Cross-Culture Multiculturism

Beloved and holy and only Child of our heavenly Father, Child of the one Source, Child of Light, divine. That is who you are. Take it deeply within the consciousness and contemplate what that means.

I am the one known as Jeshua ben Joseph, Jesus you have called me, and it is in great joy that I come to abide with you this evening in your timing as you have chosen once again to call me forth.

Great joy. And yes, you have heard the call. Very good timing. All of you are performers on the stage of life. All of you know the scripting. All of you know how to do improv.  All of you know,   when there is a bit of improv, how to take that within yourself and make the changes and adjustments in Light; light humor.

That is what it is all about, for truly, the purpose of life is to be in joy, to know truly your divineness, your divine Isness. It is not to go as the world will dictate, with heaviness in your heart. It is not to have to overcome all of the challenges of the world, but it is to know the divine joy of the Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is, and to know that truly you are the masters who are creating the most wonderful scripting and changing it as you go along.

It is most enjoyable to watch how you fashion your dramas and to watch how creative you can be with the dramas, and to know that once in awhile you do get a view that there is a bigger picture that, in truth, what you see right in front of you close up is but part of the whole jigsaw puzzle, and that there is much more to what is going on.

As we have spoken in recent times, there are many changes that are happening and will continue to happen. We spoke last time we met in this way about the coming changes and how there are going to be a lot of changes, upheavals if you will, and yet the upheavals need not be drastic if you will allow yourself to view them with holy perspective, to view them from the place that says, "I know that everything is changing in order to bring heaven to Earth.

As you have discerned right now, it does not feel too much like heaven. You find pieces here and there where you meet ones, and that feels like heaven because you are together once again, but there is a lot that you hear about that does not seem to be of heavenly nature.

So as we spoke last month when we so met, there are going to be many changes in the next year and the year after that, but especially in the next year, and you are looking forward to those changes because you want to have things change. You are the creators who are creating these changes because you want to see something different.

You have prayed, you have pleaded, you have begged, you have wanted to know, "How would it feel to live in love, honor, and respect for all life?" And so, therefore, things are changing. It is as the seeds will be planted in the Earth. If the seed does not come under some pressure, some tension, some changes, it will not crack open, and it will not allow the sprouts to come forth.

You are in that place now where the seed is cracking-many, many cracks-so that the sprout of love, of heaven, can grow and flourish. It will not be done, as you have ordained it, without some of the crackings and some of the upheaval and some of the changes. But for you, you have been advised-forewarned, if you want to put it that way-to take the holy vision, to step back from whatever is going on right in front of you and ask, "How can I see this anew? How can I see this in holy vision? How does it serve the At-one-ment, that realization of Oneness?"

When you are willing to allow separated ego to go back into the wings offstage and you are willing to take that deep breath and ask, "How can I see this differently?" you have to be provided with a new way of seeing things. As you will ask, it will be given. Nothing can be held back from you, because you are the extension and the expression of the One.

So do not feel that just because you are a body and you seem to be separate, living in your separate dwelling places, that you are only that. You are that and much more. You are in relationship with yourSelf-capital "S"-and yourSelf knows your divine path. It knows what upheavals you are going to witness, but it also knows that you are not going to be devastated by any of the upheavals. You are going to, probably, out of habitual reaction, look at them with the eyes of the world. And then, depending on your willingness and also your practice, you can slip into that place of holy vision.

In fact, it will be an interesting piece of homework for you to see how quickly you move from the place of the world vision of the appearances of things into the place of, "I know this serves the Atonement." You will find that at first it may take you a day, a week perhaps, to come to that place of saying, "I know there has to be good in this." Or it may take you half a day or an hour or perhaps even just a few minutes, as you are willing to practice, that, "I can see this differently.

So you will be seeing many changes, and separated ego does not like change. Separated ego, because you have reinforced it with many experiences, says that change has to be devastating, that it has to be a challenge, that there is going to be loss and abandonment.

Well, I say unto you, you are finished with that scripting. You have already played every scripting of loss and abandonment, rejection, that you could ever devise, creative ones that you are, and you can leave that all behind.

