Honoring The Mother

In this month which you have set aside to honor mothers, know that you can honor yourself, whether or not you are having the experience in this lifetime as a mother, for truly, you are the creative mother. Look upon all of your creations. As you sit in peace, abiding in stillness, cast your mind back over the past week in your timing and contemplate your creations. Contemplate the experiences. Contemplate the relationships. Contemplate your thoughts and your feelings in the last week and see how you have been the creative mother of all that has transpired with you and for you, as you.

Know yourself to be Light. Abiding as the Light that you are, thank yourself for the creative One that you are. As you think back upon the events of the past week, the past month, the past year, see what you have created and call it good – even if appearances and feelings suggest otherwise.

As you are abiding in the heart, in contemplation, call into your mind’s eye the one known as your mother. Invite this one to be in your heart with you. If this one has laid down the body and has gone on, as you would say, know that you can instantly speak with this one, for there is no separation. Call this one forth into your heart and speak unto her what you would share with her. If she is in a far country, either another geographical location or a far country as would be defined as being in another state of mind, speak unto this one from your heart. Share with this one feelings and insights that have not yet been shared. Know that in the heart you are instantly One with whomever you invite into your heart.

What would you share with this one? Even if you are no longer in what would be seen as physical communication with this one, know that this one awaits only your invitation to communicate. Speak to this one what you would have her know, and then listen, for truly she would share with you. What does she say to you?

Know always that communion can come forth from the heart whenever you choose to abide in the stillness and invite one in love, in openness. In openness there can be dialogue, for it need not be just one way. There is much that she would share with you, even though perhaps you would see her to be afar off.

Moreover, you are the holy Child of our heavenly Father/Mother, and you have chosen to be here to play with each other: to play out the grand drama, sometimes with more drama than other times. Allow yourself to look upon the relationship and the times of interaction as scenes in a divine comedy, each one acting the role as they have seen it to be in that moment. Speak to the one known as your mother the words you wished had been spoken, the words you would speak now. Ask the questions that were not asked, and allow, after the habitual ego language that comes so easily, a new language to express. Ask for understanding, for a new vision of anything that might yet be troubling you, anything that seems yet incomplete. Allow love to be given for, in place of, the limited understanding that has led to judgment: allow forgiveness of self and mother.

If there are times that you find the child of you, the inner child – the child that you still are, no matter how tall the body may be – calling out to you in hurt and confusion, know that you can be the mother to that child. Nurture your child, yourself. Give the child that you are, that inner child, what you may not have felt that you received from the other one known as your mother.

You are your own mother. You are mother to your inner child, and that child desires to be acknowledged, to be revered as the holy Child that you are, and to be enjoyed. Be creative as the mother that you are. Find ways to allow the child to come forth, to be appreciated, valued.

Play as the child that you are. Be spontaneous. Release the constraints of the world that have told you how you “should” be. Every once in a while, go barefoot – literally and figuratively. Be nurturing, be gentle. If you find yourself in judgment, pause and ask, “How can I see this anew?” For now you are coming to a place of choosing anew more quickly each time it happens. You do not abide in the space of judgment as long as you used to. You are allowing the judgment to go as the nonsense that it is.

Pause and allow yourself to connect again with the child and to ask of yourself the love that you would have another give to you. Give unto yourself that love. Take even the physical arms and put them about yourself, and give yourself the hug that you would ask from another.

Give to the one known as your mother honor and reverence and love, but not because she has earned it by what she has done or has not done. Do not judge according to the way of the world, but give to this one your love and your honor and your reverence, for she is as you are: the holy Child, Light upon this plane. And give to yourself honor and reverence and love as the creative Principle, the mother that you are.

Thank yourself for everything that comes in front of you. Smile as the blessed mother upon all of your creations and call them blessings. Gather each experience to you as you would a bouquet of beautiful flowers, each one unique in its color, form and perfume, and know that you honor, in this way, the one true Mother: the Love which has birthed All.

So be it.


debs go lightly 8th May 2015 5:25 pm

Thank you Judith and Jeshua, this has been truly helpful to me, thank you.

Much love and light and joy, Debs.


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