Be the Rainbow

What you resist is given strength by your resistance. What you fear is given form through your fear. What you accept with grace as simply being what it is can become an opening door into new worlds.

You may fear a future event, but what you fear is not truly that event, but rather the consequences you believe will flow from it. The event you fear may in fact happen. But the consequences of the event, which are the true root of your fear, are completely unknown and completely malleable.

And even the most feared consequences, if they were actually to come, would not be what you think. It is only resistance and judgment that make something unbearable. Within every moment, no matter what the circumstances, there is grace, there is beauty and wonder, and there is love. And within the deepest presence of each moment, there is always peace.

Open, open. Drop the walls of resistance and fear. Drop the blinders that are keeping you from seeing what is all around you, right now. Turn your head. Look up. Look down. See the world through clear eyes. Feel the love that flows in, around and within you. Feel the help and love that surround you like a warm blanket. Go deep within and listen to the river of love and peace that always flows through the center of your heart and through all that is, right now.

Open, open and connect with what is. And in the next moment, connect with what is then. And on and on through the moments of your life. Be deeply present. Inhabit this place of power, the only place where action is possible, the only place where anything is possible, this moment, right now.

Feel the energy in your body; feel its tingling aliveness. Feel the clarity of your mind in this moment. See the doors and windows flying open and feel the wind blowing through, clearing away the fear, the judgment, the doubt.

And now, look down at your feet. See that you are standing on fertile ground and little shoots of grass are pushing up through the soil all around you. Millions and millions of possibilities, growing and pushing toward the sun of faith, watered by the gentle rain of love. And now lift your face to that sun and see the rainbow that forms in the gentle shower of love that is always there. You are that rainbow. You are that mixture of sun and rain that makes up life. You are the beauty that forms when everything is shining with what it actually is, when you allow yourself simply to be.

Stand now within that sun, that rain. Be the rainbow of peace and beauty, joy and love. And declare yourself to the world, right now, in this moment, exactly as you are, exactly as all is: I am.



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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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