Your Teachers

Today, I wish for you to locate the teachers in your life.  Let all criticism in your mind cease.  Let all anger and blame in your heart be set aside.  Today, look at each relationship in your life, and yes, most especially those difficult relationships, and see how you can use them as a means to self-growth.

One of the primary things that you will find is that you are holding back and keeping your opinions and feelings to yourself.  You have developed a habit with certain people of avoiding them or of just pushing down what you want to say because you do not want to deal with the consequences, perhaps of tension and confrontation, perhaps of apparent risk to your job or marriage or other important relationship that you need to keep solid.

But there is no solidity and safety when the relationship is built on falsehood.  And a lack of true integrity is a falsehood.

These people are your teachers.  And even though you may choose at some time to move on to another job or another relationship, you will simply find the same lessons wherever you go unless you stop, now, and learn what you need to learn.

The lesson is most probably this:  you need to find a way to work with certain types of people, to challenge them to change, perhaps, but first to change your own way of dealing with them, so that you are actively creating what you need to create together, not merely putting up with each other.  There is a way to improve every relationship.  There is a way to reach out to even the most difficult people, who are most unlike you.

So take on this challenge.  Know that the path is through connection in love.  Begin in your quiet time by reaching up into your higher self and then over to their higher self.  And when there and connected, let love flow.  Know that everyone, yes, everyone, is love at the highest level and that you can reach them in that way if you will allow yourself to do so.  Let love flow between you.  And when you are deeply connected, then ask:  what do you desire?  What do you fear?  What would you most like from me?  How can I best be of service to you?  How can I help you feel more safe and secure?

And then write down the information that was given you, without editing, even if it seems surprising.

And then, when you next see this person, look through new eyes.  See that the difficult personality stems from those fears and doubts you have just learned about.  Sense the loving person underneath the façade of criticism and anger.  Then take a deep breath, fill yourself with courage and change the way you relate.  Experiment.  Dare to forgive.  Dare to reach out and be of service to this person in new ways, setting aside your own ego reaction and instead going for the heart of the matter, assuaging fears and doubts.

And then, gradually, do the most courageous thing of all. Find a way to balance your newfound respect for this other person and your respect for yourself, and speak with true integrity.

But know this:  speaking in anger is not integrity; being critical is not integrity.  Integrity is not your old childish reaction of hurt feelings.  Integrity is when you reach down into your heart and center and find a quiet truth there, a truth that needs to be spoken.  Then bring this truth out and up into your mind; realize that it should be spoken and conveyed in some way.  Spend time considering this, knowing your truth and knowing also this person, with the deep understanding you have now gained.  Give careful consideration to how to speak your truth while also being respectful and loving.  And when you think you understand the best way to do this, then carry out your plan with courage and conviction and learn.  Learn and grow though your courageous act of melding love for another with self-respect and integrity.

Learn to do this and you will find the world suddenly full of wonderful people.  And then, you can look around and see what the next lesson is for your growth.


Here is a little prayer for today

I am surrounded by my teachers. Right now, in my life, exactly as it is, I have the opportunity to lift myself and the way I interact with others to a new level.

I reach up into my highest and most loving self and seek direction there, knowing that I am fully capable of understanding every person in my life, of understanding them with love and caring while keeping my own love for myself intact.

I am open to this experience.  I welcome the knowledge and love that will flow to me as I reach this new level of being and loving.  I have the power to do this, for I am love. 

I am power.  I am love.  I am a deep understanding and connection with others.  I am.



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Quado (pronounced KWAH - doe, with a soft 'ah') is a spiritual entity who has never chosen to take physical form. Carrie Hart channels almost daily Quado messages giving gentle and loving guidance and encouragement toward your self-transformation.

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