The New Consciousness

Beloved one, do you know you have brought forth a new consciousness? It is a consciousness which, truly, has been in process for some time, both for you individually and for the collective. You have been, again, the one who has been on the cutting edge, on the crest of the wave. The master that you are, you have come one more time to participate in an evolutionary step in the realization of Oneness.

We have spoken in previous times of how this reality is based upon an experiment, if you will, of starseeds, each and every one of you having come from different star constellations and having been the descendants of ones from other star constellations, bringing with you remembrance of life and cultures in other places and other realities.

The evolution that you have agreed that you will take part in is being watched by many of the brothers and sisters who are not incarnate in human form. They may be incarnate in other forms or not incarnate at all.

In this experiment you agreed that you would see if it could be and how it could be achieved to bring ones to a place of understanding the divinity of each point of light, and to come to a place of respect to truly treasure the diversity of the cultures which have come from the various star constellations.

It has been very much an evolutionary process, and you are now at a most wonderful place. You have been waking up in this lifetime from a deep slumber, because you agreed, as the masters which you are, that you would take upon yourself the raiment of the human embodiment and you would take upon yourself the role of forgetting.

Now you are seeing the achievement of what has been in process for a long time, where many of the brothers and sisters have awakened to their power; not worldly power, truly, although they may understand it as worldly power, but the power of themselves and what they believe in.

Some months ago in your timing, there came along a gathering of energy in the embodiment of one person, who said, "It is possible to be inclusive rather than exclusive. It is possible that there can be equality and respect and honor for each and every voice." And he began gathering to himself others who wanted to have hope, who wanted to believe in the best of what could be possible. He even chose a certain saying that you have heard the brothers and sisters chanting: "Yes, we can. Yes, we can." It is very powerful. Yes, you can do what you envision.

We have spoken to you over the years of the power to make manifest that which you envision. And so this one who remembers at a very deep level the power of the divine began to spread the seeds of hope, the seeds which would say to other ones, "It can be different."

Those who have had power in the past and have used it in their own arena have done what they needed to do to bring you to a certain point in this process. So I say unto you to honor the ones who have gone before, because they have brought the collective consciousness to a place of clarity in choosing. The ones who came before had a role to play and played it well.

I have spoken to you over the years how everything serves the atonement, and there were times when you did not believe me. You said, "Yes, but look what is happening all around me. This cannot be serving the atonement, the holy atonement. Look how ones are treating others. How can this serve the atonement?"

Well, it has brought you and the collective consciousness to a most wonderful place where brothers and sisters who have felt themselves to be without power, to be powerless, found that they had a voice, found that they could envision a better way to live with their neighbors; not only in this geographical area, but also with a new policy which will extend beyond the borders and across the waters.

As this one you have chosen has already said to you, he cannot do it alone. He recognizes that he cannot do it alone. And he recognizes that he cannot do it with only his circle of associates, which is a great change from what has been thought for generations of time.

There has been a belief and a reality built upon separation that is now being re-examined and looked at differently, for it has been thought for many eons of time, not only with this geo-political grouping, but also throughout recorded history, that the powerful ones would collect unto themselves their supporters, and they would be the only powerful ones.

Now you see one coming along who is speaking a bit differently and saying, "It is the One out of the many. The many have come together as the One." This is powerful and evolutionary, for truly, this one now is going to be gathering around himself other ones who will, if they do not have it already, catch his vision of the One working together. It is a leap in consciousness. It is the new consciousness that all of you have prayed for other lifetimes and especially in this lifetime.

As you have watched much of the division which has happened, you have doubted and you have cried unto me and to my mother, Mary, and you have said, "Please release me from this world. I don’t want to be in this kind of reality."

Now you have seen that the reality itself can be changed; that you do not have to be taken out of it. For truly, you have agreed that you will be in it in order to make the changes.

A new consciousness has been birthed. Now, there are many of the brothers and sisters who look upon this one as a messiah and expect that he will work miracles. He has worked a miracle, because he has been spreading hope and giving back to ones a remembrance of their power of choice, and now they are seeing that they do have power, and they are also seeing the areas where there needs to be some change. They are feeling, "If I did make a bit of change just recently - and I did - I can then bring my power to bear upon other areas of injustice." That is a powerful realization.

This one that you are looking to, who seemingly against many odds because of the makeup of his birth, because of his name, because of his views which were seen to be more liberal...liberal, by the way, is a very good term; it comes from the same root word as liberty, freedom. So if anyone would accuse you of being a liberal, you say, "Yes, I desire freedom for each one to be able to express his/her highest and best potential. So, yes, I am a liberal."

For a long time, the ones who have enjoyed the status quo and the power of the status quo have considered themselves conservative. They wanted to stay right where they were. So, therefore, they have felt that the best way to conserve the status quo would be to label others who differed in their opinion as being too liberal. But now you and many of the brothers and sisters are understanding that the root of the word "liberal" comes from the root for "liberty", for freedom, for honoring everyone in that freedom. 

You are progressive, not reactive, not conservative in the old way. You want to progress. You want to go forward, and that is what these times are about. Even ones who have considered themselves to be conservative are now saying, "I can look at this a different way. I see hope. I can conserve what is important to me in a new way." And it has, for some, surprised them that they can take off the old constriction of what used to be - because it was handed down from generation to generation to generation - and begin to see things in a new light.

