in periods if intense sadness and grieving, as we are beginning to feel at some levels, the great losses (as we seem to emotionally interpret them) that are yet to come. For me, these feelings seemed to occur only every other day, and again, with intent and focus on the New, could evaporate in a few minutes.
Brenda Hoffman

Brenda Hoffman > Are Your Teachers Clinging to 3D?

Many of you are somewhat comfortable with moving to a different community, loss of a loved one or financial issues. You have dealt with those issues in the past with the help of your family and friends support system. But what if that support system disappears? What if your entire being shifts and there is no one with whom to discuss or share your amazing new being?

Sarah-Jane Grace

Love conquering all is not a new concept, but so many push it away as ‘new age namby-pampy’ because life isn’t all sweetness and light. That’s true, of course, but embracing love does not mean covering over the cracks of life nor does it mean forgetting about our troubles and our fears.

Hillis Pugh

The Bridge of Light is a place we come to when we are ready for a great transformation in our life. Whether we are consciously aware of a great change desired, universally or individually, the bridge is a rite of passage. When we walk this path of change and become aware of it, we are offered assistance to better understand what we are undergoing and needing to release to complete the transformation.

Gloria Wendroff

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2479 I sent you to brighten the world

Sometimes I have the impression that you think it is honorable to devaluate yourself, or dishonorable to value yourself more. I am not telling you to swagger, but I do tell you to honor yourself more. Honor your place in the world. Honor the space you occupy.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

This is a brief message from the Star Elders regarding the upcoming Lunar/Solar Eclipse doorway.

Sarah Varcas

Welcome to the next major astrological event to shape our lives, ourselves and our world. Alignments such as this, between the slow moving outer planets, impact the very core of our being, catalysing irrevocable change.


Selacia > Tap New Energies at Wesak

Wesak season is always a powerful time of spiritual transformation. This year it has even greater potential because of the unique energy cycle of the past several weeks – bringing to a head revolutionary shifting on a grand scale.

Kelly M. Beard

Kelly M. Beard > Weekly Forecast: November 5 - 11, 2017

11/9 ~ Sun (core identity) ~sextile~ Pluto (transformation): This is a healthy, positive, transformative energy. You will have access to energy that will help you change your current circumstance for the better and/or clear up an issue that has been challenging you for a while now.


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