The Cosmology of All Life

It has been made very clear to me that every thought, word and action in the life of any physical being in the universe originates in one of two places-what we call, in our language here on Earth, love or fear. These are the original Binary Numbers of the Universe. They are the "0" and the "1" of the computer program of Life Itself.

What we know is that all computer programs are designed on a binary system, using a combination of 0's and 1's. Pictures and letters and numbers appear on television and computer screens through a process that causes a spot of the screen to contain some percentage of a solid mass, or no mass at all. That is to say, either a bunch of 1's or 0's. All printed matter consists of nothing more than white space left open on the page, or space covered by a certain amount of ink.

Similarily, all that exists in the physical universe is composed of either Something or Nothing. This is the Binary System of all Physical Life. Metaphysical Life, on the other hand, exists in a Triangular System. Everything physical initially appears to be, and is understood as, a dyad, whereas everything metaphysical, or spiritual, initially appears to be, and is understood as, a triad.

Examples of physical dyads include male-female, up-down, left-right, and so on. Examples of metaphysical triads include body-mind-spirit and here-everywhere-there, or before-now-after.

The process by which things "solidify" from the triad of things metaphysical to the dyad of things physical is a process of Reduction. Things are reduced from their triad form to the lesser state of the dyad form. In truth, all things retain their triad form, merely appearing to manifest as dyads.

Ultimately, at the highest level of expression, experience and understanding, all form becomes formless. Even the triad form of metaphysical reality dissolves into the formlessness of a Unified Whole, in which the triad is seen as simply a variation of the Single Thing That Is.

This cycle of solidifying and dissolving and solidifying and dissolving is a process that we could call the Endless Cycle of Perception. It is all a matter of how God thinks of Itself, and thus, how God sees Itself and how God experiences Itself.

An example of how All That Is manifests itself at various levels of perception is the human binary experience of Warm and Cold.

We say that a thing is either "warm" or that it is "cold." This is a binary consideration suggesting that a thing is either this or that. In the physical world many people have a way of looking at things that categorizes them as either black or white. This "either/or" configuration is common.

Deeper exploration reveals that either/or configurations are simplistic at best. We find that there is more than simply "warm" or "cold," but that there could also be that which is neither warm nor cold. (Water which is too warm to be called "cold" and too cold to be called "warm" is sometimes called "tepid.")

There is a neutral state that exists between the extremities that form the binary system of things physical. This place of neutrality is the balancing point between the extremes of the dyad.

It is in recognizing the existence of this Balance Point that we acknowledge the True Nature of All Life to be at least a three-point system. All things in physical life are triangles simply appearing to be straight lines with a "beginning" and an "end." That is, all things in physical life are Closed Systems that appear to be Open Systems.

In metaphysics this Reality is more apparent.

In the Body-Mind-Spirit triad, the Mind is the balancing point between the Body and the Spirit. The Body and the Spirit could be seen as the two extremes of a strictly binary system. In strictly binary thinking, things are either "physical" or "non-physical." That is, they are considered to be either matter or anti-matter-or what we would call "body" or "spirit." By thinking triangularly we are able to conclude that things can be both body and spirit. Indeed, this is exactly what we are.

This awareness is created by the Mind, which acts as a linkage, or balancing point, between the two extremities. It is in the Mind that we conceive of both the Body and the Spirit, and thus provide ourselves with the opportunity to experience both.

From the perspective of Ultimate Reality even the triad of Warm-Tepid-Cold (to say nothing of the triad, Body-Mind-Spirit) does not exist. Those words are merely limited expressions or perceptions of The One Thing That Is. (In the case of Warm-Tepid-Cold, the triad is an expression of The One Thing called "Temperature." Similarly, Before-Now-After are simply limited expressions or perceptions of The One Thing called "Eternity." Likewise, Body-Mind-Spirit are limited expressions or perceptions of The One Thing called Life.)

Let us utilize our first example to explain and express a universal truth in a way that can be comprehended by the human mind. In this example, we would call "Temperature" the Universal State of Things. From a universal point of view a thing is neither warm nor cold, but simply a specific expression or perception of That Which Is-which is Temperature. These expressions or perceptions may be described as "warm," "cold" or "tepid," but those words are just that-merely descriptions. Describing something in a particular way does not alter the fact that there is no separation in the Universal Whole.

In physical life we usually see (indeed, we usually choose to see) only a portion of the Universal Whole, which is a holograph. This limited perspective is what allows us to sort out data from the holograph in such a way that we may experience ourselves as a portion of the Data Itself.

In short, perception-how we look at things-is our way of becoming individualized within The Whole. Perception is a function of the Mind, the Balance Point between the body and the spirit.

