Expressing Your Soul’s Light

Dear friends,

I am here, I am among you, I am Jeshua. You know me, I am your friend and your brother.

I know what it is like to be human, I am very close to you at heart. And you all are close to each other, for all of you present here or reading this are souls who have come to earth time and again, inspired by the Light, by the desire to change consciousness on earth.

Deep in your heart, you love Earth so much. Of course a part of you has become very disappointed. You have experienced rejection in your lives  on Earth. This has caused pain in your heart, but you have returned, time and again, and at this time of history something is happening. You can feel it in yourself, in your own body. There is a movement in your soul; your soul feels drawn to really expressing all of its light. Consciousness on Earth is now ready for a change, and I know that all of you want to express your soul, this lifetime on earth. I praise your courage. There’s both a dark and a light part to you. In the dark part you can feel very disempowered; you can feel discouraged, and you want to return home. But I tell you: now is the time to truly show the world who you  are.  Don’t be too much impressed by the fear and aggression in this world. You are needed, right now!

How do you connect with your soul and express your soul’s light? You all have feelings, inspirations, desires: they are the language of your soul. As a child, many of you had dreams and visions of another kind of reality. During your upbringing, you may have been told that you shouldn’t be naïve, that you should be realistic; you were discouraged to be different, to follow an alternative way. That’s why it’s difficult now to trust the dreams and visions you have in your heart. Yet it is time to connect again to the calling of your heart. Your soul gives you messages all the time. These messages come to you through your emotions and through your body.

For instance, in the area of work, or in the area of relationships, you often sense that you cannot truly express yourself or that your energy is not truly appreciated. You are very able to sense, to feel, if your energy is received well or not. Be honest about it to yourself. The emotions you feel, which may have turned into physical complaints, are messages from your soul that you are not truly honoring yourself. You have fear of letting go of the old, the familiar. However, your soul often wants to guide you beyond the familiar, into the new.

I now ask you to imagine with me that there is an open space in your heart. You can visualise it as a bowl or a vase, and in it there is still water.  Imagine this place in your heart, and see how flowers are falling into this vase or bowl, and look at the flowers, feel their energy….. this is your soul’s energy. Remember what it was like to be a child and feel completely free, free to dream and envisage any future you wanted. Now marvel at the beauty of this flower…..and perhaps you receive a message from it, telling you about where life wants to guide you to. Let this flower speak to you, and it doesn’t need to be in words; you can simply sense its energy.

Now it is one thing to feel the energy of your soul, like you just did, and another thing to put it out into the world. To do so, you have to receive the energy of your soul not just in your heart and in your mind, but also deeper within, in your belly.  What often happens to you is that you feel inspiration in your heart, and you start thinking and worrying about it: “How am I going to put this out into the world?”, or “How can I make a living out of it?” Your mind starts racing, but the art of receiving your soul’s messages is to receive them fully, which means way down into your belly. Why is this important? The belly holds your deepest emotions. To ground your soul’s inspiration, you have to let the light of your soul shine on the darkest emotions that are part of you. The area of your belly holds old fears, the remnants of deep emotional pain and sadness, and you have to address these in order to be able to express your light. It is only when your soul’s light is allowed to shine on the darkest corner of yourself, that inner transformation and liberation takes place.

This kind of inner transformation is the key to attracting – on the outer level - the work and the relationships that resonate with you. So to express your soul’s light in this world, you need to merge fully with your soul, which means you allow your soul’s energy to go all the way down into your belly. This is really the hard work. It is one thing to feel the inspiration in your heart, a clear memory of oneness and light, but it is another step to reach out from that place of oneness to the parts of you who feel very alone and discouraged. When that happens, you arrive at Christ-consciousness, and you feel deep peace within. Christ-consciousness reaches out to both light and dark. It understands darkness from within. There is no judgement, no struggle between light and dark, from the perspective of Christ-awareness. There is deep acceptance of life as it is.

To connect with the darkest parts of yourself, see them as children who need help. From the soul level, you are their guide and their parent, and it is by embracing your lost inner children that you become whole. That is how your soul becomes fully grounded and present on earth. The way of the lightworker is not to preach about a better world; it is not so much about doing anything anyway. It is about turning inward, on all levels, and truly loving and understanding yourself. When you receive the gift of love, you will automatically give it to others. You have become a light worker even if you don’t do anything specifically with it. You will bring change into the world, simply by being yourself.

I invite you to make a connection between the lightest part and the darkest, most traumatized part of you. Don’t think about it, just feel it. See yourself as an angel, radiant with light and unconditional love. That is who you truly are! Now see a small child approaching this angel. This child feels desolate and alone. Can you receive her or him in your arms? The child is a part of you and wants to come home to you. This is what light work is truly about. Once you make peace with that child, and embrace it, you can feel it in your belly: the child will give you passion and life energy, and you will become a human angel. Your soul’s light will be expressed easily in the outside world and without thinking too much, you will attract what resonates with you in the area of work and relationships. All things on the outer level will fall into place. Expressing your soul’s light begins within, and from this inner work all else will follow effortlessly.

This channeling is also available as audio file. The transcript has been slightly edited for purposes of readability.


RonDP 27th March 2012 5:59 am

It was interesting to read this with my own inner voice, and then listen to the audio voice.

I recieved two distinct different senses of healing each time.

Like hearing from an old friend.


Amy Pollard 27th March 2012 9:41 am

Thank you Jeshua and Pamela for this message. Your words speak to me so clearly. Much gratitude!

rebeccalight 27th March 2012 10:01 pm

Thank you Jeshua and Pamela, thank you for this important message.

Loki 22nd May 2012 2:13 pm

This message speaks to me directly. I have been on the path of living my light for nearly 50 years. Musicians, who have attempted to balance their artistic/spiritual aspirations, in a world that doesn't commonly understand these things, are greatly challenged to keep the inspiration alive; don't sell out, so to speak. What a path! There is a plethora of pitfalls!
As I have navigated the path, I've made my share of errors. A marriage dissolved for me simply because my ideals didn't deliver the security my wife wanted. I worked hard to provide that, yet someone dangled the carrot in front of her and she went for it!
So my hologram had to be recreated. I studied many teachings as they presented themselves to me, as given by spirit. The journey within has indeed been a healing experience and a return to love. Forgiveness was the most powerful tool in my experience. Feeling the love all the way down in your gut is pulling divinity into the "lower" chakras. I believe that it has a tremendous healing power and equates to our return home to a divine consciousness. Release and rise up!

k 22nd May 2012 4:38 pm

I find myself contemptating your post Loki. I think there are many musicians who are divinely inspired and who are able to make a fair living just by sharing their creations. There had to be more to the dissolving of the marriage than just lack of financial security. But, that is your business...I am just being a trouble maker by suggesting that other factors were involved. I am sure you are able to find like minded people in the field of music, but then I have had trouble findng people of like mind in the medical field. I have found solitude to be my way, so finding like minded people is not a concern for me anymore.

angelika 22nd March 2012 11:30 am

Thank you Pamela/Jeshua,

I really needed to hear this today, it's been a difficult week and this reassurance and guidance is wonderful and has lifted my energy, bringing hope when most needed.

Love & Blessings,


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