The Land Beyond Words

There is a vast and wonderful place called the Land Beyond Words.  You are welcome to enter and to live in this wondrous place.  Let us go there now.

As you approach, you see that there are several angels in a row, each holding a net bag of golden silk.  And you suddenly understand that you must pass by each angel in order to enter the beckoning forest, and that each will ask you to give them something and will then give you something in exchange. 

The first angel smiles warmly and gestures for you to approach.  She has a very large net indeed.

She asks you to hand over your worries about the future, those huge burdens you have been carrying about all the things that might happen.  And so you remove the heavy pack from your back and put it into her net.  But she just continues to look at you, holding out her net.  So you empty out your pockets of every "what if" you are carrying.  But still she smiles and holds out her net.

And now you see that the cloak you are wearing, the heavy one that you put on to protect yourself from the storms of life, has dark strands of fear and worry woven into it.  And so you remove this cloak only to discover another and another.  And you keep putting them into her net, until finally she smiles, closes the net and flies to the heavens.

Now the next angel approaches you with her net held out.  She holds you with her gaze as she asks you hand over your doubts.  You look down at your body and see that even though you have removed the heavy clothing of fear and worry, you still have doubt clinging to you, right next to your skin, itchy garments that keep you awake in the middle of the night as you second-guess your decisions and beliefs, and wonder if you are strong enough to handle what life may bring.  You gladly take these off and put them into her net. You stand in your nakedness as you watch her fly to the light.

And now, you see that the first angel is holding her net to the light, transmuting all of your fears into love.  And a gentle golden rain of love begins to fall down upon you and wash you clean.  Every last bit of fear is washed away from your body as you feel yourself bathed in unending love, the love that is there for you just as you are, ever and always, no matter what you have done or failed to do.

And now the second angel holds her net to the light and begins to sing, and all of the itchy, clinging doubts are transmuted into a beautiful misty cloud of faith.  And the cloud begins to form into a garment, with the fabric woven with the lustrous gold of love, the vivid red of courage and the deep purple strands of unshakable belief and certainty.  Now the garment drifts down and covers you, so that you may walk forward in grace, strength, confidence and beauty.

Now the next angel beckons you.  He is large and muscular and he holds a gigantic net.  He asks you to hand over all of the rules you have in your mind.  He asks for all the rules you learned from your parents, your teachers, your friends, your church, and your work. He asks for everything you have learned from TV and newspapers, as well as all the books you have read.  He asks for what you were taught by science, by the government and by spiritual leaders as well.  Even the most treasured rules that you believe are inviolable, yes, he asks for these.

And you stay with this angel for a very long time, as you begin to see that you are full of rules, and it takes some time to pull them out of your mind and put them into this enormous net.

Your mind grows emptier and quieter as you do this, and all the voices of judgment begin to quiet down as the rules leave.  At first this feels very uncomfortable, for your mind is not used to being without rules:  the rules you have obeyed and broken, the rules you have demanded others adhere to, the rules yet to be tested.  And your mind continues to empty as you dig into the corners and crannies, pulling out rule after rule after rule.

Finally, your mind is completely empty and still.  The angel takes his enormous net full of rules and flies to the heavens, where he holds it up to the light.  As the rules are transmuted by the light, it is as if a light switches on in your mind and you can see clearly for the first time.  Then your quiet mind feels very full indeed, but it is full of one thought and one thought only:  I am.

Now you come to the next angel, a beautiful little angel with a big smile.  She holds out a tiny little net of gold and asks you to put within it your beliefs about your worth, your value. 

She knows that she can hold out a tiny net, for she knows how things are outside the Land Beyond Words.  Out here, the air is so dense and the pressure is so great that everyone gets compressed, and as hard as we try, our understanding of our true value is always much smaller than who we truly are.

You somehow know that this view of your value, your worth, is contained in a little locket you hold in your heart.  As you pull it out, you are amazed to see how small it is, in spite of all your efforts over the years to make it larger.

You hand the locket to the angel, who puts it in her tiny pouch and then flies up to the light.

