Soul Transitions Vibe Report January 2009

As I sit here at my desk on New Year’s Day, I am delighted to see several bluebirds in the tree outside my window. Bluebirds used to be endangered in New York State. Happy 2009 - the bluebirds of happiness are here!

The gates have opened and we’re off onto a new, more highly focused path of light. Do you feel the momentum?

Many of One have a message for us:

We do not say that because the number of the year changes in your calendar, that the new vibration begins. There is a different rhythm of cycling that is underneath the current mode of time keeping. However, for practical purposes and for the collective global consciousness, we address this “new” year of 2009. (Indeed, for some of you, 2009 may already sound like “last” year as you are moving forward - or inward - at high velocities.) As we look out on the vast expanse of probabilities for this Gregorian calendar year of 2009, we see upheaval – necessary changes and growth. We see a flowering of creativity in thought, science and the arts. If you are so inclined, you can tap into this flowering energy and ask that your ideas be charged with inspiration. There is also the probability in the flow of human consciousness that people realize more and more how connected to each other they truly are, no matter where they live on the planet. This group conscious awareness will grow and will herald new inroads of creativity – as in group intentions creating circumstances and expanding into feelings of joy. Again, this requires stepping out of your limitations – limited thinking, over thinking, telling the sad, old stories from the past.

We know how difficult this can be, especially if your story of growing up contains much pain, abuse and limitation. We are saying focus on liberation. Reel your thoughts back into the moment of now – that is where your greatest power for creation and manifestation exists. Do not allow the past to hold you back any longer.

As you disengage from what no longer represents who you are, you may feel the buzz of anxiety within you. When that happens, your mind begins to come up with reasons to be anxious and then the anxiety grows. The deep letting go that is happening is stirring up feelings of fear which are at the root of the anxiety.

Focus on your heart and, using your breath, breathe yourself back into the present moment.

Be willing to open up to the vast awareness within you that feels so open and so unfettered that there is no longer anything that represents who you are. You are in a state of BE-ing. Losing identification with your past and the stories that restrain and constrict you allows you to let go into the flow and become fluid and free. Your vaster self is expanding beyond the stories you’ve told about yourself and your life. You are no longer any of those stories. This is what is being asked of you in the next step of your evolutionary growth. Little by little you will be able to let go and you will see yourself and your life transform. This is what happens when you cross the threshold into the new landscape. You begin to tell the story of your intentions – the story of the future that you are creating.

For this new year you will see many great changes on your planet. There will be a greater communication among the different tribes. We speak of animals and humans: inter species communication.

There will be a restlessness as the energies surge and churn beneath your feet. You will feel the restlessness as it rises in your body. You will have the feeling of wanting to surge forward and sometimes it will have a feeling of over-reaching. Bonds of restriction are being released. What does this mean? A sense of freedom aligned with a sense of responsibility.

There is a center stream of energy which many are flowing into. It is important to remain in the center of that stream as much as possible. This is the stream where you will find a feeling of contentment and you will find relaxation and you will also find creative surges of energy and inspiration. New thoughts, new inroads into creative, scientific thinking, creativity in art, music, writing and movement. Much movement. A surging forward. In this center stream the more people that gather within it and flow, the stronger it gets. It is rising, rising, rising you up to a point of light. All is expanding. This is a galactic and universal expansion. Being in the center of this stream is a point of … safety and oneness. There will be moments where the outer world seems unreal and the inner world is where you will find deep connections. You will feel it in your heart and your solar plexus, going down into the earth through the center of your body and up through the crown of your head into the ethers, into the cosmos. There is a center point where Earth and Spirit unite within you, each of you. This is getting stronger and stronger. In the center flow of energy is much creativity on every level and many will be tapping into it. This is the place to be as the rumblings of change ignite passion all around you.

We see a star… a star of violet with a center of blue as if you are flowing through a tunnel towards this star – the tunnel is the star. Many will be exploring their own inner realms through meditation, finding inner guidance, finding peace, finding a connection to their intuition.

There are many beings from the galaxy who are observing with eager delight the evolution that is taking place on planet Earth.

All are being stripped of everything they ever knew. We say without judgment that those who have been following their path of awakening will be available to assist the ones who have remained focused on the world that is passing away. For indeed you are crossing over into another dimension of time and space. A new beingness is being birthed at this time. We are seeing great expansions of energy like nebulas exploding in the etheric world within which you also exist. It is miraculous and incredible.

Those who are able to let go and be will know heightened states of joy and ecstasy as they travel above much of the collective consciousness on this planet – like looking up through the clouds into the light. Many of you will feel this upliftment as you read these words. The potential for growth is astounding at this time. You have stepped up onto higher ground and can move forward freely unfettered by all that has held you back in the past. Letting go of attachment to past beliefs and how you think things “should” be will bring you into a childlike focus of attention and delight in the world around you as it changes. You are always in movement, always in motion. Even during moments that feel stagnant or like a lull – those are times for regeneration, for rest, recalibration and downloading higher frequency energies. Soon you will flow back into the stream and surge forward once again.

Those who are moving forward swiftly will be shining examples of possibility for all. Listen to the children for they have much wisdom to share.

Changing the focus from the mind into the heart requires some discipline because you can be carried off out of the stream by force of habit. Do not despair, you can find your way back to the stream… the stream… this dream… Ask for help if you stray, come back into your heart. This flow of energy in the center is becoming more concentrated. Live within the intention to grow and become free – that is the key – freedom - this will bring you back to the center of being, the center of light – as you continue to embody higher and higher vibrating energies you will see miraculous changes. Quieting the mind and focusing on the heart will get you there.

Send your vision for your path out from your heart on wings of joyful emotion and freedom!

Many Blessings to you all

Nancy Leilah Ward
and Many of One


joshua291185 3rd January 2009 10:27 am

thank you nancy and many of one.

k 3rd January 2009 8:25 pm

Strange, but so many things in this message relates to what has been going through my mind the last couple of days. Trying to heal the child and person of the past, to believe in angels and have faith and courage as mentioned in a message a couple of days ago. The center of the stream was in a dream where I was safe as long as I stayed in the yellow colored center of a river that flowed out to the ocean. I was just thinking about that dream and how I understand who the person was that lead me on a wild goose chase to test my modesty (for some reason). How little love and compassion is actually in that person when he claims that is his purpose in life. But his ego, envy and conceit stands in the way of his heart. Some times it is best to accept and let go, even if he was a brother in a past life.


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