The Winds of Change

The winds of change blow across your life.  Sometimes change is like a gentle breeze that kisses your cheek on a spring day.  Sometimes change is like a tornado that uproots your life. 

But no matter what the change is and how it comes to you, know that you are always changing nonetheless.  Know that it is not possible or desirable for life to remain static.  Everything changes. 

Let life be.  People will enter your life and they will leave.  Some will stay for years and some for only a short time.  Let it be.  Life is change.

Learn to welcome change.  Learn to see newness as an exciting event.  Learn to appreciate how the wind opens new doors and windows even as it closes others.  Learn to appreciate the fresh smell of change, the way newness can clear out the cobwebs as it blows through your life.

Do not chase after the past.  Do not run after what the breeze has blown away.  Let it go.

It does not matter if you judge an event as good or bad.  Your judgment of it does not alter it.  And if you can learn not to judge it, then it is simply another event in your life, an event like all of the events, moving and changing, flowing and blowing across your life.

And even when a strong wind blows, there is one thing that remains:  you.  In all of the blowing change, there is one thing that is steadfast and stands:  you.  Deep within you, in your core, in your center, is the one thing that is unchangeable:  your essential nature, the truth of you, who you are.  This is the one constant and the one thing you can count on to be there, unchanging, ever true: your heart full of love and your center full of peace and truth.  It holds.

Go there.  Go there when the storm blows and you feel you need to run for cover.  Go there for shelter.  Go there, knowing that this is the shelter you have sought, the safety you have yearned for.  Your own core, firm and steady, full of peace and love and yes, even joy, weathers each storm through this life and even beyond.

You are.  You stand.  You are.



Elizabeth 7th November 2008 6:34 pm

Wind has a way of letting me know that there are others coming and going on their journeys as well. What a refreshing way to see yourself in the wind as you. Thank you. E


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