This is a lengthy and somewhat sophisticated explanation of the love/fear paradigm as it is experienced within the framework of physical life as we know it. What I understand is that, in physical life, all things emerge from either Love or Fear. This is the Most Basic Dyad of all physical life. It is the Prime Factor. It is the "0" and the "1" of the Computer of Life.

Somewhere in between Love and Fear is a mid-point, at which neither one nor the other are experienced in any degree. This is the place of neutrality, or non-attachment, that is described by many Masters. It is a metaphysical place that exists in the Mind and not in physical reality. It is the balance point between the two, and it is in this place of perfect balance between the positive and negative aspects of the Binary System of Physical Life where all Masters reside.

Whereas human Masters reside in perfect serenity in the Balance Point of the Binary System, God resides everywhere within the System. Indeed, God IS the System. The word "God" is one name that we have given to The System. Another name is "Life."

A Master can be described as existing in neither Love nor Fear because the Master holds the point of perfect balance between the two, turning the dyad into a triad by finding neutrality. God can be described as existing in neither Love nor Fear because God holds the totality of the triad as a single experience. It is not necessary for God to find a balance point between the extremities of the dyad, for God is the extremities, the neutrality, and everything in between.

Masters achieve what appears to be "Godliness" by striking a balance point between extremities of the dyad-experience in physical life. That Which Is God seeks not to strike a balance point, but is everything that would be balanced, and encompasses and includes everything in all experiences. God, therefore, is the sum total of every dyad, every triad, and everything that is anywhere existing.

The difference between Masters and God can thus be described as the difference between "Neutrality" and "Totality." The Master is Neutral in all things. God is the Sum Total of all things.

Neutrality is the striking of Perfect Balance which is achieved by physical Masters in the physical world. Totality is the encompassing of All That Is.

It is possible for people in physical form, for human beings, to move from Partiality to Neutrality to Totality in the expression of that which we call Life. It is possible for human beings to experience the Oneness of everything, and thus transcend both the dyad and the triad of more limited experience.

This is what the extraordinary book Communion with God invites us to do. Yet we must not remain in a state of communion with All That Is, for if we do, we no longer experience That Which Is in any of its differentiated forms, and, therefore, That Which Is ceases to "be" in our experience.

We have crossed the divide between Everything and Nothing-which is the Great Dyad of all physical reality. We become One again with All That Is, but if we remain in the Oneness, our Oneness cannot be experienced, because there is nothing else but the Oneness, and in the absence of that which is Not, that Which Is is not.

This is the Unsolved Mystery of Life. This is the Untold Secret. This is that aspect of the Universal Process by which Life expresses Itself that is rarely discussed and rarely explained, even in higher schools of esoteric knowledge.

Once we understand this, we cease to desire even the Eternal State of Reunification with Divinity, for we understand that were such an experience to be eternal, it would end immediately.

This is the place where That Which Begins and That Which Ends meet. It is the indefinable, non-locatable space/time in the Cycle of Life where the Beginning and the End are One.

This is where God resides. Indeed, this is what God IS. It is what is described in human sacred and esoteric literature as the "Am/Not Am." It is what God meant when God said, "I am the Alpha and the Omega."


Kae Schreiber 7th February 2009 6:23 pm

Dear Mr. Walsch,
First, I would like to tell you how much I appreciate being on your email list with the daily inspirational messages. I feel God's presence as if the "voice" is speaking to me in silence. I always receive the message meant for me as I believe in synchronicity and there are no mistakes nor accidents.

Secondly, I wish to say how eloquently you explain the love/fear dyad. I understand this for myself best when I go to the morning sun.Facing it with my eyes closed and arms raised, I say " I stand naked before you ready to receive and serve." When I do this, I see a buffet of gold bullion and to the left I see God's face smiling upon me. I feel this beautiful gold light enter my crown chakra and go to my third eye which is a tetrahedron and it explodes into a brilliant white light that fills my body with Joy and burns up all the negative energy absorbed from "earth school".I feel God's Divine Love, all that is.

Fear is a black cloud above my head of pain, suffering,chaos,& drama all of which are so last century and ego bound.I bless and release the dark ages.Peace

Ricky Martin 9th February 2009 11:10 pm

Wow Kae,
That was beautiful too. Just as beautiful and eloquent as Mr. Walsh. I read that excerpt from book one I think. But it is some wonderful and resonates intensely with what I know my true essence now is. I am so grateful to be here.

Richard K 10th February 2009 12:32 pm

God speaks through us all. I need to practice letting go of my Ego in order to be able to hear how God is directing me. I feel God though out me, I hear God when I am without me.
Love Light Workers


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