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Ronna Herman
Beloved masters, during this shifting of the ages cycle, you are experiencing a great variety of transformative changes. You are reclaiming all the personal fragments of energy/thought forms that you created during your long journey into the physical expression. You are reuniting with the many Sparks of consciousness that make up your Divine Self and your soul family, and you are also striving to become a spiritual/human adult while existing in a multi-dimensional physical realm.
Shala Mata

The somewhat softer energy of early February made a dramatic change mid month and became more driven and intense. The waves of energy created from this shift are crashing hard upon the shores of March and we are in for a quite a dramatic ride this month.

Karen Bishop
Greetings! February was a month of detoxing…no question about it. Detoxing, or aligning, or adjusting, or whichever term suits you best were all very prevalent. Reaching the higher realms en masse created a time for great adjustment to a New way and to very New frequencies. Anything not in alignment with our highest selves and our highest soul purpose had the opportunity to leave, if we only chose to go this route. So then, our bodies needed to let go of older, denser energies as well. And as the pattern continues as it has for several years now, we release in order to allow “room” to receive more light. And in this process we become clearer, the illusions become evident, and we are able to connect to Source in a far better and easier way.
Celia Fenn
Dearest Lightworkers, what a wonderful time to be on the Planet Earth! The changes and shifts that you are experiencing are awakening many to the truth of who they are. And we would say to you, beloved souls, that you are Cosmic Crystals radiating light in a Field of Love! Is this not a wonderful metaphor to describe the radiance and beauty of who you are! For, since the activation of the Galactic Lightbody, the Human body is rapidly assuming its orginal template form and design - exquisite crystalline geometries designed to vibrate in a field of pure love and to express that love in many dimensions!
Ann Albers

My dear friends we love you so very much. We continue our discussion on taking time in stillness. There is so much that occurs in your spirit dear ones, when you take the time to slow down. You reconnect with your heart. You notice what is working in your life and what is not. You notice how you have changed and can take time to give thanks for your growth and your blessings.

Jennifer Hoffman
You are on a healing journey, one that will take you through many experiences as you work through lifetimes of karma that you share with others. Your purpose here is to heal, to re-experience life in different ways instead of repeating past behaviors. There will be many opportunities for you to do this, as you have already experienced in your lives. The healing process is not always direct and is often confusing. You may seek healing from many things and from others. How do you know what is required to complete your healing work?
Neale Donald Walsch
When a person gets into a deep depression, it can be difficult to “come out of it,” there’s no question about that. And no amount of “knowingness” surrounding the so-called “truths of life” makes it any easier. There are times when many of us pay lip service to what we think we “know” about a thing—to the spiritual principles of which we think we are aware—all the while continuing to act as if we know nothing. There are two ways I know of to quickly break out of sadness.
Karen Bishop

Whats up on Planet Earth > Lifeless

Greetings! Because energy can only continue to expand, we continue, then, to progress ever forward into our arrival into the higher realms. There is a general plan for 2006, and as we are progressing in an evolutionary way, certain steps must be completed….all in divine and perfect order. And even though there is a general plan (created by us at higher levels), there is always room for change…… always (that was for you, Mom). Here, then, is the general plan of progression:  
David Brown
Greetings Dear Ones, for I AM KRYON of Magnetic Service. It is wonderful to be with you all tonight. There is much love in the air. Spirit is in the room as are great entities from the angelic realms. Switzerland, in the heart of Europe, is undergoing great change. A new state of being and a new energy is taking place. Switzerland has always been known for its precise methodology – everything working smoothly. It has not always been harmonious for there have been many difficult emotions and much energy and anger. On the surface it may appear smooth but underneath it is sometimes like a hornet’s nest.
Neale Donald Walsch
We are not paying enough attention to our health. Not as individuals, and certainly not as a planet. This is the single most important factor in our physical lives, and most of us are simply not paying enough attention to it. Conversations with God observes that our planet is populated by sentient beings of a rather primitive nature, and that what separates primitive beings from the highly evolved beings of the Universe is a particular behavior of highly evolved beings. Says CwG: “They observe what is so, and they do what works." We do not. We observe what is so and do not see it, or, worse yet, pretend that it isn’t so. Or we observe what is so, and do not do “what works,” because we simply don’t care what is so. Or we observe what is so, and we say that we care, but we do nothing to demonstrate that we care.


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