It is time now to move into the place of holy vision, the place where you recognize your own worth; not measured by the world; not measured by somebody else; not even measured by yourself-lower case "s"-but measured by the holy Self-capital "S". Whenever you want to know what you are worth-"Do I have worth; does my life have worth?"-allow yourself the deep breath, look at the list that oftentimes we give you as homework of what you have done in this lifetime, all of the accomplishments; look at it from the place of ego self first, and then take out the separate piece of paper and ask, "Holy Self, divine Self, how do you see what I am doing? How do you see me?" And it will answer to you, "You are the innocent, holy Child come forth into a reality that yet believes in duality, that yet believes that there could be loss and abandonment, but that is not you."

And the holy Self will give you a true vision of why you are here and of your worth. I know that all of you struggle with self-image, because the world has taught you that you are separate and that you have to try harder and harder and that you are never quite perfect. This has come from much reinforcement from the parents and the teachers, the priests, the rabbis, many of them being well-meant in trying to point out to you how you could do things a wee bit better, and yet you have taken their message to mean that you were not perfect and that you had to strive to better yourself. And yet all the while the holy Self beams upon you the radiance of the love of Who and What you are.

So allow yourself to be open to that. Allow yourself to know how loved you are. Allow yourself to feel your worth; not in an ego sense, but in the holy sense, that truly you have chosen to be here at this time to suffer the slings and arrows of the world, yes, and to allow them to bounce off of you, because you know that there is much more to life and to yourself.

In my lifetime I traveled to many countries. I saw the chaos that was happening in all of the countries that I visited. I saw the chaos that existed in families and how brothers and sisters, even well-meaning ones, were not as loving as they could have been.

I had the experience of knowing many cultures, because as I grew up as a very small one in Egypt and then back in my hometown of Nazareth, and as I grew in the Essene community at Mt Carmel and as I traveled to study with the masters in the Far East, as I traveled to what is known now as Great Britain and all through what you call the continent of Europe, all the different civilizations and cultures, so I had a very broad understanding of a commonality that is important for you to recognize now, the commonality of the divine essence of each one whom you meet.

You will see varying cultures. You do in this geo-political gathering, this country, but this planet has been an experiment, in a way, to see how various starseeds could work together, how they could evolve into an awareness of Oneness. So all of you have come from various star constellations, and you meet up with ones that you feel familiar with. You feel that you are in resonance with ones, and then there are others that you do not feel a familiarity with. This country, as it was founded by enlightened ones, was and is an example of a co-mingling of cultures to a place where hopefully the different cultures can live together in harmony and in respect and even in celebration of some of the differences that the cultures bring. This mingling, the co-mingling that is happening and has happened for the last two centuries of your time in this geo-political country, is now happening in many other geo-political countries as well, where you are having many immigrants coming to lands and either trying to fit in or establishing them as an isolated unit within that geo-political country.

As I have said, this is being watched by many of whom you have a suspicion, a suggestion that probably there are ones watching, and there are. Many of your brothers of space are watching the experiment. The Intelligence of Mind-capital "I" and capital "M"-is watching to see how this experiment is going to go and what the bumps, the valleys, and the mountains of this evolvement are going to be.

So you are privileged, because of your choice, to be part of this new experiment, this new understanding of At-one-ment. You have chosen, masters that you are, to be the starseeds that would come and participate in something that is not known in other constellations, other realities. You have chosen, masters that you are, to live in this reality and to evolve in this reality and to come to a place where you know yourself to be One with All and in love, in love with All.

There are days when it seems really difficult to get to that space, I know. When you meet ones who are of a different culture, allow yourself to have the discourse with them as to what their belief is, what their traditions are. Why do they believe as they do? Your questioning will help them question why they have certain beliefs. And their questioning about their beliefs will then allow them to question certain actions, because all actions-hear this well-all actions come out of belief.

Whatever one believes is going to be the motivating force for whatever choice of action is made. So you will ask of them, "What do you believe about the planet, about other ones who inhabit the planet? What do you believe about the geo-political grouping that you find yourself in? Do you see value in other people's belief systems?" You will ask that, because probably nobody has ever asked them that.

