The passage through summer solstice to the eclipses of August

The eclipses of the past two weeks have taken us through a journey of release, acceleration and integration. In preparation, after the summer solstice, the past came up for processing and assessment. Some of us have undergone a spiritual battle in a sense, between feeling overwhelming regret for past choices and coming back to the moment of now, which is all any of us truly have.

Now is a river that is always moving. It is not something we can grasp or hold onto, so we learn to let go into the flow. If we are holding onto regrets, we cannot move forward. Personally, I experienced this very thing. In July I visited my family by the ocean on Long Island, N.Y. There were terrible rip tides that week and several people's lives were claimed by the mighty ocean. While swimming one day, I felt the pull of that current as I fought my way back in to shore. During this visit I found myself being confronted with regrets from my past and I realized that the energy of regret is just like a riptide, carrying us out into perilous, lonely waters far from shore.

After a conversation with a friend, I realized that if I keep playing the "re-runs" of the same old regrets over and over, I cannot possibly move forward. Holding on to decisions that I'd made when I was younger and less conscious was holding me back - the regrets were taking up room that could be filled with happiness and light, and situations that I want to bring in. I've focused on forgiving and releasing my past and owning that all the decisions I've made have brought me to where I am now. My life is graced by dear friends and family, and wisdom and creative expression.

There are also some aspects that I don't like regarding where my life is now, which has to do with my desire to move to a different area. I don't feel in harmony with the energetic resonance of my current location, and this is bringing my energy down. This is something I can change right here and now and I can move forward into my future being conscious of my decisions - with the knowledge that every decision I have ever made is in alignment with my highest path and purpose.

The energy of the solar eclipse felt like an uplifting, upsurge of possibilities. It was a time of creating intensions for the new life we are creating. The energy of the lunar eclipse was about going inward and truly releasing the old stuff that has been loosening up throughout the month of July - releasing whatever is in the way of our creation of our new life.

During the week between the eclipses I felt stillness within - and a lull. I was unable to do certain tasks that were part of my responsibility to the outer world - I felt like all I could do was be. I just wanted to sink into the stillness within and be in nature and enjoy the last days of summer. I was fiercely "there" for myself, and said "No" to things that were tugging at me which I couldn't bring my heart to. If I felt the burden of responsibility for something I felt I "had to" do, I gave myself permission to say "no, I'm not doing that today."

Now, I am feeling re-energized. I look back on the lunar eclipse and feel as if I have traveled through a very narrow conduit - the energy in this passageway was sloughing off all the stuff of the past that has been rising from within in this past year.

In the new clarity around me, I became aware of an entity - a dark force energy - that has been whispering words of despair to me when activated by my thoughts. An "entity" is a thought form created by our thoughts. The dark energy that feeds off of our energy is part of this negativity and it reaches into the places within us that are holding negativity. The whisperings of this entity were echoing my own fears, taking me deeper into despair and hopelessness.

The clarity gained through the clearing experience allowed me to see more lucidly than ever before. I did a burning bowl ritual of releasing the past and through a Soul Realignment process, I went to the Akashic Records and did a soul level clearing and sent the dark entity away-contained in an orb and sent to the appropriate astral. The energetic spaces within me where the darkness had reached its tendrils have been filled with the Divine Light of Creator substance.

I will be writing more on the subject of entities, thought forms and energetic resonance in the September Vibe Report.

There are people in my world who are going through very intense difficulties. This is part of the clearing and realignment process. For anyone who reads this who is undergoing changes that seem extremely painful and difficult, know that you will get through the passageway. Consciously ask for what is ready to be released to be cleared and begin to focus on what you want your life to look and feel like. Call on your Guides, Teachers and Angels for help, guidance and comfort. They are there, waiting to assist you.

Deep within we are all connected through Divine Source. I send comfort, love and softness to all, laced with fierce strength and a prayer that we remember just who we are - Creators of our lives and our world!



patriciapearl 23rd August 2008 8:31 am

Dear Nancy:

Your writing " I don't feel in harmony with the energetic resonance of my current location, and this is bringing my energy down. " rings a note of truth in me. My important question is to you (and others really) is where on this planet do you feel that the society is more in conscious harmony with you as you become more and more consciously aware? Where is such a place?

When I moved to the country I became in harmony with nature but mostly had little contact with others and now I live in the middle of a highly populated city and I am having the experience of being even more isolated from my fellow human beings. It is like "water water everwhere . . . and ner a drop to drink"

Is there a place to live where the people of the community hold "respect" in high regard. Respect as in respect for themselves, others, the land, their dwelling, their health, the food they eat, the animal kingdom, the nature of a place and also have a tremendous respect for each of our unique difference?

I am certain, if not currently, there will be. Has such a place been realized in this now?

treecol 23rd August 2008 1:34 pm

does it all not happen at findhorn?

camelman555 24th August 2008 9:24 pm

have heard of findhorn garden in the UK , not sure where abouts , think doris stokes had something to do with it in its inception


Janset 25th August 2008 7:30 am

Hi Nancy,

I'm stuck with exactly the same feeling, i.e." I don't feel in harmony with the energetic resonance of my current location, and this is bringing my energy down. " I know there's a purpose in being here (quite far from you btw, in Izmir/Turkey)but until 3 weeks ago it really gave me a hard time to be patient enough esp. because I couldn't figure out what this purpose might actually be...but then suddenly one day I was filled with a feeling of acceptance and understood that the less I resisted, the better I felt and the more I knew that my time here was coming to an end soon.
And it also helps to see that I'm not the only one who has such feelings, I'm not matter how far from each other...we're not alone...right?
I wish you all a wonderful day and send you warm greetings from this part of the world.


camelman555 25th August 2008 8:16 pm

that's the message I keep getting , sit in the stillness , allowing all to pass , letting go of the past and future and being present stepping stones will apear as the next foot is placed

Nancy Leilah 8th October 2008 8:15 am

Hello Janset
I just noticed the comments section of Spirit Library!I read your message and wonder if you are still living in the same place as when you wrote in August.
I feel a connection to you and send you beams of light and love.
I am still living in the same place and will stay for the winter, now. I will know when it's time to move and at the moment I'm gathering the energies around me and sending out my messages and opening to receive through the spiritual healing work I do.
And, no, we're not alone. Sometimes we feel very alone and at those times it helps to connect with each other through websites like this - and in the ethers. I have had this vision for many years now - there are people - us - in our etheric bodies, surrounding the earth but still within her aura - and we are holding hands, encircling the earth and beaming love into her aura to touch all the people, plants, animals, the earth herself. When I feel alone and isolated, I go there and connect with my brothers and sisters in love. It's really helpful and comforting.
with lots of love,

Nancy Leilah 8th October 2008 8:24 am

Please forgive me, as I have just noticed the comments section of Spirit Library!
I feel there are pockets of consciousness gathering - all is still moving around but we will be coming together. I will ask Many of One and write on this further - a wonderful topic! I feel more of the releasing of the old will happen before we create this new way of living - it will unfold partly out of necessity. So many people I meet talk of living in community with each other - instead of in our own separate homes. I live alone in the country - (about 150 miles from New York City). I am blessed with some very good friends but often feel isolated. Often I dread going home and being alone. I used to live in NYC and I know that feeling of being isolated in a crowd, too! We meet in the etheric realms - encircling the earth and beaming love to her - we hold hands in the ethers - there's always someone out there to link up with! It helps to get that multidimensional connection with brothers and sisters of the Light!
Much love to you,


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