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Lightworker > Rhythm Method - A New Rhythm to Life

There is a change in your vibrational status, dear ones. We have said this before and have watched as humanity has risen to a new level, then worked very hard to acclimate to that level only to become comfortable for a moment and take another step. We have seen the struggles, the challenges, the emotions that many of you have gone through as you have acclimated into these new energies. We wish to share with you what to look for especially in the remainder of this year, for there is much energy which is on schedule to change now.

Lightworker > Don't Wait

This was an impassioned message from the group on where we are right now and that we can do about it.  Feeling stuck, get ready to move. Here they say that we can develop new energetic habits that will make this evolutionary process much easier for each of us. Simple and powerful.

Lightworker > Mirror Mirror - Reflections of God

At some point in our lives each of us has to stop and ask some basic questions. When I was growing up many of my friends were another religion and that naturally brings up the question “Which one is the right one?” I studies several religions and found a sense of tolerance of other religions built into most. After collecting a few of these ‘questions’ in my mind I understood that they were all stories told from different tribes passed down from generation to generation from different parts of the world.

Lightworker > Growing God - Changing the Future

Know that much of your own structure has been changing. Today we wish to share with you more ideas about what is happening to the human body, for the giant leaps you are now making are changing your vibrational range very radically. The path of evolution typically moves forward very, very slowly and as it reaches the end it takes some rather drastic upturns. Those who work in the light are on the express path.

Lightworker > Earth Wobble - Earths New Vibrational Signature

This message talks about what the group expects to see over the next several months.  They told the story about how everything on this side of the veil vibrates, and like snowflakes each one of us has a unique signature vibration. They went on to show us how that signature is beginning to change in each of us and the often emotional consequences.  They said the real immediate problem is that it leads to self-doubt and when a creator has self-doubt it can impede the path.

Lightworker > Magnetosphere: “The shields are only 30%, Captain!”

This message spoke of the sun and what to expect in the days just ahead. They said there was another round of solar flares that were about to begin. I am aware that we are having them right now but they still are not the intensity and the regularity that we will have them in the next three years. The year 2012 was of particular note. They said to watch direct sun exposure during that year. Its not about how much you get but about how much you are accustomed to getting. This is the second or third channel recently where they equate gravity to magnetism but I will say that our sciences do not agree with that as of yet.

Lightworker > Empowerment - Our Next Reality

From Steve: The group gave me no warning about what was coming in this message.  The topic was clear from the beginning, but as they got further into it they made several clear points about what real empowerment looks like.  There were times in this message that the group asked each one of us some very direct questions about our views of empowerment.  What it looks like in actual practice and what we humans are envisioning may be different; they are preparing us for that step.  In this message full of love and hope, the group asks each of us to consider our own thoughts and personal dedication to stepping into empowerment.

Lightworker > Magnetic Whip

From Steve:  In this channel the group talked once again about the Chilean Earthquake of last summer. At the time they said that it changed the tilt and the rotation of the planet more than we knew. The group continued messages the next month that talked about the Magnetosphere of Earth and how that cosmic event altered the magnetosphere. Now the group says we have been in the midst of an energy movement that originated with that event. The Magnetosphere of Earth is basically the magnetic field of earth extending far out into space. When this earthquake happened it shifted earth within a few hours but the magnetosphere whipped behind the event and is just now catching up.

Lightworker > The New Body Electrics: The Physical Electrical Evolution

From Steve: I went into this channel with very little direction as to what this was to be.  I knew we would most likely talk about the physical body changes and much of that has been up for me lately. I have been having strange problems like killing batteries in remote controls; many human interfaces do not seem to work for me, especially electrical ones.  For a person in the Audio Video world this is very challenging.  Sometimes the computer works and sometimes it does not, and forget about touchpads!

From Steve: In this session the group covered several important points that will help all of us in the days directly ahead, as all of humanity is riding a wave of unbelievable energy.   The part I really like the best in this message was when they started talking about the new communication coming as part of this evolution.  They have described


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