Why would your Soul do this?

As you know, we have been having an ongoing exploration here of The Holy Experience. And last week we said that The Holy Experience is when nothing has changed, but everything is different.

What has been altered is not the Exterior, but the Interior. Now you are clear that you are choosing, and that nothing is being forced upon you, with regard to how you are experiencing Life.

Now I am clear as I write this that this idea, this attitude, could only be easily embraced by people who are living in a free society. For other human beings--many, many other human beings--who live under the rule of despots, who do not have access to any kind of real economic or occupational opportunity, talk such as what I have been rolling out here might understandably fall on deaf ears.

"That's easy for you to say," those people might mutter. And in a human sense they would be right. Only from the standpoint of the Soul would any of this make sense in all human situations--even life under the thumb of a despot.

One would have to ask, from the level of Soul...Why has the Soul chosen to incarnate, to take a physical form, in a circumstance of such personal oppression? Could it be that the Soul knew exactly what it was doing?

Yet why would any Soul do such a thing on purpose?

Could it be that Souls who live physical lives of oppression or pain do so with the highest spiritual awareness and intention? Could it be that many who are doing so are doing it in order to give those who are not living such lives the opportunity to experience themselves as helpers, as healers, and perhaps even as liberators?

Could it even be that those who live such lives in the extreme allow themselves, at the Soul level, to endure such physical experiences in order to ultimately prove and demonstrate to the rest of us Who We Really Are? Could they be showing us that our Being is not merely a Body and a Mind, and that our physical suffering ends when the Body and Mind are raised to the highest level of awareness of our true identity?

Could this be what The Resurrection was all about?

Was what happened to Jesus something that Jesus had to endure, or something his Soul chose to experience? Which was it...? And if it was the second, was the Soul of Jesus the only soul in the history of the world to make such a choice?

I have been told that the answer to that question is no. I know it is difficult to believe, but I have been told that the answer is no. Many souls, I have been told, experience their own individualized persecutions and crucifixions--and for exactly the same reason.

And we will continue this extraordinary discussion next week in this space.

Hugs and love,



Sandra Smyre 28th September 2012 2:31 pm

Neale, my journey has been one of satanic ritual abuse and incest. Recovery was long and arduous, but recover I have. I am not a Jesus but my experience gave me the ability to work with other very wounded beings and help them heal. Turning the pain into gratitude saved my life. In Lovelight, Sandra

k 28th September 2012 4:24 pm

The Cathars believed that the crucifixion did not really happen, it was an illusion. Jung, indicated that Jesus did not die for the sins of the world, but for his own sins. Maybe, the suffering is to purify us, but also to force us to look beyond the dark illusions of this world to the world that is real. This is the world of the Demiurge where illusions of pain and suffering are created. Maybe those who suffer realize the need to do there part to heal the soul of the world accomplished by healing their own part of the tapestry. But, as we struggle closer to the Light we understand that happiness comes from inside and when we are enlightened and our spiritual eye is open we are not effected by the Demiurge's dark illusions. As the Emerald Tablet states, "Darkness will flee before them". Contentment does not depend on the external world. True contentment is when the pituitary and pineal connect and produce the ambrosia, the peaceful bliss...it is all inner.
As Zarathustra spoke, his last great sin was Pity..why? Because in pity, he was not able to see beyond the dark illusions

k 28th September 2012 4:40 pm

In the Book of Thomas, Jesus told us that heaven lays out before men, but few can see it. The veil of illusion keeps us from seeing what is really there and puts into that veil the illusion of suffering and pain. All the discussion about this December.I wonder if that will be a time when the veil will be rendered and the dark illusions will disappear, like at the end of The Lord and the Rings. Just like in the Allegory of the Cave by Plato, and in Jung's seventh sermon, in his Seven Sermons to the dead,where he askes if we are able to turn our eyes away from the flaming face of Abraxas, the god of polarity. In other words, are we able to turn our attention away from the illusions of darkness, seeing good and evil, and choose to see good, to try to see beyond the veil of darkness? It depends on what we allow into our consciousness. Our mind is like a flower garden, when dark thoughts or feelings are found, do we let them grow, or do we pull them up like weeds? The conscioius mind is the gate way to the subconscious it has to be the guardian at the gate of Eden, with the sword of truth

k 28th September 2012 5:07 pm

In many ways, I think the world of polarities gives us the experiences that provide first hand knowledge of light and darkness and we are then able to know and make choices of what we would want to have and not have in a world we would have the power to create. Eve only knew the light when she ate the apple, she did not have knowledge of good and evil. She did not know suffering, sorrow, death, hate, anger, loneliness, etc. In knowing these things, the soul becomes wiser and a more responsible creator. But, to get back into the garden, the conscious mind will be the guardian at the gate and chose to turn the eyes away from the flaming face of Abraxas. So, pity was Zarathustra's last greatest sin. As he turned his attention to those who he would pity, he was keeping his eyes on the flaming face of Abraxas....upon the illusions of darkness and not working to see beyond those illusions.

stan 28th September 2012 9:57 pm

While i like most of the writing, I have to totaly disagree that those who went to the cross, their soul purpouse is purification. It has nothing to do with purification for we were pure BEFORE we even arrived here in this universe..., so what are you purifiyng? I'll leave it at this.

k 29th September 2012 9:01 am

We decended into matter...from a point of being pure...in that state we were all one, all was light, our consciousness was in the form of light, it did not have form, it did not see, really think on an individual bases, we were not individual. As I understand it hearing was our first sense, then feeling touch. To experience all that we are able to experience in this physical dimension, we fell deeper into matter. Jung wrote of the process of being born and there we start to individuate through the ego we came to see oursleves as independant from the great ocean of the collective consciousness, we find our own personal character and personality. We experience the field of being separate and alone and we go through experiences that give us feelings and thoughts on our own and not just a part of the collective ocean. We have a chance to explore and experience things that are not of the eternal light of the great collective. We learn about darkness. Jung tells us we go through the circle and we experience all that we need to know, we again join the great collective, but with knowledge


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