Which 'school' is "Best"?

Last week I said that there were two schools of thought on how to face the obstacles in life. One is the "Loving What Is" school of thought, and the other is the "Watch What You Are Feeling and Always Move Toward What Feels Good" school of thought.

The first has made its way into our considerations around these things through the work (although not exclusively) of Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, and others. The second approach has been placed into our consciousness through the work (although, again, not exclusively) of Esther and Jerry Hicks, as they bring through the teachings of the Life Essence who invites us to refer to it by the name Abraham.

I did not say last week which school of thought was, in my opinion and through my observation, the most effective or the most useful or the most beneficial to adopt and to embrace.

That is because I think, in the end, that they are both the same. Esther and Jerry Hicks are teaching us to go with our good feelings. That raises a fundamental question: What creates those good feelings toward which we would move?

Byron Katie and the others are teaching that you can feel good about anything by loving it just as it is. Thus, we move toward what feels good by not moving at all; by not requiring anything to be any different from what it is right now.

We can also adopt a more proactive definition of what Feels Good. We can decide ahead of time. Instead of looking to see what feels good as a Reaction to life, we can define what feels good in advance...as an act of creation.

This deciding Ahead of Time is the process of a Master. Deciding After The Fact is the process of a Student. Those who do not even know, specifically, what Feels Good, because they are not paying any attention to it at all, are neither Students nor Masters. They are Participants only. They are participating in the creation of life, individually and collectively, but they are not aware of, nor are they experiencing, their own participation. That is, they literally do not know what they are doing. Thus, they believe that life is happening TO them, not THROUGH them.

These are human beings who are simply going through life without any sense of what is going on, or why. They have no idea Who They Are, Where They Are, Why They Are Where They Are, or What They Wish to Do or Be Here. They are willing, but they are confused. They are good persons, but they are having a bad time with Life. They do not have the tools with which to negotiate Life happily and joyfully-much less with which to create it that way.

They do not have the tools because they have not been given the tools. There is no school that teaches what I am telling you here. There is no program that offers it as a learning opportunity. The only opportunity is Life Itself...and that is a tough way to learn.

In truth, we have nothing to learn, we have only to remember. But this, too, is an acquired Awareness. It is acquired when we move into full Consciousness with regard to Who We Really Are. And that State of Consciousness is a product of what we are Being, not of anything that we are Doing.

The problem has been that most humans are trying to DO their way to Enlightenment. They are on the wrong path. "Wrong" not in the sense of being "morally" or "spiritually" wrong, but wrong simply in the sense that their path is not taking them where they say they want to go. "Wrong" in the sense of it being non-functional. It is not working.

Yet while the only opportunity to remember What Is So is Life Itself, we can experience Life in a number of ways, some of which bring us to Full Remembrance more quickly than others. The way of the Student is the way of Observation. The Student observes what is going on at all times. The Participant is too busy participating to Observe.

I will speak next about this process of deciding Ahead of Time what Feels Good. Then, the two schools of thought on how to face the obstacles in life will come together, and we will see that there are really no obstacles at all...only opportunities. When we see all obstacles as opportunities, then we Observe that our Life is always blessed. Ultimately we Observe that we are the ones doing the blessing, because we, ourselves, are the ones who have produced the Life's Opportunities.

Love and Hugs,



FutureNow 20th November 2009 9:18 am

excellent explanation N.W.! Thank you

Zoe Ann Nishimuta 20th November 2009 11:41 am

Thank you for this Neale.
I have taken your last couple
of sentences and made them
into my daily haiku...

Our Life is always
blessed because we are the ones
doing the blessing

Love, Zoe

Aliah 18th February 2010 9:25 pm


Aliah 18th February 2010 9:25 pm


4462 29th August 2011 5:44 pm

Me too. Actually when you affect "what is", then a New "what is" is born. The one you choose. I also was in this: Tolle-hicks Dilema, 'cause i like em both.... The author that helped through it a lot; which actually Donald Neale has a comment on the back of his book is MIKE DOOLEY (Infinite Possibilities)He also appeared in the secret... you might wanna check it up..


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