The Evolution Of Earth And Humanity

Please explain the capacity in which you have served, through the evolution of earth and humanity.

Beloved and blessed ones, your evolution has been greatly impeded and hindered through the fall of humanity into the density of the lower expression of the desire body.  Your evolution has been interfered with, throughout your existence on earth, by others who have had their own desires and control of humanity in the forefront. 

These beings have come to you in sheep’s clothing, offering you salvation, yet ultimately it was control of earth and control of you which they sought.  My position as your Planetary Logos has been to maintain continuity, maintain consistency in the light as greatly as I have been capable of accomplishing, even as humanity brought forth the lower expressions of their outer personalities. 

My position has been to support the earth in her evolution, to embody the earth with my great and wondrous field which has encompassed and surrounded earth and humanity for millions of years.  I have held each one of you and the earth in the cradle of my arms, my body, my great and expansive field.  I have supported you, and held you in the physical expression so that you would not burn out your circuitry and the circuitry of mother earth.  You have come close on occasion, to the destruction of your planet and yourselves and the loss of your planet as your school, the place of your evolution.  You have come close dear ones, yet through the assistance of all those of the higher realms and the stability within the auric field of the earth, and my embodiment of this stability within the earth’s form, the destruction has been averted.

Imagine the vastness of your earth and all souls upon her.  My essence has held form and enfolded the earth and all souls upon her.  My love is within your soul, my love is within the heart and soul of the earth, as it is within your heart.  You have asked for the expansion of the heart, and you have asked for a greater understanding of your place in the Cosmos.  You have asked to return to your place in the Cosmos, and this, dear ones, is occurring now. There will be no Armageddon.  There will be no great and all powerful destruction of your planet.  Through the love and the outpouring of support in the heart of you, humanity, you will make the transition into the higher realms with as much ease and grace, as each of you decide will be your reality. 

The Armageddon that you have so often spoken, is the Armageddon between the human lower desire body and the love and the joy of the incorporation of your soul self and your monadic Presence.  Your Armageddon which you each have experienced will fall away as you choose to no longer have this experience.

I am no longer your Planetary Logos, yet I am still very deeply and profoundly a part of your evolution and assist the Buddha as he moves forth in his position as the Planetary Logos.  It is for this reason, that this messenger has chosen and been guided, to speak with me.

Dear Ones, each of you are consciousness.  You are individual, and you are one consciousness with the Whole.  The power of your thoughts and your love and your great desire to return to balance and harmony, and to assist the earth in love and joy, is the catalyst o bring you forth into the new age.  You must continue all your efforts and intensify them, to assist your dear earth as she releases the lower vibrations and the pain and suffering that she has so bravely allowed humanity to release into her very Being. 

Your beloved mother earth has taken on much for you, dear ones, and now your must assist her in releasing it, and you must not continue, as a mass consciousness,  to fill her with the destructing frequencies of the lower third dimension.  Your earth is most gracious and most accommodating in assisting those of you with the sincere desire to release that which no longer serves you, and all humanity and creation.  She will lovingly take on the lower vibrations that you release, as you ask for her assistance.  With great love she will support you and transmute these vibrations for you.

You mother earth is well into forth density and can no longer absorb the mass consciousness of third density.  This is where you must assist her, as you send out the love light and the Violet Flame to transmute these lower densities so your earth does not have to take on this transmutation.  This is the most great and joyous assistance you can provide to your earth at this time.  You will assist your earth in moving through her transition with more ease and grace and you will assist her to be able to move through earth changes which are necessity for her passage into the higher realms.  The earth changes have been predicted to have been of great devastation, yet through your continued dedication to assist your earth, you have averted the tragedy of the destruction of your planet and you have averted the tragedy of great unnecessary devastations.