You will ask them, have you thought about various belief systems, and they may even come to the place of asking you what you believe. Oh, no. Now I have to define what I believe. I have to actually put it into words. Well, uh, er, um, ah...and then you'll come to some clarity. And as you will do this more and more, practice of course, it will come easier for you to have a clear understanding of your own belief and what is fundamental to your belief and your actions and your choices.

But it also is necessary to have this interaction with the brothers and sisters, because you are having much now of immigration. This is a topic that your leaders are talking about. Basically, that is all they are doing, is talking about it. And why they are talking about it is to get you thinking about what your choices are. What do you believe about ones who come to your supposed, as you would own a country, your country, this country that you possess, and yet you do not possess it; you only participate in it.

What do you believe about the immigrants? How is your feeling, your belief about, are they taking the employment away, or are they adding to society? How should they be treated? How can they be integrated; not losing their own traditions, but integrated into the whole of what this geo-political country stands for?

And you do have principles that his geo-political country stands for. Now, I know this sounds like a talk that I would give on your freedom day, which happened last month. Well, I'm a little bit late, but here it is. You have principles that have been set out by your forefathers, your founding fathers who were enlightened, and you can go back to those principles and see that they are enacted by you and by your leaders. You have a voice, and you can use it. It is time now to use it forcefully and yet respectfully; to not sit quietly by when you see abuse of power of any kind.

I have been called a pacifist, and in your holy Scriptures it is written that I said, "If one should strike you on the cheek, turn the other cheek." That is for you to do if you understand the true meaning of that. But if you are witnessing abuse to another one, it is not for you to say, "Oh, well, turn the other cheek; it does not matter," and for you to walk on. It is for you to say, "Wait a second. This is not done in love," and to stand up for that person or persons and to understand that heaven on Earth is not going to come until you are ready to speak out against abuse of any sort, of anything that is not of love.

It only takes you a second to know whether an action that comes from a deep-seated belief is of love or not. It only takes a second for you to be able to understand, to feel it, whether it hits you in the abdomen or whether it comes from a place that allows the heart to expand.

For yourself, you can turn the other cheek, because you know that in time that one is going to be complete with whatever they are doing. Or, you can speak up and say, "Hey, that's not loving. I desire to live in love."

I was and I am a pacifist, in that I believe in peace. But I also believe in speaking clarity to brothers and sisters so that they have a chance to see where they are coming from. When you see abuse and non-respect of any class of people, speak up. Do not just walk by or cross over the street to the other side. Speak up about it. Know that all is evolving, that it is going to evolve a lot faster if you take your belief and your actions from that belief and from the principles that you know to aid and promote peace.

If you are willing to take those actions, the evolution towards heaven on Earth is going to happen much faster. That is where you stand right now; you individually are going to be and have been already called upon to stand up for your belief, and in the days to come, with the changes that are happening, you are going to be called upon even more to speak your truth. Do not be afraid to speak your truth.

Separated ego is going to say, "Oh, yes, but I remember another lifetime when I did this and I was outcast from the village, and the wild animals took me as meat. I remember other lifetimes when I spoke out about abuse and the authorities did not like it, and I was asked to give the head over, or I was burned at the stake, etc."

That is not going to happen in this lifetime. You have, thankfully, evolved past that to the place where it is necessary and beneficial that you speak out against any abuse that you see, anything that does not speak from love. You may feel that you get crucified in an emotional sense, because ones are going to perhaps have a reaction to what you say, but that is okay. That does not really touch you, does not have to touch you. That comes from their own defensiveness. It comes from their own belief about themselves and how they think they have to defend themselves.

So you can allow the so-called crucifixion, in the emotional sense, to happen, because you can walk away from it. It is not a physical crucifixion You have already been there and done that. You have already had that physical experience and you have already had that emotional experience where you have been outcast, and yet here you are, still living, breathing, smiling, and beginning to trust in yourself, knowing truly who you are. You are doing well, so I come and I give you the pep talk.

