Meet Your Soulmates

Lift yourself up to your higher self.   Breathe quietly until you are peacefully centered; focus your attention gently on the top of your head and then open wide.  Now gently lift your attention up to a place above your head.  You will sense, see, feel or simply know a large golden shining light that is your higher self, your soul self.  Stay peacefully within this loving light for a time and then begin to look around.  You will then see that you are surrounded by other bright shining lights, the higher selves of all the people in your life:  those in your life now, those you have thought of as lost to you and those you have yet to meet. 

This group of souls constitutes a set that you are likely to interact with during this lifetime, in various roles.  You can connect with them in many ways for many different purposes.  You may wish to connect with someone who is in your life right now and with whom you have a difficult relationship.  At this higher level, all of you are stripped of the personality quirks, the anger and judgment that make life so challenging.  You are in your bright and shining love forms and as such can easily communicate.  And the result of this communication will be to allow you to open more fully to others so that you may adjust your attitude and see them in new ways.

You can also connect here with your lost loved ones, either those who have moved on in life or those that have left this earthly plane completely.  You may feel their presence here and know that you are still joined in love and oneness, even though you no longer have the pleasure of their company in your life.  You can lift yourself up to this place and absolutely know that you are still connected now and will continue to be, as lives evolve and this great adventure continues.  There is no ending.  There is only the on-going cycle and circle of life and love.

And if you care to, you may also connect with those you have yet to meet but who are waiting in the wings, those you will meet as you make various choices in your life.  If you follow your heart and make the choices that feel solid and secure in your center, then you will be led to meet these other soulmates on this adventure.  Not all of your choices will lead you to these people, these souls, but there is a great likelihood, since you and they are all programmed, as it were, toward the truth and destiny of your meeting.  The future is not fixed, but there are tendencies, there are truths.  There are multiple lines of destiny laid out for you, most of which take you in the same direction.

Ah, what an adventure is this life!  So many wonderful people to meet, so many exciting relationships to be had.  And all you have to do is open yourself to it and live strongly within your center, where your truth resides.  Act from here, choose from here, and let your life unfold in grace and beauty.  Have the courage to step out and meet the others who are waiting to meet you.  Reach up and feel them there, feel their presence, feel the love that they are extending toward you, all ready and waiting, an amazing collection of souls that already have a deep connection with you.

Do not ask why it is so.  Ask only what you should do now, at each fork in the road, at each point of choice, to open yourself more and more to this adventure, to this wonder, that awaits you at every turn.


Here is a little prayer for today

I reach down into myself and find there the gentle truth that is me.  I reach up to my higher self and open wide to the light and love that I am.  I glow ever brighter until my glow reaches out and touches the souls of my fellow travelers in life, the soulmates who are a part of my adventure.

I connect with them deeply and truly, feeling their love as I extend my own.  I feel the great love that is my circle of love, my own world within this wider world, my peace within the great peace of the universe.

I can feel the glow of possibility and opportunity that is mine and I embrace it all in joy and love.

I am joy.  I am love and peace.  I am.



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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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