The Unfolding of You

Ah, such an unfolding of beauty that lies within your heart. Such an unfolding of grace and ease that lies within your mind. Such an unfolding of joy in your center. This is your birthright. This is how you are meant to be, to live, to move, in grace and ease and with peace abiding.

And how are you to do this? Through faith. Through a deep belief in yourself and the wonder that you are, exactly as you are, with all that you have done and left undone. With all of that, believe, believe that you are as you should be and that you are poised right now to take the great step into joy that you so deeply deserve.

And of course, have faith that you are surrounded by guidance and that at any time, you can listen to the wisdom of truth and know the touch of deep love that is there for you, by simply going deep into the moment, this moment, right now, and finding yourself lying there in the center of it, surrounded by peace and love, basking in joy.

And once there, you will find out all that you need to know in order to make that next step turn you in the direction of your dreams.





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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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