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Lightworker > Beauty in Darkness

The message below was presented in San Diego, California recently at the OverLight Spiritual Psychology training. We have used it here as it addresses an important issue that the Group has spoken of before. Our perception of Light and Dark is changing and as it does, it becomes more important for us to move out of polarity and into unity thinking. By understanding and embracing the Beauty of Darkness we can change our reality. Perhaps then we can stop being afraid of the dark. Happy creating! Steve Rother Greetings from Home

Lightworker > Do You Believe?

Over the years, I have become aware that the Group's messages are always in a code. They call it “the code of the heart,” as they use it to speak to many hearts at once. T hey use the same words to give many different messages on many different levels at one time. Those of you who have heard the Group's messages live know that they are all quite different. Sometimes they keep us laughing the whole time, while at other times they are giving important information. Still other channels will have us all in tears with the love they give.
I have been presenting the Beacons of Light Reminders from Home every month since February of 1996. All of our work at Lightworker is founded on the empowering information given in these channels. The message you are about to read was the first time we have presented the Beacons of Light channel in front of a live audience. We give live channels all over the globe every two weeks but this was the first time the Beacons of Light ~ Re-minder from Home was presented in this way. We are now attempting to take the Beacons LIVE on the road whenever possible. This will allow us to share with you our experience of this great family of Light that we experience when we travel. When Barbara and I go to a ‘foreign’ country we get first hand experience at seeing that we are in fact all the same and all looking for the same answers. The Group says the joke is on us. . . we are all the same.

Lightworker > The Web of Love

Greetings from Home We gather once again in the magic that you have created this day. Dear ones, do you know who you are? We are here to help you understand that process, for you have created the magic that you now call The Third Earth. It has begun already. And as each one of you now takes your own hand at the intentional creation process, you create a new matrix of Earth. You create a new reality, not just for yourselves but beginning with the human race and moving through different levels from that point forward. You are the magicians of the Gameboard, dear ones. You are creating beyond your greatest dream—beyond your greatest hope. It has already begun. Intersection of Realities

Lightworker > The Third Earth

From Steve:

Lightworker > Death of a Star

Greetings from Home. As each one now reaches into the very depths of your soul, you create a reality with each breathe out, for the in-breath of God has begun. You have set it into motion yourself, and will now see the reality that you have created this day. The beauty that surrounds you is more than you will ever know for even with your new vision and sight the veil is still firmly in place. But dear ones, when you look into each other’s eyes, and into the hearts of one another, that is when you can see God. From this day forward you will see such a reflection for the energy has been building since August of 2003. The grand changes have begun. The energy has been shifting in order for you to see the new reality that you have created for yourself. And now it is set into motion in such a way that you will be able to actually use this energy - to set it into motion to create your reality every step of every day. It has begun today!

Lightworker > The Fabric of God

Greetings from Home. Dear ones, do you know the magnificence that you reflect? Do you know the energy that you are placing into the Universe at this time? If we could offer you only a brief glimpse of your reflection, it would astound you. You are the bright lights of the universe. You are the ones who have chosen to place the veils over your face so that you could re-member God, so that you could experience and define ‘All That Is.’ And we tell you that, because of your experiment, not only are all paradigms being re-written, but you, yourselves, are changing once again. “What is the Meaning of Life?”

Lightworker > The Crystal Portals

This message from the Group takes the Walking Backwards concept from last months message and puts it into practical use. Barbara and myself are pleased to present this on the eighth anniversary of the Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home. We hope you find it as useful as we did. Espavo! Greetings from Home.

Lightworker > Walking Backwards in Time

Greetings from Home. Ah, here we sit waiting to connect with you, looking at your energy before us and seeing how magical you are. It is exciting beyond your imagination. Do you honestly know who you are? Do you understand the magic that you hold? It has begun dear ones. It has started now and you will see the Gameboard of free choice advance. For now is the time for you to step forward. And we wish to share with you a little bit of what this may look like because we know humans get very scared as they step off what appears to be the end of the bridge into uncertainty. Stepping off the Bridge

Lightworker > Lightening the Load

Greetings from Home.

Dear ones, you have made an important move as you have stepped into your personal realities and gone through some very difficult situations, but you are still here. Here you are, looking around, trying to figure out where the next step is going to be, trying to figure out what is happening, what your energy is going to do next.


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