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Lightworker > A Time of Stillness ~ The Sun’s Polarity Change

I am eM and I am here because you have changed this planet. You have already shifted every single part of it and now you are starting to acclimate into a new world.

It does not take me that long to come in because I am here all the time. Once in a while he will step aside a little bit and I will sneak in whenever I can.  Greetings everybody. I am Elrah and you are not.

Lightworker > The Choice - Choice in a Multidimensional World

Today I get to tell you about something new, but before I do I want to take you Home for just a moment. I sit here, the place that you call Home. You know, humans think that heaven is up above the clouds and it is a funny thing for us because heaven is really everywhere

Lightworker > Meteors - The Seeds of Life

WARNING: The following channel contains concepts and stories about the history of earth that may offend some. Even so, the group is very pleased to plant the seeds of how the earth and humans began.

Lightworker > Does the Rhythm of Your Heart Match the Rhythm of Your Name?

I am Elrah of rhythmic service and I just have to tell you that introduction was beautiful. I am not going to give you the whole lesson today. I am going to turn it over to, eM. He is actually going to be talking about a subject which is my responsibility, my area of expertise.

Lightworker > The Expanding Heart ~ You Have Landed!

I am Elrah of Rhythmic Service. You can choose to be on top of the world, if you want to be. You can decide how you want to view life because that new vision is important.

Lightworker > Puzzle Perspectives ~ A New Look at the Puzzle of Life

Here is the Beacon of Light for March 2013. Have a great month and keep the rhythm! Big hugs and gentle nudges ~ Steve

Lightworker > Smile Your Way Home ~ Harmonizing the Fabric of Time

This was by far "our" best attempt at explaining the two important points that the Keeper of Time wants us to know about our new relationship to time. Each time he says it a bit differently, but this time it flowed evenly and smoothly.

Lightworker > A Lesson In Time

Any words from me on this channel could only take away from its presentation. It is my deepest honor to present the Keeper of Time. Big hugs, Steve

Lightworker > Singularities of Light

From Steve: What can I say? Except that after 17 years of channeling the group in a collective voice, I am now experiencing them as what they call a singularity. If my brain ever stopped to think about it I’m sure it would block me. Nonetheless, the depth of information and love is absolutely undeniable. I hope you enjoy them as much as I am.


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