Going Beyond Fear

Everywhere you turn, the voices cry out with fear. Fear of the economy collapsing. Fear of other people, both those who live beside you and those who live in other countries. Fear and more fear. It is a very big business indeed, the job of keeping everyone held within a state of fear.

But this fear is not truth. This fear is not reality. This fear is not who you are and what is true and real in your essence, your being. It is a construct of mind and emotion. It is a veil of illusion drawn across the truth of your being.

And so, let us pierce that veil. Let us draw back the curtains of fear and see the truth as it shines underneath. Let us see the reality of who you are, underneath all of the fictions built by fear.

When you are afraid or worried, full of stress and anxiety or even just dissatisfied, with that low level of anxiety running through you, just dip down into this moment, the one right now. And then feel yourself deeply; feel your body with a deep presence. For just a moment, watch your breath as it comes in and invigorates your body, filling it with life, then rises up to your mind and cleanses it, cleanses it with every breath. Watch your breath as it removes the fear and doubt and releases it out into the cosmos.

Feel your body tingling with life. Feel your mind clearing. Right now, right here, in this moment, all is well. All is well and you can feel a deep calm within you, and even under that, a joy, a deep joy in being who you are and in living this life, just as it is.

You, just as you are, here and now, are exactly right. This is how it is meant to be right now, and the action that you take in this moment, from this place of peace and joy deeply centered within, will always be the best possible action, for yourself and for the unfolding of purpose for you and the others involved in your life, and even those you may never meet.

It is all a part of the flow that lies above and below, around and through, all that lives, in the great oneness and connection that is. And when you tap into this, something you can easily do by simply taking a breath, you will find yourself in the seat of power, power vast and wise, power centered in what is and is meant to be for all, for the whole, for the one that is you and that is me and that is all.

Come here, come down here to this place of just being, just breathing, feeling your body tingling with life, feeling your mind clam and serene. Come here as often as you can, no matter what your circumstances are. Come here for each decision. Learn to stay here and to interact with the world at the same time, feeling your body tingle with life and your center calm even as you sit and talk to another person, even as you give your sales pitch for the new contract, as you apply for a job, as you fill out the loan application, as you welcome a customer into your business or a guest into your home. Go to this place that is above and beyond fear.

It is here for you, right now. The more you come here, the easier it is to reach this place quickly and easily, the easier it is to stay here while you converse with another. And while you are here, listen and observe. Be deeply one with others. Become aware of what is being said to you. Become aware of what others are seeking. Become deeply one with both yourself and the others around you, in a state of connection. This is the seat of true power. This is the place where you will know exactly the right thing to say in any moment, to meet your own needs and as well as those around you.

Here, there is no doubt. Here, there is no fear. Here, you understand and feel deeply the oneness that you are, the flow of purpose that is, the strands of love that weave through every relationship, in every moment. Here is the beauty and the power and only two words to be said: I am.





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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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