New Year Message

Today, you turn a corner. You have been walking down a long hallway, the lights dim and the destination unclear. And now, you turn a corner and walk into the new year.

And here, around this corner, suddenly the hallway opens up. As you walk, the walls begin to move out and then to dissolve. The ceiling grows higher and then disappears completely. And the floor under your feet transforms into soft, fertile earth.

And now little green shoots of grass begin to sprout in the earth and a wondrous blue sky emerges from the fog. Fluffy white clouds move slowly as a light breeze blows across the rolling green hills before you.

As you walk out into this world, you begin to shed the heavy burdens that you have been carrying: your worries, your doubts, your problems, your fears, your old ideas and habits. They have been like weights on your body, on your mind, and now they are falling off, dropping from you as you begin to walk faster and faster.

Everything old is dropping from you as you now begin to run across the field, lighter and lighter, faster and faster, your freedom blowing free like the wind. And as you run, the oldness is absorbed easily and naturally by the earth and turned into fertile soil. Every step you take is like an act of creation, and a beautiful flower springs up in each footprint you have just left behind. All that was turns into a blessing as it falls from you and is transformed.

And here at the top of this hill, you stand naked before life, free and unburdened. And the rain now begins to fall gently upon you, big drops of love, golden and pure, falling down upon you and washing you clean. You lift your face to the sky and feel the wonder of the endless love of the universe falling down upon you, cleansing you, washing you clean, making you ready for the new life that is lying ahead.

And in this moment right now, right here, in this gentle rain, give thanks. Look back at the flowers that have sprung up in your footsteps. See how your presence has caused beauty to spring up, how you have blessed life and it has blessed you. Fill your heart with gratitude for the year past.

And here, now, within this moment, feel how clean and clear you are. Feel how all that was has washed from you and turned into a blessing, and all that is, is of beauty and wonder only. Give thanks for this moment, in its perfection, with the raindrops of love falling upon you, washing your mind clean and clear, blessing you in every drop with the beauty and wonder that is life.

And now the sun emerges in the midst of the rain and a great rainbow arcs across the land, every color vibrant, a great arc of beauty and wonder, lying across the landscape of the year to come.

And as you see this, know that it shines for you, that this rainbow of wonder and opportunity, of beauty and glory, is there for you. And in this coming year, you may stand within its blessings and its beauty.

You are deeply worthy of this beauty and bounty. You are meant to walk across these green hills in joy, feeling the blessings of the rainbow above, knowing the love and abundance, feeling the connection and deep oneness of all that is. You deserve a wondrous life, a beautiful life. Pull that feeling deep within. Own it. Know that you are deeply worthy of all the bounty that life holds.

And now, out of these feelings of gratitude and worthiness, connection and wonder, something new begins to emerge. You begin to grow and expand. You breathe in power and it fills your body. Your mind and your eyes grow sharp and clear. Your heart opens wide.

You are the creator. You are creating your life from your very essence, your every thought and deed. You are the god that strides the earth and creates with a wave of the hand. You have all the power within you to transform the world, to light the light, to sing the song, to dance the dance that causes the earth to tremble in anticipation and wonder.

And here on this hilltop you stand, your power immense, standing upon the fertile earth that springs forth with your creation, wearing a red cloak of love that flares out in the winds of opportunity that blow. You raise your arm and hold your sword aloft, a mighty sword that glints in the sunlight.

This sword is the doubt killer, the fear destroyer. As you go forth across the land, dipping down into the valleys of doubt and confusion, you can swing out with your sword and the mists will disappear. And when fearful shapes emerge from the mountain caves, you can brandish your sword and watch the fears dissipate before your eyes.

And now you see that you are not alone. On one side stands Faith and on the other stands Courage, your constant companions, loyal, brave and true. They stand beside you with magic swords of their own, ready to defend and protect you as you venture forth together. And as they raise their swords, you see even more. You see row after row of angels, arrayed in dazzling light and singing of love and glory.

And this then is how you will march into the new year, powerful and strong, cloaked in love, holding aloft a magic sword with the power to dispel fear and doubt, Faith and Courage on either side and flanked by angels of love and light.

So announce yourself now to the world, to the year that awaits. Hold your sword aloft and call out with your power.

I am ready. I am ready for the grand adventure that is this journey ahead. I march forth, my cloak of love spreading out and sheltering me as the wind of life blows. I face fear and doubt squarely, gathering strength from my companions, Faith and Courage, who are always at my side. I hold my sword high as I venture into the coming year with the songs of the angels ringing in my ears.

I am ready to create my life, moment to moment. I am ready to rise up and meet its challenges. I am ready to embrace its joys and wonders. I am full of vital energy. I am full of power. Yes, yes, this is life and I am ready for it.

And I am deeply blessed to be here and to have this journey, to walk this land, to live these adventures, to create the year that lies ahead in beauty and wonder, excitement and newness, joy and creativity.

I am the warrior against the darkness of doubt and fear. I am the creator out of the love and light. I am ready. I am.



k 3rd January 2009 8:49 pm

I really like this message. I am trying to use the Courage and Faith companions and they seem to help a lot. This as well as your other messages are so uplifting and inspiring. Thank you.

Janet 13th January 2009 12:07 am

This message was so encouraging. I am feeling like a warrior of love and peace. Thank you so much for that beautiful feeling that you give me to start the New Year off in a very encouraging way. I believe firmly that 2009 will be a new and fullfilling year for me and all lightworkers. Keep these messages coming to help us be who we are and that we may work with others to bring light to this world. I feel the love.
Thank you again,


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