Living The Life Of The Master

Beloved one, I would speak with you again about remembering Who you are, remembering how it feels to live life as the master, which is Who and What you are and always have been: very creative masters who have created great, great drama for the sheer knowing of how creative you can be. Being the extension of the one Creator, it is in your nature to create. It is also in your nature to come to a place of realizing - making real in your conscious awareness - that which you are. You will come to the place of realizing, "I am the one who is creating all of this," in concert with the brothers and sisters, yes, but also as to your choice as to how you will see things and what your response will be. You have in your book, A Course in Miracles, where it says, "I am determined to see things differently." And so you are aware that there might be another way of looking at things. That is the first step in remembering the master which you are: to be aware of choice.

Now, as you are aware, and becoming more and more finely tuned in awareness, there is a caveat with this, because separated ego is very good at judging and saying, "Ah, you’ll never get this right. There you go again. You’re not living as a master. You’re not responding as a master." And so there is the temptation to be in judgment of self and others.

When you are aware that perhaps you are not acting and living from the place of the master, breathe and choose anew. Do not bother with judgment. You have done that over and over and over and over, and you have lived in judgment so long that you know it very well and you know that it does not feel all that great, and it does not serve any purpose except that you know that you can create judgment.

I will set for you a piece of homework: in the evening when you lay your head upon the pillow, take stock of the day. Go back over and review - re-look at, re-view - the day and what has happened and how you have felt about it. Just watch it as you would watch a play upon the stage. Just watch how things unfolded, who said what to whom, how you felt about it, how you reacted or did not react.

How loving you truly want to be

You will find that as the days go along, you will become more and more aware, and what is going to come to the forefront is how loving you truly want to be. That is the way of the master: to be in love with everyone and everything, every living form, and that includes your rocks and your mountains, your streams, your trees, your grass, the birds that are most wonderful, besides all of the brothers and sisters who incorporate in the human form. You will find yourself living more and more in the space of love. That is why when ones come to you with energy that is not of love, there will be a very definite awareness that it is not love. You will take a breath and you will step back from it, sometimes literally, but always figuratively, and you will choose to see it anew, to see it in another way, and to know that truly anyone who comes to you with anger and frustration is truly calling out for love.

Everyone is the holy Child of the Father/Mother/God/Goddess/All That Is; everyone is of the essence of the divine, and everyone wants to know his/her essence, true essence. And yet the world oftentimes will present the barbed wire and will seemingly enclose one with the barbed wire so one feels that one has to fight against the wire, and every time one fights against the wire, one gets hurt.


Awareness: how you go through your day, how you choose to see your day. Awareness that, "I am the master who is creating all of what I see." And, as your holy Scriptures have said, "I call it good. God that I Am, I call it good. I have created it. It is in my consciousness. I see it, I recognize it, and I do not judge it as the world judges. I judge it according to its divine expression."

Awareness. Then there comes a willingness to want to live as the master, to want to live as the beholder, to want to live free and in love; a willingness to know, "Who am I? How unlimited am I? What can I create? And having created it, let me look further than just appearances and see how it serves the Atonement."

Begin to appreciate the holiness of each and every one who has chosen to incarnate - out of great courage - because the human life and this reality is not the easiest reality. It is one of the more difficult realities. And those of you who have chosen to be incarnate in this reality at this time are the adventurers; you are the ones with the most courage.

Choose anew

Have the willingness to choose anew, the willingness to be the beholder, and then to be in the place of great gratitude for what you have created. Be in the place where you have appreciation of self and of others. Know that truly, as the master, you can stand back from anything and all things and behold them as holy.

Begin to allow even the physical eyesight to change. Allow it to soften. Sometimes you get a very narrow focus about what you are looking at, even to the place where you are peering at it. Allow the deep breath. Allow the eyes to soften. Allow the whole body to soften, and begin to expand the physical vision to the place where perhaps the one in front of you becomes the light of energy rather than the delineation of the body.

