The New Energy

Beloved one, I wish to speak with you now about the new energy that you will be enjoying this year. Some of you have been feeling a change in energy already. Some of you have been seeing small and large miracles happening, and you have wondered what is occurring.

Some of you have seen miracles in healing. Others of you have felt revelations of an idea that came to you all of a sudden, a knowing. Perhaps you have felt coincidences happening that could not quite be explained; sometimes you have been aware of perfect timing, where you have just finished doing something and then there would be the telephone call, or there would be time to do something extra that you did not expect to have time to do.

Timing is one of the aspects that you are going to see in this year that is going to be your friend. Now, up until now, you have struggled against time. You have been having to work with patience. In this year you are going to make a friend of time, and time is going to be accorded to your wishes, because you are going to be seeing it differently.

Up until now you have felt that time was your master, that you had to be somewhere at a certain time. And yet you have had instances where you have left the dwelling place and you "knew" you were going to be late, and yet you arrived in time, ahead of time even. You have done that, so that you have proved to yourself that time is flexible. Time is not a set thing, but it is malleable, flexible, and it does change. You have played with it, so that you know it can be played with, although you do not yet quite recognize the magician that you are, to bring forth the magic.

In this year you are going to know more and more that you are the one creating time, and that everything is going to fall into place as you have the perspective to understand it; everything is going to fall into place in perfect timing. There is yet going to be process; in other words, it will take awhile, gradually, for you to recognize. Sometimes there will be an instant that happens right away, and you say, "Oh, okay, that's what Jeshua was talking about." Other times it may take a bit longer before the recognition sets in, and with the hindsight, which is always 20/20, you will see that, "Oh, I see how all those pieces came together at the divine, perfect right timing."

You have set in process a most wonderful evolution of ascension. You have come through times in recorded history of the Dark Ages and other dark times unrecorded, where you lived a very dense existence, and since that time there has been an ascension, albeit a bit gradual, to a place where you are now beginning to take hold of the Truth of your being.

No longer do you have to believe what others tell you. No longer do you have to feel at the mercy of the employer, of the mate, of the friend, of world circumstances. You are now to the place where you are accepting responsibility as the masters which you are, finding yourself in a place which defies all the old thinking that has been set and passed down generation to generation, old thinking which says you are a lowly being, and that there are others who are in charge of you who are going to tell you where you have to be, what you have to do, and never are you worthy to know anything beyond that.

You are coming, in an ascension process, up out of the deepest and darkest of what humanhood has known. Now, as I have said, it has been a bit gradual, with high points and low points, as you will look at linear history. However, there has been always the opportunity for improv, which provides the most wonderful leap forward.

That is how powerful you are. You have the gift of improv. Everything is open to new perspective. 

We have spoken previously about the power of the beholder, of being the beholder in every situation. It is the human habitual reaction at first, when you are in an event, a circumstance, to be in a place of judgment; to feel yourself very much caught up in it. And the reactions come forth from the emotions.

But you have been practicing in your times of quiet --  your prayer times, your meditative times -- you have been practicing, "How can I see this differently?" Then you have practiced going to the place where you can allow yourself to step back from whatever is happening and become the beholder, which allows you to see more of the whole picture, the holy picture, and from that holy place, then you can make decisions.

We have spoken to you of the importance of the breath. It is the very first thing that you do when you take an incarnation, each separate incarnation: the infant breathes. And it is the very last thing that you do when you expire and you release the body and go on to another experience.

So any time when you are wanting a new perspective, when you are asking to see things anew, remember to breathe deeply. No matter where you are, what you are doing, even if you are in the midst of many, many people, allow yourself to breathe. No one will notice. They will notice if you do not breathe: after awhile there will be a certain reaction, and they will have to resuscitate the body, yes?

As you stand back, breathing easily and deeply, you will feel a new energy emerging. There is a newness about this year. You see that on many fronts: you are making choices about your leadership, choices about principles, and many of the world situations are coming to a place of climactic events where there have to be new choices.

You are feeling an energy of change. You are feeling and have asked -- for many, many years before this -- for change. That which you have prayed for is coming in this year. If you will have the eyes to see it, it will be evident. Even if you do not have the conscious eyes to see it, it is going to be right in front of you because you have asked for it.

You are the Light of the world. You have that recorded in your Scriptures: "Ye are the Light of the world." And you are. You are the ones who are allowing your Light of ascended consciousness to be seen by others. You can live in a space where you know everything is in order, and you can love and you can be gentle with self and with others.

Every challenge that you call to yourself, you do as a gift for others. You wonder about that sometimes as you call forth the challenges. You say, "Why me? What have I done to be punished this way?" In truth, you are never punished. You call forth the challenges because you are strong enough to look them right straight in the eye and say, "There must be a new way of seeing this challenge. I will look at it first from the human perspective, then from the place of the holy beholder. I will hold hope in my heart. I will stand for my principles. I will know my own divinity."

This year, with the new energy that you are calling forth, even your scientists are going to be mystified and yet finding evidence that they have been seeking over  millennia of time, of wondering, "What is life? Why is life? When is life? When is life not? Where did it come from? Where did it go?" They will find answers to their questions, some with evidence, some intuitive.

You are becoming aware of  the new energy because you have new perspective. You are also becoming open to feeling energy from friends, co-workers, from other ones in what you yet conceptualize as other dimensions around you, loved ones who have not gone from you, because there is no place to go that you are not; there is no place to go that I am not. There is no separation. We are in this all together, having a good time of it -- at least I am -- and you might as well.

There is a new energy which you have set in motion at the time before time when Creative Thought thought to create all worlds, all universes. You, as Infinite Energy, thought to evolve, to grow, to expand in experience and expression of the Creative Principle. The Intelligence which you are is forever creating and experiencing, expanding as Light within the universes, formed and unformed. And as part of the ever-expanding One, you are becoming more and more aware of the ongoing expansion and renewal of Energy. As a concept, you will, at first, see the new energy to be outside of you, a gifting from without.  But as you become more in tune with the wave of new energy, you will see yourSelf to be a part of it.

You will be aware of desiring to let your Light shine: to see and feel your radiance, the radiance from within. You do that by relaxing into it. For so many lifetimes you have searched, you have tried, you have read all of the ancient texts, the manuscripts. You have gone to all of your teachers, your rabbis, the masters, and you have said, "Tell me, who am I? Why am I? What am I? Tell me the secret of life."

You have studied and you have followed all of the rituals that have been given to you. And yet there has been a feeling that, "There's a little piece somewhere that I'm not getting." Have you felt that? Of course you have. That is why you have been seeking. But the way to acknowledge that you have found is to relax into the finding, because it is already within you.

That radiance, the Christness of you, is already within you; otherwise, you would not be, and I assure you that you are; you are right here. The radiance is within you, and you find it by relaxing into it; not striving to find it; not reading, studying, searching, seeking, but claiming; and relaxing into it; and allowing the radiance then to come forth from the place of peace, the peace of relaxation, the place of the deep breath which allows the relaxation. It is as simple as that. You will come to a place where you have relaxed into knowing, truly knowing, "I Am the Light. I Am the radiance. I Am worthy. I Am worthy to know who I Am."

Now, I know all of you struggle with worthiness. It is part of the human condition. And yet, as I look upon you, I see only the Christ of you. I see the Light of you and the love of you, the radiance of you. 

Allow yourself to relax into the place of  radiance. And with the radiance comes the new energy, your true Energy which makes all things new.

So be it.

- Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)
in expression through Judith



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