Angels & Portals – A Meditation

Today is a day for angel energy. And not just the sweet, lovely angels who sing, but also the strong, muscular angels who open the portals.

There are portals all around you, pathways to higher states of being. And some of these portals are protected by angels, large angels, angels with purpose. They stand guard, not to keep you out, but to aid you in entering. They are there to ensure that you make a safe passage in and then back down to this earthly energy level.

But with each trip that you make in and then out, with each journey into a higher state of consciousness, you return to your earthly life a different person, a person with a touch of heaven that will not be removed from you, even as you go about your daily life.

So now, let us take a journey, a safe journey, yet life-altering.


Take a deep breath and see the lovely white and gold angels who make a circle around you. They are here to help lift you high enough to see the portals. Hear their song as they surround you. And as they begin slowly to lift, feel that you are lifting as well. Feel that you are slowly rising, up and up, your energy level getting higher, your denseness left below. Feel the shift as you gradually go higher and higher, until you are floating lightly, without even requiring the angel energy to keep you up. You are so high, you are so light and insubstantial, that you are like one of the feathers from an angel wing.

Floating, floating, drifting easily. No direction, no purpose, just being, just being in the lightest possible state.

And now, you hear a sound like thunder. It is the sound of great angel wings approaching. Two large angels descend in front of you. They shine so brightly that you need to avert your eyes for a moment. You feel the power, the strength, the grace, the almost overwhelming sense of love that emanates from these angels, the guardian angels to the portal of higher consciousness.

And now they move slightly to the side and a small aperture appears between them. It begins to grow wider and wider. It is opening, slowly, from the center out. And as it opens you can see within it swirling energy that feels like highly energized love.

The bright guardian angels beckon you to approach. You do so slowly. You pause before the portal and take a deep breath. And then you step through.

And now you are inside and feel a deep oneness. The swirling stops and you are in utter and complete peace. You are in the eye of the universe, the very center, the heart. You are in the stillness that cannot be surpassed, the peace and the power beyond measure. You are centered within it. You are it. You are everything that is and was and will be, all caught in the ultimate silence.

You have no substance, except for this beingness, this silence, this embrace of utter and complete connection, this stillness and completion.

You simply are. You, and all else that is, are completely one.

Be still. Be one. Be here.

And now, it is time to return. The portal for returning is opening before you. And as it opens, you can see the guardian angels on the other side.

They enter through the portal and envelop you in their power, then lead you out. And once out, they signal to the white and gold angels who again surround you in a circle, singing. They helped you ascend to this level and will now help you to descend back into your life.

You begin to drift down, down, slowly, slowly, gradually becoming denser. You can feel your body reforming as you reestablish yourself within this earthly life.

But as you feel the denseness returning, as you drift down, you can also feel that the precious vibration of the higher realms is now within each atom of your body. Even as you regain the ability to walk this earth, there is a fineness to you, a lifting of mind and body that remains.

Your very substance has been altered by this journey. And you may take the journey again and again, knowing always that you will be protected and guided, allowed into the highest and widest and greatest and then returned safely.

And each time you take this journey, your substance will be purified, your mental state lifted and refined.

You have been touched by heaven, blessed by goodness and love. You have been given a taste of who you truly are. Give thanks.



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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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