Many of you have seen the light form around the trees, the aura, the living energy of the trees. You can see the trees breathing. Allow yourself to see as the master would. Allow yourself to be in the most delightful place-de-light; of the light-most delightful place where you know that everything, no matter how tragic, no matter how challenging it may look, will lead to the awakening; not only of yourself, but of others.

It will lead to a great "Aha," and great laughter will come after the "Aha" because, "I thought this was a serious matter." Well, you know, when they nailed me to the cross, it could have been looked upon-and was, by many-as a serious matter. But did I stay upon the cross? No. Neither did any of the others who were crucified. They were taken down, buried. Some of them recycled and came back again; in fact, many of them did. Many of them had opportunity, as you always do, between the incarnations, to review and to see what has been served by that life, what has been served by the supposed ending of releasing the body. They were able to look upon it and to say, "That was an experience of divinity, an expression of divinity."

Feel good about yourself

Allow yourself the gold stars. Allow yourself to feel good about yourself. For, in truth, the divinity of you always knows that what you choose, you choose out of great courage in order to serve the Light. Even the ones who seem to be serving the dark are serving the Light, because-as we have said other times-the Light and the dark make contrast and bring everything into clarity.

That is what is happening now upon the face of our holy Mother, the Earth. There is coming to be more and more clarity as to what is loving and what is not loving; what is respectful, what is appreciating the diversity of all of the expressions of Life.

Remember Who you are, and live from the place of the master. Be aware. Ask yourself, every five minutes or so, "Am I living as the master?" And if you have not been, do not judge and put the heavy guilt upon the shoulders, but allow yourself to say, "Oh, okay, now I will choose anew. I will step back and I will look at the holy picture. I will see more of what is going on with the interplay of the brothers and sisters. I will see more of the interplay of how I am involved with the weaving of the beautiful tapestry called life."

And then you live from the place of the master who is not attached to anything or anyone - and yet is attached, because you are One. You have empathy, but not in the human terms of having to judge it and having to fix it.

A grand adventure

You have empathy; you know what that one is going through, because you have been there, you have done that. But you also know that you have come through it, and they are going to come through it. So you do not have to say, "Oh, poor Joe, poor Jane"-nothing poor about them; they are having a grand adventure. They are never abandoned. You are never abandoned, although sometimes you feel it. Sometimes you feel separate and alone, and we have spoken that at the time when you feel most alone is the time when you want to become aware that even your word carries the clue with it, that you are all one-alone-all one.

When you decided to create this reality, when you decided to incarnate and to live a human life, you gave yourself a great gift, several great gifts. One we have spoken of, and it is time, so that you have a process of time to be able to reflect rather than experience instantaneous manifestation, although many times you want that instantaneous manifestation-"I want the golden coins right now, right here.."

You have given yourself the gift of time, but you have also given yourself the gift of hope; a gift to hold onto, even in the darkest times, even if it be as small as the mustard seed, and to know that it is going to grow and to flower. An awakening master is free, no longer tied to the whims of the world, no longer tied to the judgments of the world, no longer tied to the cross. The world is very much like the cross; it is in conflict with itself. Live in remembrance of the master that you are. Be aware. Do not judge. Choose anew. Walk as the master. Speak as the master. Give forth love as the master, because that is what the master does.

You have a most wonderful saying that I see ones sometimes wearing around the neck: "What would Jesus do?" Well, would I do? I would give love. I would give the hug. I would give the smile. I would give the word of encouragement. I would say, "I believe in you." No matter what choices you have made, no matter where your life journey has taken you so far, this is not over; the journey is not over. I believe in you, and I know that you are serving a certain plan which was set in motion before the incarnation.

I believe in you. Those are very strong words you give to another one when you say to them, "I believe in you." And it is a statement of truth, because you do believe in the Christ of them, the Christ energy, the divine energy of them. And then you walk, and they walk, as the master, with head held high, being aware of the feet, because the feet are on holy ground, but the head is held high as the master. I know Who you are, and I love That Which you are. Do not deny me any longer.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith



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