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Steve Rother > The New Matrix

 Rewiring Your Energy Matrix From Steve: This message tied in with the big message from last month. (See The Rewire ) Here the group explains much more of what is happening as we begin this human wiring upgrade. They explained that even though an Energy Matrix can never be changed, it is possible to add a new overlay to an existing matrix. This is getting exciting. Hang on the ride is just beginning. Big hugs and gentle nudges Steve Rother Spokesman for the group Greetings from Home Why Am I Here?

Lightworker > The Sixth Stage of Life

This month's Beacons of Light was presented live in Zeist , Holland . We decided to offer the live internet broadcast that included this channel from Holland so that we could connect the family of light in several countries. Due to that this Beacons of Light includes a question and answer section from the audience of about 300 in attendance. The imaginary borders that divide countries will not keep us from knowing that we are one heart in the light. Big GROUP hugs Steve Rother Greetings from Home.

Lightworker > Divine Discontent

A new year has just begun.  The potenital is enormous for what can unfold.  You would think that everyone would be ready to jump into action.  But thats not the general feeling right now with Lightworkers.  There is a strange feeling in the air.  Self doubt, money trouble, hopelessness and a general confusion seem to hang in the air all around us.  There is a heavy energy that many are feeling right now.  The Group says it is actually the precussor to big change.  They call it the Divine Discontent. Big GROUP hugs Steve Rother Greetings from Home.
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