Love Completes The Cycle

Dear friends, dear sisters and brothers. It is with such joy that I am here with you today.

I see you as eternal beings living temporarily on Earth. I see you focused on the finite, fearful parts of you, and sometimes I feel concerned about that. This is a time of great opportunity on Earth. You all are old souls. You have visited Earth many times in many lifetimes. Feel how far back your story goes. It is not just about this lifetime and this personality you have now. Feel how much you have experienced, how old you are and how mature you have become.

Feel now your soul joining you. Your channel is already open. Many of you, in fact all of you present here, were born with the deep desire to know who you are, to rejoin with your soul this time on Earth. You did not want to be distracted by anything else; you were focused. That is why you felt different from many around you. It is like you knew from early on: "I have something to do", something of ultimate importance and this very important thing was to know yourself as Eternal Beings. You have had many lifetimes, especially in the beginning of your cycle on Earth, in which you became a part of life on Earth, a part of society, exploring all the energies here. In fact, you took a deep plunge into duality. On the soul level this was okay, because this was your purpose. You wanted to experience and to understand the extremes of duality, although you became lost in certain emotions, such as fear or ignorance.

And now, in this time, you are reaching the end of your cycle of lifetimes on Earth. You took a plunge into the depths of duality and now a turning point has been reached and you want to move upward, and you want it with all of your being. You have experienced pain, loneliness, and rejection within duality, and many of you felt great resistance when you entered this incarnation. When you were born, you knew on a subconscious level there was only one thing you wanted: to move beyond duality, to recognize yourself on the soul level.

I would like you to see and appreciate your own courage. When you started this incarnation, you had doubts and felt insecurity about coming to Earth again. You knew you were going to be confronted with old pain and fear that were not resolved in past lifetimes, yet somewhere deep down inside yourself, you decided to take that burden upon yourself. You were very courageous for taking this leap and I want you to recognize your courage and determination. You are warriors of Light.

Living on Earth often is difficult, and the energies, the negativity, can be overpowering. Terrible fears can come to the surface of your awareness, especially when you decide: "I want to express my soul's Light on Earth". But I want to tell you that this is alright, because now is the time for healing these fears. It is possible now to do so and I want you to feel this for yourself.

I want to ask you to connect profoundly with the Spirit of Earth, of Gaia. She is your host and she is your dwelling place in this life. Connect with her from the heart. Feel her energy beneath your feet. Feel how she cares for you, how she welcomes you. You are like a child on her lap. Feel safe again within your mother's embrace.

You are here now, in this lifetime, to cure yourself, to heal yourself. I want to state this very clearly. Some of you feel burdened, or even guilty, for not expressing their Light completely yet. You become angry or frustrated with yourself. I see this with tears in my eyes. Do you not realize that you have suffered so much? You have been here on Earth in earlier times; you have experienced how it was when your soul's energy was not welcome. You are healing from those old traumas, those old wounds, and you have to treat yourself with the utmost care and delicacy. I encourage you to be truly tender with yourself. The most traumatized part of you will not be healed by anger or judgment, and only by the softest possible energy, the energy of love, will it recover. And that is also the outcome of your long journey through duality; that you become the living reality of love. 

Throughout your journey, there were times when your third eye was highly developed. You had acquired a great amount of knowledge and there were cultures in which it was easier to speak with the other planes of existence. But even though you had this wisdom and knowledge from the third eye, your Light had to descend deeper into your heart. And that is exactly what the Christ energy is about and what Christ came to tell you on Earth: to connect from human to human from the heart, from a sense of oneness. So it is not your knowledge that will help you complete your cycle on Earth, it is your ability to love, and first of all to love yourself, especially the hurt parts of you.

Whenever you feel impatient or frustrated with your own progress, remember that these energies contain judgement and these energies are the ones that need to be overcome. Completing your cycle of lives on Earth asks of you really to bow down in front of yourself, and by that I mean to honor all parts of you, especially the hurt child inside you. Perhaps your knowledge, or your third eye, knows or wants all kinds of things, but the child inside feels blocked and resists. I ask you now to see this child within, the child who feels so burdened by the past. Please welcome it and let it be in our midst. Imagine that you are holding it carefully, tenderly, and encourage it to look around and see the faces of the people present here so that she or he can feel how welcome it is.

When you see this little child, this vulnerable child in another person, you want to reach out to that child and tell it how beautiful it is. Now, could you do this for yourself, for your own child as well? As a matter of fact, to be so loving and kind toward yourself, you have to go against tradition. Much of your tradition tells you that all the emotional impulses of a child have to be restricted, so the child becomes more or less imprisoned in a mental cage of do’s and don’ts. I invite you to free this child, to see its spontaneity and its innocence. See how it responds to your touch, to your caress. It loves to be loved by you. In fact, you are its parent, you are the perfect guide for this child. I ask you to take good care of her or him. As soon as it feels welcome in your heart or in your arms, you, as a complete being, will relax and feel at ease with yourself, and that is the real aim of your life: to become at peace with yourself and your life. Feel this peace now. Welcome the child and just relax.

The only way to become whole and to manifest your soul on Earth is to work with this child and not against it. By loving your child, you embrace your humanness, and your Light becomes a guide for others. You are all meant to shine your Light on Earth, but I ask you not to feel pressured by this. You can do it in a calm and peaceful way. When you judge yourself for not doing things right, you are alienating the child within. See what you have already accomplished. By simply coming here again into this incarnation, you have already shown your courage. Celebrate every step you take. If you think you are expressing only, let us say, 40% of your potential, tell yourself how incredible that is, that in spite of all the negativity and the pain, you are doing it – and doing it well!

I would like to end this channeling by celebrating the presence in this room of these inner children. Just imagine them creating a second circle at our feet. Hear their voices, their excitement. They feel so happy at being recognized by you, and notice how even though they have been hurt so deeply, there is so much Light in their eyes. They are like Spring coming back every year, full of new life. Thank you for being here today. I love you all.


jdchittick 15th December 2012 9:08 am

Thank you Pamela and Mary - I love the image of us as children sitting in a circle, squirming and hopping up and down with excitement and creative joy :)


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