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Quado’s Message:

Today we continue our Course in Creation.  We began with you, then with your place in the world.  And now I wish to have you combine these two and learn to utilize your very special intuitive or psychic skills, whichever term you prefer, in order to bring the spiritual world and the physical world a bit closer together.

Everyone is intuitive.  Everyone is born with these skills.  You might compare intuition to music.  Everyone has some appreciation for music and some amount of musical skill, if it is in singing, piano, dance, guitar, drums or the marimba.  Some talents are very naturally strong and others can be developed. 

And there are, of course, those child prodigies, who begin picking tunes out on the piano at the age of two or three.  And there are also those who were discouraged very early and believe they have far less talent than they truly possess.

And psychic skills are the same way.  There are a few people, very few indeed, who are like concert pianists.  They were born with unusually strong talents, they were encouraged and supported at an early age, they developed their skills fully, and now they can achieve amazing things.  You can no more expect to reach the skill level of such a highly developed psychic than you could expect to learn the skills of a concert pianist by simply sitting down at the piano for an hour a day.

But, if you were to sit at the piano for an hour a day, you would improve.  You would learn how to pick out a few tunes, no matter what your natural skills and inclinations.  If you practice, you will improve.  You will learn at least the rudimentary skills and over time you will undoubtedly surprise yourself by what you can accomplish.

And so it is with psychic and intuitive skills.  You have some areas in which you will have a natural leaning, some areas where there is a natural talent.  These are the senses to develop first, because it will be easier.  And then there are other senses which you will only learn through long practice, and in which you will never be as good as you are in those which come very naturally.  And it is your choice to just let these go or to develop them to some extent.  Frankly it does not matter, because they all accomplish much the same thing.

If you think back to our discussion of a world view, you will remember that you are here in this physical dimension, while also existing on a level higher, as a soul or higher self, and at yet a level higher, where you are one with all that is.  What this means to you regarding intuition and psychic skills is that the greater your connection to your higher self, the greater your ability to sense everything on that spiritual level, for this higher self is more closely in touch with the part of you that is one with all that is. And since you are one with all that is, you have the ability to know what everyone else is feeling.  You have the ability to know what is happening anywhere in the world.  You have the ability to penetrate layers upon layers of feelings and intentions, and to sense the likely future, to see a vision of the most likely outcome, given how things are right now, including the intentions of people involved.  All of this is accessible to you.  And the more you are in touch with yourself, the more you will be in touch with the great source of all things.

A word about the creative arts.  The creative arts are another way of tapping into the source.  It is a symbolic way of bringing the group thought and feelings into being.  The true artist is tapping into the group consciousness and then translating it down into an individual expression and sharing it.  And when this is done very skillfully, a large number of people connect with what is being symbolically represented.

I mention this because expanding into the creative arts is also an excellent way of opening up your intuitive senses.  The reason that artists often say that their inspiration came from God is that they are, in fact, tapping into the great All.  And this is exactly the same place you tap into when you are exercising your psychic senses.  You are reaching the source of all creativity, all wisdom, all love.  The psychic and the artist are accessing the same source, and expansion of one area will automatically enhance the other.

There are many books you can read about expanding your psychic powers.  If you are interested in them, then read and follow the experiments.  But there is a word of caution.  If you read a book by a psychic who is very strong in visions and you are strong in psychic hearing instead, you may become very frustrated as the author assumes that you have natural capabilities which are difficult for you.  If on the other hand, that same author is read by someone with natural talents in the visual area, for them it will be very fruitful.

The first thing you must do, therefore, is trust yourself.  Accept that it is all very subtle.  Accept, first of all, that it is very natural.  Everyone has psychic skills.  Everyone.  If you have ever known who was on the other end of the telephone before you said hello, you have used a psychic shill.  If you have ever said to yourself:  "I knew I shouldn’t have done that!" it was an example of a psychic knowing that you had ignored.  If you have ever walked into a room and felt the tension, anger or sexual attraction between people who are just sitting there, then you have used a psychic skill.  Gut feeling, hunches, being in the flow, sudden knowing, the flashing vision, and even visualizing itself, are all a part of your psychic skill set.

If you were in a society which prized these skills, then you would have become adept at honing your strongest talents as a child.  But since you were raised in a society which derides and belittles these skills, you have been trained out of them and have lost many of the senses you were born with.  You will now need to gently coax them back.

And so accept this.  Being psychic or intuitive is absolutely, completely normal.  It is something you are using every day all the time, if you realize it or not.  In the areas in which you are most successful, you are using your intuition all the time.  It is the basis for most of your decisions about people.  It is the source of your very best creative ideas. 

The reason to expand their use is so that you can learn to use psychic skills on demand, when you need them, not just when they happen to come to you.

Find a partner.  Read books.  Practice.  It is like anything else, like learning a musical instrument or building muscles.  You must practice consistently and then you will improve.  Guaranteed.  You may never become a concert pianist or Mr. Universe, but you will improve and you will bring a very important skill into your life.