As you gaze upward, you see the locket open; within it is a picture of you as a newborn baby.  This picture then begins to expand and expand, growing larger and larger.  As you watch, you see yourself grow from a tiny helpless baby into a huge powerful presence.

Now this expanded presence that is you descends and fills you completely.  But it is much too large to be contained within your body, so it reaches out beyond you, in a great cloud of golden energy.

You feel the expansiveness of it, spreading out,   You see how this energy that is you, has no end and that it combines and connects with all others, all people, plants and animals who live, have lived and will live on this earth, for this energy knows no boundaries of space or time and is completely blended with all.

A vast expansiveness sits within your heart now, where once there was a tiny locket.  And you find that you can now breathe in through your heart, through this expansiveness that is you.

And now, the Land Beyond Words beckons.  And although you had thought you would be walking into a forest, you find that walking is no longer necessary.  There is no linear progression at all, no step that follows step.

And you suddenly realize that you are not within a forest at all; you are the forest.  You are every tree, every bird, every bunny, every leaf, every blade of grass.  You are deeply aware of all parts of the forest at one and the same time, for everything here is you, like your fingers and toes, the hair on your head, the heart that beats within you.

You expand and expand, becoming now the roaring rivers that pour into vast oceans, the mountain peaks that reach up into the sky, and the sky itself.  

Your energy is as vast as this land, for it is this land.  And within you now grows an understanding of the way things truly work, of the way things are, in the land of true being, in the Land Beyond Words.

But it is a knowing, not a conscious thought.  And what you know is everything.  But yet you have no words within your mind.  There are no words to express what you know, now that you know it all.

You look back at the angels who guard the entrance and you understand that the rules you handed over were made of words and those words did not have the ability to express what you now know:  the inexpressible, the place beyond words.

Your understanding is so vast and complete that you are filled with joy, joy in being who you are in this moment and in this place, one in being and serendipity, possibility and wonder.  All of this is you.

You hunt for the words to express it, but the words do not exist.  You try to draw it, but the lines are somehow not full enough.  Everything you try is too small to convey it.  The form cannot be captured.

Finally, you relax into it, into the vast and certain knowledge that this land can be entered only as you have entered it, and that once here, you cannot describe it to anyone else. You understand that your ability to stay here in this forest depends upon staying free of all you handed over to the angels before you entered.

Each fear, doubt, rule, opinion and view that you allow to come into your mind from outside is like a weight that begins to pull you down into a smaller size and place, until finally you are again outside the Land Beyond Words, lost and confused, taking one step after another.  

And so you stand again before the row of angels, shaking your head in cosmic amusement that you actually had it all and forgot it again.  And this time, as you hand over your fears, your doubts, your tiny locket of self worth, and empty your mind of all your rules, you begin to laugh. 

You laugh with joy over what you know is about to come when you enter the Land Beyond Words, the place of wonder, where a miracle is served up every day for breakfast, where every breath is a wonder and delight, where what actually is exceeds any desire you may once have had, where you are so expanded that there is no end and no beginning of who you are, where your mind is so still it contains one thought and one thought only:  I am.


lisa marie 12th August 2009 2:25 pm

This message is a golden ray of light forming a rainbow in my storm. I was feeling these cloaks as a heavy shell to hide under, but the cloaks feel a lot easier to shed. One step at a time. :)

Bluebelle235 12th August 2009 5:42 pm

*Thank you* ~ that is so beautiful.

Many blessings.

Aliba 13th August 2009 7:49 am

This makes the most beautiful guided meditation; I'm hoping to try it out on my kids.

Thank you, Carrie.

MICHELLESTAR 13th August 2009 6:32 pm

This truly is a beautiful meditation - I want to read it for my Yoga students to experience it during Savasana/relaxation. Your articles are always worthwhile. Thank you. M*

James Bonnett 14th August 2009 12:01 am

Thank you, this touched me so deeply, I felt it! Still feel it! Light & Love to you Carrie


MaryO 14th August 2009 2:23 am

Thank you. I felt it too and was really moved. A really beautiful message.


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