Quado’s Message:

Today we will continue what we have begun, the creation of a new life, a new life springing forth like a phoenix, formed in beauty from the ashes of the old.  For the old life is ashes, ashes that can fertilize this new life.  And you, like the phoenix, can remake yourself, be born anew at any time you choose, to rise in glory and beauty, shining forth with all that you are.

These last two weeks you have been focused on loving yourself as you are, embracing your wonder and letting it shine.  You have also been focused on releasing fear and doubt, quieting your mind and bringing your awareness into this moment, this moment right now.

And as you have done this, you have undoubtedly struggled with thoughts of the past, blame of others as well as guilt and regret toward yourself.  And the answer for all of this is forgiveness. Forgiveness of others for what they did to you or what they did not do, and forgiveness of yourself for the mistakes you made, even the most grievous errors, for the things you should have done and did not, for the love you should have shown, but did not, toward yourself and toward others.

And underneath the blame of others, you will often find that you need to forgive yourself, for the habit of criticizing yourself is so strong, that underneath that betrayal, that anger and hurt over what was done to you, you will find that at the deepest level, you are blaming yourself.  After all, if you had only been lovable enough, then they would not have left, they would not have treated you so badly.  Yes, there is much to forgive.

And I would ask you to see forgiveness not as something difficult, but as a release.  At last, to release these feelings of anger and hurt.  At last, to shed these doubts and feelings that you are not lovable.  At last, to just move on.

It is as simple as this, really.  Forgiveness is an act of release, releasing the past so that you can move into the present where things can change, where you can grow and expand, where you can shine.

Sometimes a simple release will do.  Sometimes it is necessary to go a bit deeper, to allow yourself to feel again the pain, then bring it out into the light of day, release it and let it go.

But first, get yourself fully and completely centered into love.  Breathe deeply and call to you all those with whom you are comfortable. You may summon angels and spirit guides.  You may summon God, whatever your vision of God is.  You may summon me, to wrap around you like a warm blanket, a comforting hug. 

First, just stand in the light, pull the light around you, and then ask for those forms of energy that feel right to you, feel deeply loving and supporting and who are also of the highest light, to come and be with you.  Feel their embrace.  Feel the loving presence all around you.  Feel the light glowing brighter and warmer.  Feel how deeply you are loved. 

And now, from the top of your head, open up your mind and body to let your own light pour down from your higher self, your soul.  Open up yourself to pull down the full love of yourself which is yourself, to flow down and fill you.  Feel the love and light pouring down from yourself into yourself.   Feel how you are able to bless yourself.

Then, from all of this light, feel how it is purging you.  Feel how the light is turning all of the negative into positive.  Feel how the light and the love have the power to wash away the shame, the pain, the hurt and the blame.  Feel how the light has the power to take all of the old criticism, all of the old hurts, and turn them into love.  Let the angels help you.  If you have a difficult burden you have been clinging to for years, hand it over.  Take it out of your body and hand it to an angel. Ask her to take it to the heavens and transmute it into light.

If you have some chronic issue, like weight, smoking or alcohol, some physical addiction or issue that you have been grappling with for a long time, turn the light of forgiveness upon it.  Forgive yourself for any weakness you feel you have shown.  And recognize this issue as a stubborn clinging to old ways.  Feel it all leaving you.  Feel how the release of these old ways of being will open you up to freedom.

Sometimes you may form an attachment to the pain, to the hurt, a feeling that you are the result of the harmful things done to you.  But this is not who you are.  You are not those old pains.  You are this new person, now, fresh and new and free, yes, free.  You are as free from old patterns and habits and addictions as you wish to be.  It is within your power to release yourself.

Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself, a release that sets you free.  If you are blaming someone else for your life, if you are saying that they are responsible for the way you are, then you cannot change it, you cannot make it better.  The only way you can make your life better is to take your life back, to take back what you have given over to others, release them from responsibility and claim it for yourself.

The past is over.  It is a pile of ashes at your feet.  But this moment, right now, is here and it is full of power.  And in this moment, if you will but release the old hurt and blame, the old regrets and guilt, if you will but release all that, you can then claim your life and make anything and everything of it that you wish.

Imagine.  You own your life.  You are fully and completely responsible for it.  From this moment forward, no one else owns you.  It does not matter what happened yesterday.  Right now, you own your life.  No one is to blame for what happened before, because it is not important.  There is no power in the past.  All of the power is right now, right here, and you own it all.

Whatever you did in the past is over and done.  Right now, you can make a decision whether or not to have a cigarette or a drink, you can make a decision whether to walk outside and enjoy your day or sit in depression.  You can make all of these decisions.  They are choices that you own.  You own them completely.

Release the shame as well. Whatever you have done that has made you ashamed of yourself, release it.  Hand it over to an angel who is waiting to take this burden from you. 

Love your body.  Love everything about it.  Love it so much that you have no shame.  Love every little curve and bump, every bit of wrinkled skin, everything.  Love yourself.  Embrace yourself.  Let the shame go.  And whatever happened in the past, whatever episodes there were which made you feel you were less than you needed to be, release them.

Right now, rise up out of the ashes of your old mistakes, your old shame, your old self-loathing, rise up out of that and create yourself anew, beautiful and glowing with energy, with the wonderful physical body that you have, filled with the incomparable and unique spirit which is you.

This is you, this entire package.  The body, the soul.  It is all you.  And they work together to form this life, this precious and brief life which is this particular expression of you.  You are full of talents, bursting with elements of yourself that want to show themselves.  Just release the past.  Let it all fall from you.

Release the old voices in your mind.  Old, old voices, saying that you cannot do something because some elementary school teacher made you feel you lacked talent.  Old things your parents said. Some way in which a lover shamed you.  Some way in which you felt that you were to blame when your husband left you for a younger woman.  Let all of this go.  Let it fall from you.  Let it just pile up around your feet, the ashes of old wars, of battles long since fought.  It does not matter any longer who won or who lost.  It is not important.  It is nothing at all.

And right now, in this moment, feel yourself rising from those ashes, growing into the gorgeous phoenix that you are, your plumage glowing brightly, all the colors in the rainbow, a gorgeous expression of all the things you are, forming right now.  Feel yourself growing stronger and stronger as you own this moment, this life.  The things that happened have made you stronger, have colored you with compassion.  The pains and hurts, the scars you bore, have taught you humanness.  Each beautiful, glowing and bright feather that makes you now what you are was formed out of those ashes and you are the more beautiful and complete for it. 

You are the glorious and full expression of yourself, with the lessons and the goodness from the past still contained within your wisdom and your deep compassionate love, but the old criticism and blame, the old shames and humiliations, all released, all released.  All gone in the cleansing light of forgiveness.

You are love.  Feel this.  Know this.  Feel all of the love which surrounds you.  Feel how the day dawns bright with love, how the rest of your life beckons you.  You can make of it anything that you wish.  You can turn your face toward the light and let the blessed love flow into you.  You can make the rest of your life a full expression of love, love for yourself that then fills you so full that you overflow, overflow until your love touches everyone in your life, then out and out until it covers the world. You can do this.  You can shine so brightly with love that you light up the world.  You have this much power.  You have this much light.

It is up to you to release yourself from the darkness of the past, to let it drop from you, to let it be purged clean in the light of love, so that you might shine out with all of the glory that is you.  This is a choice you can make, every minute of every day, starting right now.

You are light and you are love.  Shine out like the phoenix you are.



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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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