The Process of Ascension

Dear Neale…I have been reading a lot about the "Ascension" process lately and I am a bit confused. First of all, I don't believe that you've written anything about this process in any of your books. Does this mean that it really isn't going to happen to us humans? The thing that bothers me most about what I've read is that it is often mentioned how we are going to ascend to the 5th dimension and it talks a lot about the "higher realms." Yet, it also says that we are moving out of the time and space continuum and duality. How could this be if we're moving to a "higher" realm? I'd sure appreciate it if you could address this process. I'm sure that it will help others beside me. Thank you, and many blessings for the wonderful work you are doing.


Dear Michael...The place that exists outside of the space/time continuum is what we would call, in human language, a "higher realm." There is a difficulty with communication through words. Words are the least reliable form of communication. Thoughts are the next least reliable, because most people's thoughts are based on their past experience, not on what is happening right here, right now. Feelings are the language of the soul. If you want to know your truth about something, look to how you are feeling about it.

The so-called "higher realm" that exists outside of the space/time continuum can only be fully described by exploring your feelings about it -- and this is a singular experience. It cannot be done in plural. It is like joy. Try to describe "joy" to someone. It is almost impossible. How big is it? How wide is it? How long or short is it? How warm or cold is it? Sometimes joy feels warm all over. Sometimes it feels like cold tingles up and down your body. So how "warm" is joy? How cold is it? What size is it, what temperature?

You see, one cannot describe it in human physical terms. You have to feel it. And the feeling cannot be described. It is, quite literally, "indescribable joy." All this talk of you ascending to a higher realm is nothing more than a collection of words to clumsily describe a raising, or ascending, of consciousness. It is consciousness raising. It is when you move in consciousness to a new place, a place outside the physical limitations and experiences of your bodily reality.

This can be done at any time, and many masters have done it without moving their bodies at all. Most people think that "ascension" means that the body literally lifts off the earth and "ascends into heaven." That is one way you can do it, but it is far from the only way -- and it is the most difficult way, because it requires that you drag your physical body along with you.

Your body is yours, it is not You. The "you" that ascends is not your body, unless you choose to take your physical body with you -- but why would you do that? You have no need for your body at all. It is merely a tool through which you can create and achieve a greater and grander experience of Who You Really Are. Once you have achieved that experience, your body becomes unnecessary, pointless. Like any tool with which you are finished, you can put it down. You are not this tool. You have a body, but you are not the body that you have.

True masters are those who can leave their body at will. The part of them that is Who They Really Are simply exits the body, leaving it lying there, or sitting there, doing its own thing, taking care of itself through the ongoing operation of the perfect mechanism that is its biological system. The heart beats, the lungs expand and contract, blood circulates...the mechanism functions perfectly, working like a clock, or like a well-tuned automobile. You do not have to be in your car for it to keep running. You can step outside of your car and just let the motor run. The car does not need you to run. It runs by itself. But it does need you to steer it, to tell it where to go.

Your body is a vehicle, moving you through the world at the level of gross physicality in order to provide you with experiences that are only available to you at that level. These experiences create a context within which your mind can begin to hold the larger reality of your True Identity. Once you experience your True Identity, your body becomes virtually useless in terms of your own journey. You can get out of the car. You're there. You're arrived. Then you will begin to use your body as a vehicle through which you may carry others to a direct experience of who they really are. Suddenly your body has a use again! And it is the greatest use of all. It is the purpose for which it was invented.

In other words, once you achieve a certain level of awareness, you will use your life here on this earth to lead others to that place of awareness -- to carry others back home, back to a full knowing of their True Identity. You will wake other people up.

Soon, you will seek to do this for the Whole Humanity. Nothing else will matter. Nothing else will seem the least bit important, least of all the concerns of your own body, or its once-selfish, now-forgotten needs or satisfy-me-now indulgences. You will experience yourself needing nothing. You will find yourself yearning for nothing. Certainly nothing that only the physical realm can provide you.

At this point you will be "in this world, but not of it." And, while you will continue to remain with your body, and to enjoy it, you will enjoy it and use it in an entirely different way. You will use it to bring others pleasure. To bring others joy. To bring others peace and love and safety and security and wisdom and clarity and awareness and the experience of Oneness. You will use it to bring others Home.

Imagine having sex like this. Just imagine it.

I bring this up because sexual expression is one of the great joys of being physical. But you have not known true joy, I promise you, until you have had a sexual experience in which you use your body as I have described above. Then you will take what you have experienced and thread it through the fabric of your entire life. Sex will no longer be an experience limited to intercourse. It will become Synergistic Energy eXchange -- true SEX -- which is the exchange of the essence of Who We Are with each other in a way that brings all of us back to ourselves and to the knowing of our Oneness with all others and with all of Life.

During your stay here on earth you will "ascend into heaven" many times, your consciousness leaving your body frequently, during meditation, during dreams, even, eventually, in a fully waking state, as I have described here. Your daily life will contain many moments in which you move in and out of a state of higher consciousness, from which you will perform many wonders. I am in such a state right now as I perform the wonder of giving you this answer. This reply to you could not have emerged from me had I not "ascended" to the level of consciousness wherein this answer resides.

Do you understand?

When you expand your awareness of your True Identify you will exit your small self, your localized self, and move in consciousness to your Universal Self at will. Often will you do this. You will exit and return, leave and come back, ascend and descend, sometimes for extended periods, sometimes for the instant moment, moving between realms effortlessly. And when you do this, my wonderful friend, the kinds of questions you've asked me here will disappear.

Now you may say, that sounds wonderful! How can I get there? How can I get to that place of awareness? And the answer is astonishingly simple.

Take someone else there.

When you understand this, that will be all that your life will be about.

I send you love and hugs....neale.


Zeynep Tufekci 23rd April 2008 9:17 am

Hi Neale:

I have participated in your workshops, listened to you and learned from you and read your books since 1996 when you first came to St. Petersburg, Florida for a workshop. I love how you explain the process, make it so simple, so understandable. I was inspired by you and dedicated my life to love and service. I remember you saying at one of your workshops, "if you want a house, help someone else build one". The concept of giving and receiving being the same for there is only the oneself. The joy of helping another back home to the one is the path, for you teach what you need to learn.

You are so right, so much of the experience of the Higher Realms are beyond the spoken language of this dimension. So, I share the message of Oneness through Cheek-e-boom, divine passion. It is a language beyond words sharing the joy of Oneness through dance, movement, sound and breath. Love and blessings,Zeynep

Premlatha Rajkumar 23rd April 2008 9:34 am

Beloved Neale,

Thank you for this most profound answer!!! You are a wonderful Master, a sincere teacher and a most beautiful human being. I am so honored that I was led by my soul to read your work and feel your beautiful presence!!!

I send you infinite love and blessings from my heart. Be well and be blessed beloved!

In gratitude and love for all that you are and all that you do,

Jeff 14th June 2008 9:07 am

Hey, thanks for your article! It's very informative and I posted it on so more people can read about this ;)

camelman555 27th August 2008 7:32 pm

words are but signposts, pointing the way to the greater(fuller) journey


Marijana 27th October 2008 11:06 am

Thank you Neal for this message which opens our hearts and souls immediatly!!!

It is a great blessing to be able to read a words of true Master of human conciousness.


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