Golden Connection Meditation

Dear Friends, 

I have recorded the meditation below for you. I hope it will lift you up into the love and energy that is there for you. Go to HartTracks for your MP3 download. As with the other tracks on that page, donations are appreciated but not necessary. 


Sometimes you are filled with a sadness you cannot quite explain or understand. Your energy just drains away leaving you to drift without purpose. Life feels flat; relationships seem sad and pointless. Work seems tedious and endless and the resources you need to move forward elude you. 

There is a cure for this of listless drifting. There is a place you can go to get reconnected and recharged and to put enthusiasm and energy back into your step. Let us go there together, right now. 

Sit quietly and close your eyes. Take a deep breath, in and out, then another, in and out and another, in and out. Now, picture a bright golden ball glowing above you. This golden ball is you, your higher self, the part of you that is eternal and is always full of energy and love. At this higher level you are made of love and energy; that is who you are. See all of this energy now, glowing above you. 

And now, open the top of your head wide and let the light shine in. See the golden shaft of light from your higher self flowing down into your body. Watch it as it fills your mind and then swirls around, clearing away the worries and fears, the regrets and disappointments. Watch the golden light swirl until your mind is clear and clean. 

Then watch as the light goes lower down through your body, clearing your throat for self-expression, opening your heart and melting the ice that has built up within, flowing to your center where it opens up the channels to the endless pool of peace that is yours, then down further as it charges up your sensuality and forms a deep connection to this physical life. Then watch it flow all the way down to your feet, connecting you closely and deeply to this wondrous, earthly experience. 

And now, simply stay in this glow for a time. If your mind drifts, just bring it gently back into your body, to whatever spot in your body now feels the clearest, the calmest and most connected. 

And now focus on your center, that glowing part of you that has expanded and deepened through this meditatation. Find that gentle, calm and perfect place and ease into it, settle in comfortably. Then from this center of peace, let your focus expand to include your heart and feel there the fullness of love, love of life, love of self, and an all-encompassing love for this experience, this adventure that is your life. 

And now let the glow spread from your center; keep glowing and glowing until the light extends out several inches out from your body. Then let it spread wider and wider, until your glow of love and joy reaches several feet out from your body.

And now, in this glowing state, look up into the sky. Feel the energy of the universe. Feel yourself melding with it, being a part of it. Feel it flowing down to the earth and touching all that is. Look at a tree, a flower, a leaf, and feel the oneness that you are, the way that you are a piece of life and it is a piece of you. 

Let your glow spread further and further until you are the tree, the grass, the clouds, the sky, the sun itself. Then further and further, your energy and glow reaching the stars, the circling planets, the swirling galaxies of being. This is all you, you just as you are, you, right now, with life just as it is. You are one with it all. 

This greatness is you. This expansion and beingness and oneness are real and are you.

You are this. You are all of this. There is no beginning and no end, just this endless, flowing oneness of being. This is who you are.

And now, slowly, pull it all in. Take all of the oneness and beingness and energy and pull it in toward you in concentrated form. Pull it in and in. And with each beat of your heart, feel the energy of the entire universe flowing through you, intense and concentrated, vibrating and pulsating as it flows and flows within you. 

And now, slowly, angels appear and form a circle around you, floating in purity and glowing brightly, singing of love and wonder. And you can feel an intense love flowing from each of them toward you. You are surrounded by the most intense love you have ever experienced. You feel and know that you are a child of the universe, loved and cared for, surrounded by help and guidance, the perfection of all that is made manifest in your being.

All of this is yours. All of this is you. You are love and you are loved. And in this circle of caring love, glowing with the intense energy of the universe, just be. Be you, just as you are. Be you and be glad.

And now, finally, take one last deep breath and give thanks, give thanks for being alive and being who you are, just as you are, glowing golden on this most perfect of days.




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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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