Daring to Fall

There is a part of you that needs to come out once in a while, the part that is free of expectations, that opens you to new ways of being and new realms of your heart, that is unusual and daring and not necessarily acceptable to anyone else.

You need to find a place in your life where you can challenge the way you have always done things, where you can risk falling down, allow yourself to be embarrassed, strip off your shell and be vulnerable. And yet, you need to do this in an environment that is safe enough that your apparent failure is not ridiculed and you are not discouraged from further experimentation.

For it is true that you discover what is enough by experimenting with too much, that you discover what is acceptable by daring to go beyond the boundaries. And you often find the true spark of creativity, the little thing that is uniquely you, your special mark upon the world, by daring to be truly different.

Find a place that is nurturing enough to let you fail, that is safe enough to let you experiment, that is creative and exciting enough to challenge you to take that extra step, to spin that additional rotation, to splatter that red paint with abandon, and to use those words in new and daring ways. Find people who will applaud your daring, gently lift you when you fall and encourage you to get up and try again.

This is your life and it should be fun and daring, a thrilling ride in full of surprises. So take a deep breath, step out and live.


Christine 14th November 2009 12:43 am

This is deceptively simple. I have identified this need to rediscover myself, in very innocent ways. Stripping off the covering that has been familiar, no matter how spiritual or centered....there's always other parts--the comedian, the couch potato...the lost wanderer, and others....and in the letting go is a new freedom to accept myself and explore.

Bright Sorcerer 18th December 2009 10:13 am

Some excellent words of encouragement and guidance. Too many are concerned with how they appear to others, which is a concern, but experimentation and pushing past our boundaries is really how we learn. As you've mentioned, it is vitally important to have people in our lives who support and encourage us. Thanks for sharing this. Love and Light, Nick

missvindigo 4th January 2010 2:39 am

I very much agree.

Thanks for sharing your messages with us.

Luiza :smitten:


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