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Lightworker > The Harmonic Concordance

From Steve:

This was presented as a live channel on the day of the Harmonic Concordance, November 8th, 2003. This is the beginning of a new energy connection where we can have more direct access to the new energy the Group calls the Crystal Energy which they have been taking about for the last two years.

Lightworker > The Out Breath Has Started

From Steve: Last month the Group began speaking about the portals opening on our Earth and what that means to us. They said to watch for electrical storms which, at the time of this writing, have already spread across most of the areas of the globe. They spoke of the electrical adjustments needed to bring in the portal energy and that this was the reason for the major blackouts we have experienced. They specifically said to watch for two more major power blackouts, which have already occurred, as a huge power surge took out major parts of Denmark & Sweden only a week after the channel was published; then, last week, there was another major power outage in Italy.

Lightworker > It Has Begun

From Steve: For several months, the Group has been talking about the middle of August 2003 as a special time. They said recently that the Crystal Energy entering from the solar flares had increased during June and July to store enough energy in the Earth to prepare us for what was to take place in mid-August. I was really expecting that in last month’s message they would tell us what was happening and what to look for. Last month’s message about the “Gray Zone” said nothing specific about this mysterious August event, and they gave only very cryptic answers when asked directly. All they would say is that a major portal was opening and that we need to have enough crystal energy in place to adjust to the new possibilities it would bring.
From Steve: I do a lot of private Re-member Sessions on the phone where people can view themselves from the perspective of the Group. Recently in these sessions, people have been talking about the shift of energy being felt all over the globe. The most common complaints are anger and frustration coming up and old issues returning that were dealt with long ago. These are signs of advancement, according to the Group, and they even talked about them in last month’s message. Even knowing that is not enough to keep us from being overwhelmed by it at times. Here, they offer practical advice for taking the next step forward. They watch with love as we get wrapped in our dramas. They say, simply, enjoy the dramas, just don’t take them too seriously. The good news is that this may be a time when our physical bodies can catch up to the changes and stop resisting the shift. For many, this will be an easier time to lose weight.
From Steve: I was sitting at my computer in our new Lightworker Family Room talking to people from the US, Ireland, the UK, Holland and Turkey. It’s great to be able to communicate with family all over the globe like this. I had just mentioned to people in the room that I was going to have to leave the Family Room to finish writing the Beacons when someone asked what the Beacons was about this month. I proceeded to tell her. I became aware of the faint laughter over my shoulder. By the time I came back 90 minutes later I had to tell her that the whole thing had changed. So many times I think I know where they are going only to find that they have different ideas. Such was the case with this message.
From Steve: Just days ago, the Group spoke about the month of May 2003 and how it has been one of the most difficult times for Lightworkers. Some felt their emotions stretched to the limits while others were scattered and unable to focus. Manifestation seemed to be blocked and the path to passion became unclear. Communication that normally gets us through these times was also difficult. There is a practical reason for this, according to the Group. First, we experienced the lunar eclipse and, more importantly, the intense energy of the full moon, that pulled at our hearts before and after. Then, as this crazy energy began subsiding, we had a huge increase in the “Crystal Energy” entering our earth through the solar flares on our sun.

Lightworker > Relationshifts

From Steve: Barbara and I have just landed at home for two weeks. Whew! Since mid-Jan we have been home a total of 21 days. That sounds like a lot of traveling, but in fact, we both love our work and the awesome opportunities we have to connect family all over the globe. I have always wanted the type of job where I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning. I am happy to say that I have it now.

Lightworker > Magic Hugs

From Steve: Barbara and I are in Zeist, Holland at the moment and have just finished a wonderful three day workshop with 144 Human Angels in our spiritual family. Our hearts are open and today my arms are actually sore from hugging so much. Even though it is a physical pain, it’s a most wonderful feeling. Yesterday the Group spoke a lot about touch and how the physical body carries and shares the energy of Home. What follows is not the channel from yesterday. We will make that available when the Lightworker transcription team finishes with it. In the interim they wanted this information to reach you as soon as possible so I brought this in this morning in place of what I had planned for the Beacons this month. In fact, it’s so new that I must ask you to please excuse misspellings and typos, as this message has not even been sent to our proof readers. We offer it in love. the Group:

Lightworker > The Balance of Power

From Steve: The message this month is decidedly different from the Group’s typical message. Again the message is about world events, as this is an important time on this planet for everyone everywhere. This was written on the very special day of 03-03-03, a day the Group had mentioned would be a time to celebrate the completion of the magnetic grid adjustments which form the ascension grid. Funny that some of us don’t really feel like raising our glasses just yet. Faced with the current world events, really makes us wonder if we are making a difference after all. To this, the Group says, “We are right on track.” the Group: Greetings from Home

Lightworker > Harmonics

From Steve: We are proud to be celebrating the seventh anniversary of the Beacons of Light. I am really honored to get to play this wonderful role. Recently Barbara and I started our travel schedule for 2003. Both of us enjoy connecting with Lightworkers all over the globe and really love what we do. After our first trip to Massachusetts, we stopped in Atlanta for a book signing and a TV interview; then we went back home for a few days before heading out to Atlanta for a seminar.


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