Many of One: Message of Gratitude

At this time of giving thanks it is important to remember to give thanks to yourselves for all the hard work you’ve done in healing your spirit, and for what you share with others. Reaching out to others, gathering together, generating feelings that create well-being and feelings of love are ways to feed your soul at this time. Know that you are not alone. We see you marching forward, as it were, in a great host of Souls who wish to create more love on the Earth plane. You are realizing it is your creation and your responsibility to embody the high vibration of love within your being from moment to moment throughout your daily life. We wish to commend you and thank you for your dedication and commitment.

We non physical ones are gathering together and sending love and gratitude to you all. We honor and respect you in your strivings for healing, self mastery and oneness of spirit. Thank you for working so diligently and being so honest with yourselves.

We send love and support as you gather the energies of awakening consciousness and create your intentions for the new life you are beginning to manifest. May you receive the love and blessings you are intending for yourselves and the world in which you live.



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Nancy Leilah Ward is the home of Nancy Leilah Ward, visionary artist, writer and transformation facilitator. She channels messages from the group consciousness the Vastness of Being and assists people with their transformation process through psychic guidance, mediumship, and an intuitive and psychic guidance modality called Soul Realignment™


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