You have now the most wonderful cross-culture multiculturism that is happening. You have so many cultures that are coming to live next door to your dwelling place. Get to know them. Get to understand why they believe as they do. Ask what their beliefs are, and that can be either directly asked or in conversation it'll come out. Know that sometimes, always, the choices that they make come from the belief system, and allow yourself to help to integrate them into a place of respect for themselves and respect for others.

That is what some of these changes are about. That is why you have chaos right now that is going on in what you call your Middle East. There is a clash of cultures; generational, old belief systems clashing out of fear. You have starseeds that have come from different constellations living relatively geographically close to each other, and there is a very deep-seated belief that they have to defend.

Even within this geo-political country there is a feeling that there has to be defense. The holy Child does not need defense. The holy Child is not vulnerable to any threat. But as you live the human life, the separated ego is going to speak to you that you maybe need to defend yourself, and that is the time that you are going to then take a deep breath and say, "How can I see this differently?"

Even say the words to another person, "I want to like you. I want to know who you are. Tell me about yourself," so that you do not just make judgments by appearances. Your leaders are yet dealing with appearances. Your leaders are still in a place of seeing everything as black and white, and do not understand that there needs to be an integration into all of the grayness where you can find respect and space for different belief, and where these different beliefs can then be merged into a place of love, into a place of understanding.

Your leaders do not feel they can see things that clearly to allow you to play a leading role. They feel that they have to feed you simplistic terms and, for the most part, a lot of the brothers and sisters want it that way. They don't want to be bothered to have to think about other cultures. But I say unto you, the world is, as it was two thousand years ago, full of many traditional cultures that can live in harmony with understanding or may choose not to, and you are the ones who are going to bring that choice right into the forefront with neighbors, with co-workers, and with ones that are around the face of our holy Mother, the Earth, as you do in your meditative times. There is no separation at that time.

When you take a moment of meditation and you speak to one in your mind's eye who may be living in another geographic location far from here, there is no separation. As you will be powerful enough in your meditative times to extend the olive branch, extend the understanding that, "I want to know you, I want to know your beliefs, I see your actions and I see your fear, but I want to know what, first of all, do you believe and why do you believe that, and can you be open enough to entertain the possibility that there are other belief systems that are valid and can live side by side in peace and in harmony."

In my day and time I was very fortunate to have a broad travel regime; I had a good travel agent, as you do. He is known as the Holy Self. You have been sent to many different countries and places you have visited, and you know ones who have moved into this geo-political country from other places. They come to you at your place of work, in your place of buying your groceries, your place of filling up the vehicles. You meet them in different social settings.

Speak with them as friend to friend. Let them know what your belief is about the world and what you see as the vision for the future. Let them know what you see as integration of all cultures into one harmonious culture, not losing diversity, but having honor and respect for each one and for each individual member within that grouping. Now, there are some belief systems which do not hold respect within their own cultures for certain members. You will speak from your vantage point of your belief that women are to be respected.

It does not matter what the physical body looks like. As one has already said, it does not matter what the plumbing is. What matters is the spirit, the motivating force. The ones who are known as women have the intellect, the potential the same as the male gender. And so there are times when with your coming changes you are going to be finding yourself in conversation with ones where that belief system is going to come up, for I am telling you this ahead of time so that you can think about it, so that you can understand that not all cultures and not all countries have the belief system that you have or the principles upon which this geo-political country was founded.

It would be good for you to go back and review those principles, because they are very enlightened principles of honor and respect for each individual to pursue happiness; not to step on somebody else's happiness in the way of finding it, and not to put down, but to respect each and every life form.

I was also privileged-and this is important for those of you who work with small ones or if you are grandparents or if you are parents or if you know a neighbor who has small ones-I was privileged to know many languages. If you know the language of another culture, you are able to understand the belief system a lot easier. The sense of separation falls away if you can understand what they are saying.

In this country you are finding more and more of the immigrants coming with their own languages, and you speak your supposed predominant language, but you hear many different sounds around you. The most wonderful way to come to an understanding with another individual is to know their language. So it is a suggestion that your small ones be taught, either in your schooling places or at home, several languages, as many as possible, so that there can be an understanding of what ones are saying, so that there is not a feeling of, these are speaking a certain language and they are of a certain group, but that's not my group. I am of this group, and I am separate, and then there's another group, and it is separate.

