Michelle Coutant

Michelle Coutant

Michelle experienced a rich and varied childhood. Yet even as a child and young adult, she was seeking, never knowing what is was that she was seeking. "Is that all there is?", was a theme that stayed with her, through those years, and throughout her adult life.

In 2001/2002, Michelle experienced her "dark night of the soul" and awakening.  She came to the understanding, through the experiences of relationship loss, addiction, and near death, that there are no victims. There are only those that have forgotten that we have free will.  She came into the knowing that it takes as much work and effort to stay in the pain and suffering, as it does to step onto the path to self-mastery, the path of highest light, and she began the process of releasing all that no longer serves her highest good and the highest good of all.

Michelle began her spiritual practice in 2002. She studied intensively, meditated, and extensively educated herself.  She was ordained in March of 2003 as an honoring of who she is.  Michelle learned that our greatest growth comes through recognizing adversity as an opportunity for growth, and, through our burning desire to be in constant communion with spirit.  "Each and every moment of every day is an opportunity to raise my vibrations, an opportunity for growth" she says, and being the single mother of two active teenagers gives her plenty of opportunity to put this into practice!

Having attained certification as a Medical Intuitive and Quantum Practitioner, Michelle is a vibrational healer, practices healing touch, and also works within the human matrix.  She is a messenger for Archangel Michael, Jeshua and also receives wisdom through the Akashic Records, and is a disciple of the Kriya Yoga spiritual lineage.

Honoring her service as an Earthkeeper, Michelle is guided to work in support of Mother Earth and all life that dwells upon her, through her daily meditations and breath work.  Through a series of breaths, Michelle's "Light Work" supports the integrity of the ascension process for Mother Earth and all life forms, and she incorporates this breath work into her teachings. 

Michelle facilitates the wisdom teachings of Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman.  It is through her willingness to learn from her life's experiences, her dedication to her spiritual growth, her incorporation of Archangel Michael's wisdom teachings, and her service as an Earthkeeper, that Michelle is so well qualified to facilitate and guide others in their quest for self mastery, on this Blessed, Sacred  journey of Life.

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