The new consciousness is here. Now, the new consciousness is a bit like the newborn. It is going to need some nurturing. It is going to need some support. It is going to need voices that say, "Look what happens when we believe that there can be change. Look what happens when we exercise hope and have a new vision."

There are going to be ones who are going to doubt that this new energy can last, so you are going to treat this new consciousness with some nurturing by visioning, truly knowing deep within yourself that you can bring forth change; that you do manifest your reality moment by moment by that which you believe to be possible: envision, know, trust, speak.

Envision, trust, know, and speak the truth over and over to this newborn consciousness, to the ones who do not believe that it can survive. They are going to be looking for the first crack in what they have felt the messiah was going to do for them. However, the messiah has already said, "I cannot of my own self do this. I cannot do this all by myself. It rests upon the shoulders of each and every one of you."

It is a great time to be incarnate. Now, many of you have wondered about that. I think each and every one of you, in your quiet times, has said to me, "Why am I here? Why did I choose this lifetime? Why..." It is because of Now. It is because of the new consciousness that you have been preparing for yourself and for the collective, a process which began a long, long time ago when you reached the level of the greatest density, and asked, from your soul, "Does it have to be so dark, so dense?"  With that moment of inspiration, of connecting with Original Spirit, you began the process of remembering At-one-ment. It has taken you lifetimes, many generations lived in different cultures, to come to this Now point of seeing some Light.

Keep the vision. Speak. Trust. Trust that always, when you come from the place of the heart, that which you speak will be in love. It may not always be received in love immediately, but you will be allowing love to be in that space.

Speak what you know. Yes, you can. This lifetime you can, and you will, because you have seen through the cracks in the wall. You have seen what beckons unto you. You have seen, you and the brothers and sisters, each one as a singular, seeming, drop of water in the vast ocean coming together as the ocean, and you know the power of the ocean as it rolls onto the sand and the beach. You know the power of the ocean when it is One; not just thinking itself to be separate, just a drop of water in the ocean, but One. Now, there is power, even as you see yourself to be a singular drop of water, because if a singular drop of water keeps dripping on the same stone over and over and over, it makes an indentation. It makes a mark. You, even in times when you think yourself to be a lone voice, make a mark on the collective consciousness.

There is now a new consciousness, a new belief in what the divine Self can manifest. It will be a process, but a very important evolution has occurred. Envision, hope, trust, speak. Remember how it feels to be truly alive, knowing that you have the divine power. Yes, you can. Yes, you will. Yes, as the One, you can and will prevail.

So be it.


Roberta 4th January 2009 11:03 am

This posting is exactly on target. I am so relieved when other channels and intuitives receive the same messages I receive. It confimrs and supports my vision. I knew in November 2007 that Obama would be President. I have had a vision for several years that I will live to see world peace in my lifetime.

Ruth Montgomery wrote in her book "The World to Come" that the President that would be elected at this time would be a Walk-in soul and others have said he is the re-incarnation of Abe Lincoln. All of it points to how remarkable a sould Obama is.

Inter-racial marriage was illegal in most states in the U.S. when he was born and yet we have a bi-racial native born American who is President!

And we have a President that 80% of the world approves of!

Thank you for bringing these messages to the world.

Blessings and Peace,

joshua291185 4th January 2009 1:08 pm

obama may be of a higher consciousness and inclusive, but remember that he has included many old energy ideas necessarily. this is not a time to give our power away to this man. look, he still is for war, domestic spying, giving money and power to powerful corporations, and supports israels illegal occupation. i hate to inject politics, because at a certain level everything is working perfectly, but unfortunately i am still dualistic enough to want to fight for what i believe is right. and none of these things that obama supports is right in my truth.

the important thing here is that he Admitted that the power is ours. reclaim your power and create the world you want.
i dont want any war, iraq or afghanistan, i dont want israel to oppress palestine. i dont want domestic spying. if obama is a liberal then i must be off the charts.

with love, joshua

creighon 5th January 2009 11:46 am


What our new president includes and does is not here yet. I also picked up the very first time I heard him (nearly two years ago) that he would b e our next president. Whether and how WE transmute the old energies depends on US....not him.

It is a new platform, a new Energy that is spoken of in this message...Tobias of Crimson Circle and many others point to the same phenomeonon.

Let us TRUST in US in this new dimension experience we are building...Kryon points to .49 per cent of the population being aware of this change..

I do Hope you can pick up your Hope and know that as we have this leader, as we carry this Trust in ourselves...consciousness will change and a new world will be born.

It depends on US...not Obama.

He is the public figure acting out the role...his energy is important...but it is our collective Oneness carried in each now that will literally roll the ocean out in a new wave.

May the Love of this asendancy carry us forward.


my yellowlight 6th January 2009 8:09 am

Thank you Judith, I truely beleive a change is happening and WE are truely connected as ONE, with ONE and from ONE. I understand NOW, where we are really going. I have been finding my previous lives, and would love to know who are your past lives, because ultimately we will make change, by accepting our pasts, our NOW, and our future potential.

Our pasts are scared (sacred) of letting go until they knew we can take it from here.Its time to let go, without forgetting our pasts, they will always be with you. We are surrounded by love we just have to let in, and let hate go.

Truth and Justice, Wisdom and Humanity are my pillars that in times of fear, which bring me back to my sun!! peace.


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