Strength in Harmony

You are much, much stronger than you think you are.  You are strong enough, not only to survive what life has brought you, but to thrive within it.

What you seek is harmony, harmony between what actually is, the new day as she is unfolding, and your actions and desires.  Today, this moment, holds the power.  You hold within you the strength, the presence of mind, the talent and creativity, the heart.  You bring all of this to the unfolding moment that is.

 Create a moment so harmonious that it hums with joy.  Create a moment in which you are catching the flow that is, riding it as it tumbles down the mountain and reaches the sea, then riding the waves to a distant shore.

 Yearning and regret, fear and anxiety, holding on to what no longer serves, all of these create disharmony.   Set them down on the rocks as you climb into the swiftly moving waters of what truly is.  Allow yourself to be carried and know that you will be strong enough, know that you will be guided and helped.  Just harmonize your vibration to the hum of the universe that you can hear as it moves, as it spins, as it creates, as if flows.

 Even this old, old river, ancient as it is, runs with new waters every second of every day.  Dip in a hand and feel the vibration that runs through.  Be sensitive to the current, the temperature, to how it is right now.  Then fill yourself with faith, a deep belief in your own strength, and let go into the flow. 

 Ah, what a glorious ride life is!



MoonStar 9th September 2009 9:06 am

This is so beautiful! It is visual and inspiring, and just what I needed to hear.

It is indeed what we all need to do, harmonize the perfection of where we are with what we want to manifest, as we get in tune with the Universal flow.

Thank you!



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