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Lightworker > The Creation of Human Angels

The last month has given all of us some real challenges. The realigning of energy has been felt by the biology as very few of us are actually sleeping through the night. There has been more depression on the planet than there ever has been and the vibrational flu is back. Almost everyone is feeling the emotional pull of the Mother as she shifts her energy. People are feeling the need to re-align their energy and often do so in over reactive and very dramatic ways. We here at Lightworker are even re-organizing much of staff at this time. Now is a time to find our own center of Love. The pressure on the Earth is very difficult to assimilate for us humans and it has a tendency to push us further from each other. Now is also a time to share that energy with all those with whom you come in contact. Reach out and offer Love as this energy passes over. The energy infusion in May will bring an easing of this pressure.

Lightworker > Wings

In the private sessions, the Group often shows me people who have recently had the Phantom Death experience. They say this is the time they originally scripted to leave. Now that we have changed the paradigm, we have the opportunity to stay and script new contracts for ourselves. Still, when our originally scripted time to leave, comes we generally experience some opportunity to leave and return Home. It is an opportunity to make a choice. It may be an unexplained illness or a close call in traffic. It often is a dream where our greeters come for us and we have the choice to stay if we wish. The Group has showed me many times when this has happened to people and we often tell them about this. Often they never really put it together that this is what they experienced until we mention it. After telling this to hundreds of people in sessions, I have never had anything like this ever happen to me. This is not unusual.

Lightworker > Truth - - - Reaching Higher

We are very proud to be here for the fourth anniversary of the Beacons of Light Meditations and Re-minders from Home. If you would have told me this would happen four years ago I would have called you crazy. Well. . . here we are and what a ride it has been! I can't wait to see what's next! Many years ago I attempted to keep a journal. I guess it was my first attempt to write. I got one of those blank books and began to write occasionally. I called the book "Rules of Life." I never got very far in that book because everything I was writing kept changing. It seemed that as soon as I got used to the way things worked - - - they changed the rules. After crossing out lines and ripping out many of the pages I finally gave up the project and threw the book away. I just assumed at the time that I was not much of a writer. Here the Group explains it from a different perspective. Greetings from Home.
This message was channeled at the Scepter of Self Love, Victoria, BC. Canada 11/28/1999. It was about the special time that we are now facing called the Year of Crystal Intent. The year 2000 carries with it, some special opportunities and some new responsibilities. This year will be setting the energy for the next twelve years and those twelve years will set the energy for all that is to come. This marks the first time we have used a live channel as the Message from Home. When reading it please see yourself in the room sitting in a chair or curled up comfortably on the floor. Even though you may not have been there, we held a place for you. I am proud to present. Greetings from Home.

From the very beginning of this information the Group has been silent about their origin. When I first started channeling, people warned me to be sure that I knew who was sending the information. I was told that if the source would not identify themselves then that would indicate that they were from the dark side. I therefore, promptly asked three questions: "Who are you?

Lightworker > Choice - - - Expressions of God

I stood at the entrance. There was a feeling I received from simply standing there. I knew I was going inside but had not moved a muscle yet. I was enjoying the moment and had no need to move. I then stepped onto the first of three stairs leading up to the large wooden doors. Just as my foot hit the step the door opened and there they were.

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