What in the World Is Going on Around Our Planet?

My Dear Friends, 

It seems that every day now I am asked by someone—in person, on the phone, in an email, on Facebook, at CWG Connect, or through the CWG nonprofit Foundation—what in the world is going on around our planet (on which it seems that every bad thing is happening at once), and, more important, how individuals can encounter, each day, more tumultuous events and remain in a place of peace. 

I have offered my best spiritual explanation of “what is going on” in my book The Storm Before the Calm, published in 2011. It may be purchased online here. Or, you may read it for free online here, where it is published in its entirety.

In that text—written long before the seemingly never-ending devastation of the hurricanes and earthquakes of 2017 and the seemingly ever escalating threats of total annihilation traded back and forth between the leader of North Korea and the president of the United States—I wrote this: 

“We’re experiencing something quite extraordinary on the earth right now. I’m going to give it a name here. We are experiencing The Overhaul of Humanity. 

“This is not an exaggeration. This is reality. It is observable at every turn. Yet here is something that is not so observable: Things are not as they seem. And I think, before the world and its people get too far along this road, we all need to be aware of that. 

“We also need to be aware that there’s nothing to be afraid of in our future if we will all but play our role in creating it. And that role—the role we are being invited to play by Life Itself—is going to be very easy to play. 

“It is time for us to place before humanity a New Cultural Story, sending us in brand new directions in politics, economics, culture, education, relationships, work, marriage, sexuality, parenting, and every area of human endeavor; a manifesto created by all of us, working as co-authors. 

“There are some exciting opening thoughts about what that document could contain that I think you should hear.”

The text then goes on to share some highly intriguing and very important concepts. Among them: 

“Life will never make sense to the mind. It will only make sense, and can only produce long-term, sustained happiness, peace, and joy when embraced from the perspective of the soul. “The trick then, if we are not happy in life, is not to leave the body, but to join the soul. This can be done while one is with the body. Yet most people are not bringing the soul into their daily experience.”

If you wish to know more about how to do exactly that, you may find it beneficial to read "The Pathway to the Soul” at CWG Connect (only viewable once you sign up and log in). It is one of the many useful articles that I’ve posted at CWG Connect, a membership site for people wishing to know more about how to apply the messages of CWG in their daily lives. To find this article, just go to www.cwgconnect.com, log in, and then click on the icon for The Self Selected. 

Getting back to The Storm Before the Calm, I also wrote this in that text: 

“My wonderful fellow humans…The major disruptions in life as we know it will not be ending soon...Yet—and I say this again, because it is important—things are not what they seem. What is happening is not The End of History, but The Beginning of A New Era; not the Death of Modern Society, but the Birthing of a New Civilization. 

“Therefore, living in fear and apprehension, nervous caution and skittish timidity, warily searching for a safe place, hoarding food and hunkering down, preparing for a caveman survival mentality to overcome every human being on the earth as all the structures, conveniences, and technologies of our world simultaneously collapse, is not the answer. 

“The answer is to get into the game, not get out of the game by running from the playing field. And the game is not The Survival Game, the game is The Creation Game. 

“The answer is to join in the co-creation of magnificent days to come. I have something specific to suggest that we can all do, and it’s so easy we’ll wonder what took us so long to just jump in and do it.”

The rest of the text is all about that suggestion. 

Finally, I offered this observation in that text: 

“What is needed here is not a revolution on the ground, it is a revolution in the mind. 

“It is our thinking we must change. In the past we kept trying to change conditions on the ground, and even when we did manage to do so (every so often we found a band-aid that helped), the same old (age old) problems eventually re-emerged—because nothing had been altered in our mindset.  

“All of that is changing. Large numbers of people are ‘getting’ this now. And so, we are going to weather this storm, you and I. We’re going to give our children, and theirs, a wonderful world in which to live. We’re about to turn a page in human history.”

And so my friend, if you are reading this Weekly Bulletin feeling worried or concerned about our world and where things are headed, I encourage you to explore this extraordinarily prescient book. As earlier mentioned, it’s online in its entirety at no cost by visiting here. 





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