You already have witnessed this as you go through your grocery stores, where ones are speaking to each other in the various languages or they are on your most wonderful technology of the telephone and they are speaking to one in another language as they pass you by, and you feel somewhat separate because you do not understand what they are saying. Now, probably they are only asking, "Do you want me to pick up the dill pickles or the mayonnaise," but you don't know. And it makes for a sense of separation.

So start with the small ones and start with yourself in learning the different languages. As I said, I was fortunate enough to travel to many different countries and to live in those countries for awhile, long enough that I picked up the language so that I could speak the language, and I could understand many different languages and dialects of languages. This will help very much in the integration that is most necessary in the days to come, so that there will not be such a sense of separation.

The other thing that you can do, and you can start it right away-in fact, you have already-is to develop your sense of intuition. Even if you do not understand what the words mean, tune in to your intuition, that inner self, that inner knowing of what they may be talking about, what they may be saying, what they may be feeling. Use that sixth sense of intuition to understand where they are coming from.

And do the most simple of things that I have spoken to you many, many times; look them straight in the eye and smile, friend to friend. Even if you do not say it with words, you can say it from eye to eye and smile to smile. I recognize you as the Christ. I recognize you as an extension of our own one parent, that creative principle of Isness. I recognize you to be mySelf-capital "S"-because all of the starseeds, no matter what constellation you have come from, have come originally from the one point of Mind-capital "M"-to see what could be created. And you are all of the same Oneness, the same Child, extension of Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is; therefore, even if the starseeds have come with their own cultures from other constellations which sets them with a most wonderful palette to begin with, then they have developed the cultures upon our holy Mother Earth and done that in great detail.

Even if that has happened to the place where there seems to be great separation, you can go to that place of Oneness, that place of intuition, that place that says, "I know who you are, truly, and I like who you are. I recognize you. I look you straight in the eye and I see your worth, and I smile at you because I recognize you as a piece of good work," and you are. "I recognize you as mySelf."

But allow the small ones, encourage the small ones, because they are open to learning new sounds and twisting the tongue in different directions and getting the guttural sounds that sometimes seem foreign as you have become a bit taller in stature. Encourage the parents to purchase the language tapes. They don't even have to go to a certain grouping to learn it. They can have the language tapes right at home, and as small as you can start with them, allow them to get the feeling of the different languages.

I, as I said, was very fortunate to grow up with many different cultures and to hear the languages and the dialects and to travel to different places. And because there was a receptivity from the time that I was under the age of two, a receptivity to understanding different sounds, this stayed with me all of that lifetime, all six hundred plus years of that lifetime, and languages did change over the six hundred years and over all of the travels that we did, but there was a receptivity and an understanding that allowed me to go into any group and be able to speak to them as one of them.

And that is what you want to do. Get the language tapes for yourself-this is a big piece of homework-and begin learning a new language. If you already speak several languages-there are several that are predominant within this country-take a new one that may sound Greek to you. Try Greek. It is fun; it is different. Try Russian. Try understanding the language of your fellow brothers and sisters who live in Iran. Understand what is being said in their own language; not just what is being translated into English, which may be close or not even close to what is truly being said or meant.

Allow yourself that edge. Don't sit idly by and say, "Well, Holy Spirit will take care of it. Holy Spirit can only take care of what you take care of, because you are the emissaries of Holy Spirit right here, right now, incarnate. Holy Spirit wants to take care of it, but you have to do it. So go out in this week of your timing and purchase one language, and set aside a few minutes each day to at least listen to it. You don't have to learn it if you don't want to, but at least familiarize yourself with the different sounds.

I have a hunch that as you begin to listen to the different sounds, there will be a desire to know more. And as you begin to know more, it is going to open up a whole wonderful world for you. It will lead to your understanding of where they are living-not just geographically-but where they are living in belief, and then why they act from those beliefs.

