I Am Complete

I had the privilege of previewing Wayne Dyer's new book, Excuses Begone!  My favorite sentence in the book was this:  "I can't emphasize enough here that you don't attract what you desire; you attract what you are." 

This sentence inspired our message for this week, a little meditation to bring you out of your wants and needs and into the state of who and what you truly are.

"I am whole and complete.  I am the mountains that reach up into the sky and the streams that run from the snow.  I am the fertile valley watered by the streams and the fishes that swim within.  I am the soil that goes deep into the earth.  I am every living creature that walks the earth.  I am every bird in the sky.  I am the sky itself.

I am the moon and stars and the circling planets.  I am as vast as all that is and as small as the atom.  I am the broad, bright strokes of sunset and the delicate veins on the smallest leaf.

I expand into my completeness with absolute certainty.  I am certainty, faith and conviction.  I am the sum of all that I am, the sum of all that is.  I am whole and complete, a perfect circle of light and love, all held within my heart and yet expanding out into infinity.

I am beauty and wonder, intelligence and wisdom, grace and compassion, love and light.  The wind is my breath and I am the wind.

I am all that has ever been and will be, all contained in what is, right now, right here, in this precious unending moment.

I am whole.  I am complete.  I am."


k 27th May 2009 8:44 am

By this reasoning (attracting to me what I am), if I see suffering in the world or attract people with negative energies to me I must be very evil.

k 27th May 2009 9:09 am

One more comment, then I will try to behave. People who live their lives in the ivory towers do not have a clue. It is like when I was 5 years old, I had seen on TV people swimming, it looked real easy and I was sure I knew how to swim. But, when it came time to actually get into the water, I realized I was afraid of the water and I did not have any idea of how to swim. Unless you have been in the trenches, do not think you know how people should react to their experiences.

Tess 27th May 2009 11:19 am

I feel the same. I am tired of new age "philosophers" saying that if our lives aren't working, or if bad things happen to us then it must be all our fault for being negative and not visualising a happy outcome. Things have happened to me, both good and bad that I never dreamt would happen. I imagine that most people can say the same.

k 27th May 2009 3:27 pm

You see my point exactly, if I do not see a perfect world it does not mean there is something wrong with me. I have not attracted to me the "bad things", I think the "bad things" happen to teach us lessons. The Beings of Light send to each of us experiences that they hope will bring understanding, as we go into the darkness we face what is in our ego, our fears, and if we meet the challenge we come out of the experience a wiser person of greater light and compassion. I have also concluded that it is the people who have the greatest difficulty in life are of the souls who wanted to learn the most in this experience and thus be a brighter light with more wisdom. Maybe as we work through our ego issues (fears) we will become better creators of what we want, as we become more responsible in what we want to create. Creating what is more inline with our Higher Self and for the what is best for all creatures and the earth, not just for ourselves. The darkness I saw in the eyes of people was seen to teach me a lesson and guide (force, is more like it) me on the path.

vkd1 28th May 2009 6:08 am

Thank you for the other comments - I too am tired of hearing on the one hand that I am perfect and whole, and on the other that I am attracting hardship due to not "vibrating high enough" or negative thoughts. I am tired of hearing there is something wrong with me if I am not experiencing a perfect life.

Tess 28th May 2009 3:20 pm

I think most definitely that the bad things that have happened to me have been lessons to learn. A combination of bereavement, betrayal and divorce 5 years ago put me at my lowest ebb on the one hand, but started me on my spiritual path on the other for which I am grateful. I am growing and learning all the time. I wish you all a happy and peaceful life.


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