I have embodied your planet and all of you dear ones, regardless of your level of growth.  Each one of you is beloved, and has been enfolded in my auric field, my body and my heart through all your existence upon your earth.  I have been with you through the sequence of time, holding the Heartbeat of the Cosmos in place within earth and each one of you, for the time when you would be ready to acknowledge that you are the Cosmic Heartbeat.  Dear ones, the time is upon you, and I am here with you all, in the love and the joy of this momentous time.

Please explain how you are evolving now

Dear ones, your evolution is ever changing and always expanding, as you will so joyously experience, as you each return to the light and love of your Sacred Hearts and allow the Heartbeat of the Cosmos to expand within you.  I too, am ever expanding and embody the cosmic heartbeat as I move forth on my evolution, in training to become a Solar Logos.  How great is the expansion as I move forth on this joyous path.  It is the path of embodying a solar system, of knowing and supporting and being the very essence of the intricate workings of this solar system.   There are many solar systems ready to receive new Solar Logos, as the natural progression of the expansion of consciousness,  allows those who have held this position to move forth in their growth and evolution. 

All the beloved ones, the Ascended Masters who have been with you and assisted you through the third density, have held their evolution in check, to stay here with you, beloved ones, to assist you to move out of the density.  Now, as you move forward and release yourselves from this density, these great Beings of light are also able to move forward in their evolution, even as they are here assisting you.

The flow, the ebb of the Source consciousness is ever changing, ever in movement, and the movement into the light has been essential, as consciousness is always growing and expanding.  A static position is not possible, and the time had come to move forth into the light.  Any further downfall of vibrations for humanity would have created the demise which you have experienced in your past civilizations.  This time the cycle has come to completion and your forward movement into the expansion of the Cosmic Heartbeat is now assured.  The Cosmic Day must be fulfilled and you, dear ones, must return to your Source and fulfill the Cosmic Day as the Plan was intended. 

The intention of the Plan has always been for you to return to Source.  The Plan was never for you to fall away from the light into utter darkness.  The reversal of the downfall has been created and now blessed ones, you are returning to your place in the light of your eternal God Selves.  As I move forth on my path, I embody a great expanded consciousness and I am here with you also, to assist you, when you call on me.  I have never left you, as my evolution and yours go hand in hand.

What other wisdom do you have to offer?

Dear Ones, we are one consciousness.  We are individualized expressions of this consciousness, and you, blessed souls, have free will to create that which you desire.  Choose to create your return to the light.  Choose to create the love, the joy, the abundance, the peace and harmony, which each one of you so desire.  Choose to assist your earth to return to the state of being, as the Garden of Edon, which she once was.  Choose to live in peaceful coexistence with the animal, the plant, and the mineral kingdoms.  Take not lives; take not the minerals of mother earth in use for greed and devastation of others.  Take instead, the cosmic wisdom which is being offered to you to assist you in creating your new reality, the new golden age which you are entering.  Be bold and bring forth the new expressions for energy, which are being offered to you through the Cosmic Wisdom.  This wisdom has been placed within the ethers surrounding your earth so that you may tap into it, those brave souls who are willing to bring it forth. 

All the information you need to create energy to support all, in loving harmony, without the depletion of earth’s resources, is available to you for the asking.  There is no further need for the destruction of your earth’s resources.  And all may be abundantly supplied with that which they need for an abundant and joyful life existence.  You were not meant to scrape and “get by”.  Your basic need of food, shelter, and clothing, were always abundantly available to you through the technology which has always been available to you.  Bring it forth, use it, and your world will change so greatly for the better.

As the Ascended Masters of your realm are here with you, I too, am here for you to speak with, to communicate with, and to assist you in your journey into the expanded consciousness and the integration of the Cosmic Heartbeat.  Call on me.  Call on me to surround you in the love of the Cosmos, the love of the God Source.

I am Sanat Kumara.



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Michelle Coutant

Medical Intuitive and Quantum Practitioner, Michelle is a vibrational healer, practices healing touch, and also works within the human matrix.  She is a messenger for Archangel Michael, Jeshua and also receives wisdom through the Akashic Records, and is a disciple of the Kriya Yoga spiritual lineage.


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