Holiness and Freedom

Dear friends, 

I want so much for you, for us, that we might reach a true connection to the light and love that is there for us. And for this very purpose, I am offering today a meditation that came to me during this last week. Since it is meant to be heard and experienced, not just read, I have recorded it and put it out on http://www.carriehart.com/harttracks.htm for you to download. 

But this meditation is different from the others I have shared with you, for I was led to this meditation by the spirit of Jesus. 

I have told you before about my experiences with Jesus: how he touched me during my Reiki attunement at Stonehenge and filled me with the most intense love I have ever experienced; how he came to me in a dream and said he was sleeping nearby, should I need him; how he came to me in several visions during my retreat in Maui; how I saw his face floating above the concert hall during Handel's Messiah, a face full of joyful laughter, sparkling intelligence and a zestful embrace of all that is life. 

This Jesus belongs to everyone and includes everyone in his love, no matter what you believe or what you have done. This Jesus walks in peace. This Jesus knows your heart and finds it beautiful beyond compare. This Jesus is infinitely powerful, yet unconditionally forgiving and loving. 

I offer this meditation with the wish that it may provide a pathway, a portal, to higher levels of spirit for you, to greater love and connection. And to those of you who have left the Christianity of your childhood, I wish that you may feel and know that your close and personal relationship with Jesus need not end. There is a strong and loving power waiting to enfold you with endless and unconditional love, just as you are, right now. 

I invite you now to share my experience and I hope you will write and tell me how it has affected you. Please go to http://www.carriehart.com/harttracks.htm for your download now.  

Holiness and Freedom - A Jesus Meditation 

Sit quietly and close your eyes. Breathe deeply, in and out, in and out, and then in and out. 

See how a light mist is swirling gently around you. 

Now, out of that mist, Mary appears, holding out her hand. She wishes for us to follow her. She turns and walks away and we follow. As we walk, the mist begins to clear and we see that Jesus walks before her and that we are following him. 

We are walking through a long and narrow valley. High rock cliffs tower up above us on both sides. It is desert. Nothing is growing here. Just rock. Just emptiness. We continue walking. 

At the end of this barren valley, we see a high outcropping of rock. And now Jesus is standing upon that rock facing us, looking out upon the valley in which we are standing. But we see now that the valley is full of people, thousands of people, millions of people, all standing in the deep and barren valley and gazing at Jesus. Quiet and still. Waiting. 

Jesus raises his hand to the heavens. Lightning cracks and thunder sounds out, resonating against the rock walls of the desert valley. And now the rain begins to pour down upon us. We are soaking wet, but it is good. The rain is cool and soothing. And as it falls, it feels like love. Love for us, love for the land, love for all of the people. It is raining, pouring; an unending stream of love is falling down upon us. 

And as it hits the ground, the barren rock begins to turn to fertile soil beneath our feet. As we watch, green shoots begin to come out of the fertile soil, and then plants and flowers of all shapes and sizes, all varieties, are shooting up around us. Trees are growing and then beginning to bear fruit. Flowers are blooming. 

The rock walls begin to recede and fall off into the distance. We now see them as a distant mountain range. We continue to stand in the pouring rain of love, within a valley now wide and fertile, reaching all the way to the mountains. 

The rain stops and we see that we are in the midst of the most abundant garden imaginable. There are little sparkling streams of water running through. There is ripe fruit hanging from the boughs, pears and peaches, apples and cherries. Beautiful flowers of all colors nod their lovely heads in the light breeze. Roses blossom, open wide and send their perfume out across the garden. Birds sing in full, leafy trees. Everything we could ever need is here. 

And now the sun comes out. A gentle sun. It is warm, but not too hot. There is shade under the trees and white fluffy clouds drifting across the sky. 

And now the clouds begin to turn into angels, slowly transforming, and we see that the sky is full of angels, and we hear their song. The cloud angels come down among us, letting us feel their love, their endless bountiful love, carried across us by their beautiful song. 

And still Jesus stands on the rock, on the only rock remaining in this fertile valley. And he begins to grow taller and then to turn to spirit. As we watch, his presence changes from that of a man leading us to that of a spirit overseeing us. And he raises his hand in blessing and the blessing flows. 

And in that blessing, we are cleansed of all guilt, we are cleansed of all regret, we are cleansed of all fear and doubt, all worry over the future. We are cleansed and purified as his spirit now becomes so large that it encompasses all of us, as we feel his spirit first spreading across us and then moving within us, as we begin to feel the oneness we have with each other, with the angels, with the fertile valley and with Jesus himself. 

And the message is felt by one and all. And the message is this: we are one; we are love. There is no separation. There is no good, no evil. There is only being and oneness, this oneness, the oneness of all. And the presence of Jesus is within each of us, there to access. The presence of Mary, the presence of Jesus, the presence of all of the angels, it is all a part of us, who we are. 

And who are we? We are God. And God is this, the presence of all of this love, this flowing goodness, this kindness, this peace. This is God. And this is who we are, in our oneness, in our being. We are also this, we are completely this. And there is no other. Just the love. Just the light and purity. Just the ultimate freedom of being and oneness, the flowing, glowing light and the love, the endless love that is who we are. 

And now, we stand within this. We stay within this glow and this flow. We stay within it and we are it. Complete and whole. Purified. Holy.  

Yes, we are holy and we are free. We are the holiness and freedom that transcends the material and yet is also within the material. For everything we are and touch and see is made of this, of this love. 

We are this love. We are this freedom. We are this holiness. We are. And we are one, in love, in peace, in light, in holiness and in freedom. 

We can each feel the holy presence of Jesus within us, filling us. The light, the endless light, is illuminating our minds and bodies. We are filled completely with his intense and unending love, unconditional love, love that is there for us no matter what we do or think or feel. 

This is who we are. This is why we are. To be. To be this lifted, this whole. 

This is the ultimate purpose of our being, to be light and love. This is what we cannot help but be. Even when we forget, we are still love, we are still light. And the more we remember it, the more we allow it to shine within us, the clearer will be our sight and the more we will realize who and what and why we are. 

We are one. We are God. We are light and love. And everything is intended to show us this truth. Everything is intended to open this to us. Wider and wider, more and more. Our holiness. Our freedom. All that is, was and will be is within us. We are everything and everything is within us. 

And as we experience this, as we allow ourselves to see this, it grows clearer and brighter. It contains us and we contain it. The wonder of being. The embrace of love that never ends. It shines in our hearts and on our faces. We are lifted into who we truly are. 

Be this. Be who you are. Be why you are. Be this.


And now, slowly and gently, return to your body. Take a deep breath, in and out and when you are ready, open your eyes.


And know that light and love, holiness and freedom are all within you, ever and always.



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