One of the most important, and the one which you must learn no matter what else you choose to do, is to recognize truth in your body.  Your body is a tuning fork.  It can tell truth from lies.  It can tell truth from fear.  It is very important to learn to recognize how your body feels when it is afraid, so that you never make decisions from a place of fear.  It is important to know how your body feels when it is centered in your personal truth, so that you can make all of your important decisions there.

Pay attention.  Pay attention to what your body and is telling you.  Pay attention to your thinking and learn to sort out the judge from the psychic voice.  This takes practice, but it is possible. There is a different feel to the truth speaking in your mind and the old, tiresome voice of your parent repeating fear and doubt. 

Know that you are individual.  It is excellent to read about psychic skills, but the way it is expressed in your body will be individual.  No one else can teach you what you can learn yourself through experimentation.  So do read about how to develop these skills, but then practice and learn to trust your own instinct over whatever it is that you read.  You are the authority over what your body and mind are telling you.  You are the only person who can know what a particular feeling means.  You are the only person who can know what a little flash of light in your mind means, or a subtle whisper on the edges of your consciousness.  Pay attention and begin to observe the patterns of your body’s response.

Let your daily life be a laboratory experiment.  If you catch yourself in a lie, for example, don’t just criticize yourself.  Also take the opportunity to observe yourself.  How did it feel to be betraying yourself?  Or someone else?  What is your body telling you?

Over time and careful observation, you will find that some things you do and thoughts you have make your body feel calm and centered,  and other things make you feel anxious.  Observe and then adjust your feelings, thoughts and actions to maintain your health and move toward peace.

You can learn to control this system of mind and body.  You can learn, through practice and discipline, to make sense of it all, so that you are doing what helps you in life, sensing when you are heading in the right direction, sensing when you are walking into the flow which will carry you along with the intentions of your higher self and the overall direction of the universe.  You will be able to sense when you have said the wrong thing and need to find out more about how someone else feels.  You will be able to reach up into your intuitive sense and ask for advice and receive answers.  You will be able to just walk ahead asking for advice and receiving guidance, step by step, even though the overall future is not clear to you.

All of this is within your power.   All of this is yours to learn and do.

Now that you have learned better to quiet your mind, through meditation and disciplined thinking, you can begin to spend some of that spare brain power in observing the new powers which you can release.  You may find that you have strengths in psychic hearing.  This is not an external voice, but an internal one, that sounds very much like thinking.  You can recognize it by a different feeling and very much by the content of the thoughts.  If the thoughts feel somehow external and if the content is loving and wise, then you are tapping into the source through psychic hearing.  If this is a talent of yours, then expand upon it by asking for a word for the day, by keeping a journal of questions and answers you receive.  Expand on this and it can be very useful.

If you are strong in internal visioning, you may get flashes of pictures that seem to come from nowhere.  Write down a description of them and later interpret them. You will find that it is a way that your higher self is speaking to you, perhaps warning you about a situation, perhaps interpreting it for you.  And also perhaps pointing out to you when you are straying from your own internal truth.

If you are strong in external psychic vision, you may be able to see auras.  This is something that expands upon practice.  Some people can see very colorful energy patterns extending around people.  With practice and understanding, you can learn to interpret these colors so that you can tell when someone is lying to you, when they are within their own truth and when they are not, when they are happy and when they are afraid.

Internal visioning can also be used to see what is happening in one location when you are in another.  Just focus on seeing or perhaps feeling what is going on elsewhere.  Then verify and see if you were right.

For all of these experiments, verify as you learn to use your senses.  And when you are wrong, know that these are subtle and complex skills. You may simply not have learned to read all of the subtle signs.  Find a partner to work with and experiment.

Other psychic skills you might use are feeling, that feeling inside you, usually in your solar plexus, that tells you how to interpret what is happening around you.  And also psychic knowing, that sense in which you just know.  All of this is psychic.  All of this is natural.  And all of this can be further developed so that you can call upon these skills when you need them.

Practice when you are calm and not in a crisis.  Psychic skills cannot be pushed and prodded.  They are like peripheral vision, there but subtle and indirect.  They can be like wild animals; you need to sit quietly and gently coax them into coming to you.  Practice every day and they will be there to help you when you need help. 

You are very powerful. You are a form of energy and are tied to all of the other energy in the world.  Begin to control your energies.  Control your thoughts and then expand your reach, once the noise of your ego-mind is diminished.

It is an exciting adventure which will open up whole worlds to you.  It is completely safe and completely natural and normal.  Make it fun.   Do not be frightened by your own power.  Use it.  Have fun with it.  Just center yourself within love instead of fear and you will be fine.  If anything makes you afraid, just send fear away and return your center to love.

Remember, love is light, you are love, and you are light.  Glow.  Let this part of your life shine out as well.

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