Do not walk as a stranger in this land any longer. Claim all of the Earth and its languages and its people as your own, because they are all brothers and sisters, and no matter what age you are, you may say, "Well, I am too old to learn a language. I'm way past being able to make any of those sounds. My tongue doesn't...well, it hardly gets around the English language.

I assure you, as you listen, you will begin to find that the Child of you is alive and well and will want to learn, will want to let down the barriers that seem to be there because of language, and it will help with the integration and understanding that is necessary in these changes and the years that are ahead of you.

When you begin to do that, it leads to a most wonderful place that you almost cannot envision, a place that I can envision for you, because you are going to find yourselves being translators. If you have ever wondered, "What purpose does my life have? Why am I working this certain job? What can I yet do with the years that are ahead of me? What do I really want to do that will fulfill my soul purpose?" play with the vision of being a translator, because it is going to be most necessary as the cultures clash.

The cultures have to integrate, but they are not going to integrate until there is understanding, and there is not going to be true understanding until you can know what the languages are saying. So begin right where you are with what you already know and add unto it. If you are courageous enough, allow yourself to hold that vision that I am going to be translator for some groups, as high as you can image the group to be, or even just the group in my neighborhood that may have a "stranger" that moves in and does not speak the language so well.

Many of you have come as first generation immigrants into this country. Many of you saw the parents have to learn the language and to integrate themselves into this country and its values and its ideals. You already know that it is a process that takes some time, and it takes courage and willingness, because there are many who come into a new country and they refuse to learn the language of that country, and they set themselves apart.

They may send the small ones to school where the small ones learn the language that is the common denominator of the country, but at home the old language is spoken. The children of that family are the ones who are the bridge people-there you go; bridge people again-who can translate, who can make understanding, who can say to the parents who may be of another culture, "This is what people are saying, and this is why they are saying it. It translates this way, and their customs are such and such," because the immigrants, when they first come, do not always understand the customs of this country. Most often they don't.

But ones who can speak the language can then make that bridge for them, and they can explain what is being said and why it is being said and why it is important to understand the new culture that is coming about, that is being evolved, because you have already one world.

There is globalization that many have railed against, but it is inevitable, and the better you understand the brothers and sisters, the easier the transition is going to be with the globalization and the less the resistance is going to be. Globalization has to happen. You have been working towards it, generations, with your technology, to where you now have the vehicles that will take you to other countries quickly-well, rather quickly; more quickly than with the camel. And your technology is making it possible now that you can do business with ones halfway around our holy Mother, the Earth, even adjusting for time zones.

Now you have to adjust for languages, for understanding that truly that is the next barrier that has to fall. There has to be a cross-cultural integration, and the only way-well, the quickest way-is to be able to speak the language, plus what we have spoken about with the intuition, the open heart.

So I send you forth with a very important message. Purchase for yourself a set of language tapes in this next week. As your advertisements always say, "Do it today." Don't put it off, because if you put it off, it'll be, "Well, I'll do it tomorrow, next week, next month, next year." Do it this next week and begin, even if you want to have study classes in various languages where ones can feel at ease with other ones who are trying to get the tongue around different sounds, and laughing and joking because, "It's a little bit different to speak Polish."

You know Spanish; that's around you all of the time. And you know French; that's around you. How about Chinese? Yes? How about various languages that are spoken in the Middle East? You have even the Jewish friends who have a language that you have somewhat adopted in this country, some of the phrases. Allow yourself to get to know that better.

And then begin to understand the culture and traditions from which that language has sprung. All of the various life forms that came as points of Light on holy Mother Earth-starseeds-started out with some sound. And all of these sounds began to be understood by the local grouping, so that this tribe-as it would be called-and the neighboring tribe maybe didn't understand each other and there was warring...well, you've evolved past that. You now have bigger tribes, and you still have warrings. But you are evolving.

Do some cross-culture integration and understanding. It will be fun. And when you step out of the usual, you are going to find out more about yourself, and that is going to be enlightening. Beloved ones, you are greatly loved. Go now and practice what I have preached, and do it in joy. So be it.



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