Safe at Home

The louder people talk about fear, the more you must shield yourself and come into your own center. The noisier the clamor, the deafer must be your ears.

Their talk of war, danger, and economic disaster can feel like a storm raging around you. And so you must remember that you are a solid house made of brick, bricks you have been building your entire lifetime. You are protected by bricks of love and joy, bricks of self-knowledge and bricks of belief, both in yourself and in the help that is there for you. You are safe and sound in your brick house. You are contained and comforted.

Here, inside your brick house, a fire blazes cheerfully and you are warmed. And you supply that fire, that fuel. You and your belief, your inner truth and light, supply all that you need to weather the storms of life. You are warmed by the truth that glows brightly. You provide your own security, the security of knowing that you are just as you need to be and that you have everything that is required to live a life of joy, peace and love.

Yes, love, for in this house of yours, you are not alone, not at all. You have within you, not only the ability to fully take care of yourself, but also great love and companionship, for you have a way to lift yourself up and up, far beyond the limitations of this physical life, into a place above the storm. You have a magic golden ladder of faith, connection and love that you can just extend upwards at any time and it will pierce through any storm clouds that may be around you, up even through howling winds, lightning and thunder, and bring you to the peace that always abides above it all.

And from that place of grace, you can reach outward to all of the others who have climbed their golden ladders and connect with them deeply. And as you sit in this wondrous place of grace, knowing that you are love and only love, you can look down at the storming clouds below, look down upon the roiling fear, and choose to go instead into your inner heart of peace, love and truth, and to carry this gift of truth and love back down with you inside your heart, as you sit in your warm and cozy house, protected from the storms of fear.

Live in both of these levels at once, in every moment, so that the love and peace you carry in your heart will warm you with an inner glow, more comforting even than the warmest cloak on a cold and windy day.

Whenever you need to make important decisions, remember to go to that warm glow. Find the shelter of your inner home, curl up quietly at your own inner fires and find guidance there. The storm outside has no guidance for you. The guidance is all here, inside, safe and sound.

You may look out your windows to see which way the storm is blowing, but do not open your windows and doors to the blowing fear and allow it to chill you.

Stay centered. Stand at the hearth and keep the fires of truth and love blazing high. Repair the roof and replace the broken windows. And know that if you do allow fear to blow through you for a time, the embers of your fire will never go completely out. You can always return to them and fan them back into being. You can always recover yourself and become strong enough to close the doors and windows to fear.

And whenever you need it, that magical golden ladder is there for you to climb, so that you may lift yourself up and out of the storm for an hour, or even a few minutes, climb up into the state of grace and remember that nothing, nothing, is stronger than the love that you are.



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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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