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Lightworker > Releasing old Tools

From Steve: Stepping into a new reality with a new year also means making adjustments in our habits and many areas of our personal lives. Moving into higher evolutionary status means carrying our true power as creators even though we are still firmly rooted in a physical experience. This is not always easy. We are all beginning to see that the time lag in our own creations is now very short. We really do need to pay attention to what thoughts we allow to reside in our heads as they now become our next reality in record time. This new power also comes with new responsibilities. From the Group’s point of view, they understand why we are lost and cannot see where we are going. They say we designed it exactly that way, as it was our greatest desire to be born into physical experience and be totally confused. As they love to say, “You have been wildly successful!”

Lightworker > The Gift - Secret of the Magic

From Steve:

In many parts of the world December is traditionally a month that includes the giving of gifts. I remember the excitement of opening gifts on Christmas morning as a child and the wonderful anticipation as I opened each present. I also remember the special excitement as I watched someone open a gift that I had carefully picked out for them.

Lightworker > The Color Clear

From Steve

When the Group first began to present through me, they told me something that I will never forget. They told me that this information was about personal empowerment and even though that sounds really wonderful, they said it would not be readily accepted. They said that humans are so accustomed to giving their power away that this information would not be popular at first.

Lightworker > Awakening the Crystal Children

From Steve

The Group was the first to identify and label the Children of Crystal Vibration in a channel in May of 1997. Here they spoke of their attributes and said "if you can make the planet safe for them, they will come". In November of 1998 the Group spoke further about the Crystal Children in a live channel at Sudbury, Ontario.

Lightworker > Laughter

Greetings from Home

You have called this place Home for you have made Home where you now sit. How did you do that? How did you bring Heaven to Earth in such a wondrous place? You created it this very day as you walked in here. Not just by your intent but in the same way the Universe was created in the very beginning for the first word that created it all was actually a laugh.

From Steve People often ask "what does the Group have to say about this?" Then they go on to explain what they have just read or heard from another source. Most often they ask the question because they are not settled with the information they are attempting to assimilate. They are looking for validation from the Group. Be it Planet X, the upcoming Polar Shift or the redistribution of the worlds wealth, the question comes up in some form. In these situations the Group generally does not take sides. In most cases they simply say check with the person who gave you that information in the first place. Here they make an exception. They have done so to illustrate a point that we have new tools within where we can get all the answers we desire. Once again they say that those who do not go within. . . go without. the Group Greetings from Home

Lightworker > Dolphin Flow - The Second Act

From Steve This was a live presentation from a seminar in Syracuse, New York. I was saving this message for an upcoming book but when I got it back from the transcription manager, I saw that it really needed to get out right away. The recent energy shifts and re-positioning have made life a bit difficult for many. Here, the Group offers practical tools for moving through life comfortably. Greetings from Home.
From Steve The Group says there are some very interesting things happening at this time especially to Lightworkers. They say we are at an important crossroads right now. Lightworkers everywhere have been experiencing a re-positioning in their lives. Many have trouble understanding what they "did wrong" or why their own creations did not unfold as planned. They started heading in one direction only now to find that this direction has been changed. They get confused and feel disoriented by this. Also there are many others who are being disconnected to their attachmentsso that they can be prepared to move. The Group says that this is the call to Light that we asked to hear when we first came into the physical. We get so wrapped up in our own worlds sometimes that we forget there is a higher perspective to our greatest place in this world. Here the Group re-minds us that we are here for a reason, and that we have important Lightwork to do.

Lightworker > A Theory of Reality

Greetings from Home Dear ones, we cannot tell you the honor we have for you. You hear our words and still cannot understand our perspective. You see us as the angels of heaven. We tell you that with all the might in heaven it has not been possible for us to do what you have done. Can you see why we honor you so? Can you see why we are so honored to be in your presence? We tell you we have missed you at Home, for you have been gone such a long time. You are such a part of us and we are such a part of you. that you know us. You are in our hearts where Home already exists. Hold that energy. Re-member who you are and you will honor the connection between all of us.


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