The Week Ahead: 11.11.11 Spurred Cosmic "Occupy" Project

I frequently tramped eight or ten miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech-tree, or a yellow birch, or an old acquaintance among the pines. ~ Henry David Thoreau

Your authentic nature can soar for the next few weeks as it is in concert with the symphonies of cosmic radiance that are currently pouring over the entire Milky Way galaxy. The recent 11.11.11 portal showered a glistening current of encodement and activation that enables a fortified connection with the planet and Source energy. This opening and consequent collective transmission began issuing new sparks of photon light particles and magnetic pulses that bring your Divine Self more fully into your living body, bringing in the wisdom, safety and passion to let go in New Reality (5D unity consciousness).

This step up energy demands that spirit align with psyche and propel us to another level of opportunity and awakening here on Earth. The other worldly messaging that ebbs and flows from dark matter is the latest push/pull of interdimensional coherence permanently changing our molecular content by structuring the cell with a crystalline bioluminescence that spins our electrons through a doorway of expansion. We are literally now united to all forms of life support - ancient and awakening. 

Overall this week is fortuitous and is the climax of a psychic cycle that has been delivering divine illumination and orientation. Haven't you noticed that more and more people are becoming consciously aware of the awkward human conditions that rob our Soul magnetism and charisma limiting spiritual expression here? As we gather to us the mandate of light code activations and our Soul reality we commit to an absolutely uncompromising force that tunes and shifts our physicality and vibration toward God's own private mystery and there is no going back now. We have been birthed into a higher conscious evolution and are receiving the first glimmerings of all the Light that is to come. We are but several footsteps into the ascension portal of expansion. In the next five years we will be accessing encoded places within ourselves that hold the secrets of the universe. Never in our human countenance have we entertained such possibilities and promise.

Presently I am witnessing many who feel like letting go of major responsibilities for just the simple task of staying in a body that is under renovation has them wanting to lie down and nap most afternoons. Being resculpted into something more enhanced while working, serving, and being in the work-a-day world has its drawbacks so remember to be faithful and caring to your individual system. These saturations of divine intervention can indeed have us squirming, irritable, and emotional and yet there are things that we can do to lessen the severity of their incorporation. Ask what is deemed important for you during the times when the tight fitting energy feels overwhelming and then follow the guidance you are given.

During this particular energetic tide various resonate frequencies coming in are harmonizing all the structural layers (grids) of Gaia's field. The activity I am feeling between the girds is the fluid levels distributing the new vibrations and instructions for change. When these particles of light instruction land in my system there is a lot of buzzing and humming and it feels quite intense. It's a bit like standing outside the fence of a nuclear power facility. While you really don't see anything going on, sentient beings hear the buzz from the high tension wires overhead and feel the raw energy of the nearby nuclear reactions. I am keeping my days balanced through conscious planning and organizing. This also ensures the holding of a higher amplified light in every cell because I am not flitting and buzzing all over the place like a good case of ADHD.

For those of you living in places where the weather is nice enough to commune with nature a beneficial act for integrating the 11.11 energies is to go for a hike among trees. Gaia has been putting the latest energetic downloads into the "green" content within nature. Because of this the green nature kingdom is the first earthly intelligence to pick up the new healing charges. Trees are among the ambassadors that will deliver the newness to us in a manner that we can embody and then develop within our systems. (And isn't it synchronistic that many around the globe will be placing trees and greenery inside their homes within the next few weeks?) To receive, or balance, the new fluidity coursing through our domain simply place a hand on a tree! Ask to be a corporate agent of transformation with the gift they give at this time, and hold to the commitment that you are a vessel of human service for Gaia's highest and best expression of transformation. Then move into the world of human reality holding your energies with honor, integrity, and reverence.

You are not who you were last week. You are now arcing to be part of an energy that is moving forward at a quickened pace and being worshiped as never before by Spirit as you move eloquently and humbly through every experience.Get your bearings straight this week by visiting the stillness of all that you are and holding counsel with your True Being.Think about your higher destiny this incarnation; review your thoughts, actions, and beliefs. Are you walking each day in 100% alignment to the YOU Spirit that is being realized now? When challenged do you react from an unserving presence of fear or can you stand confidently in your truth delivering perspective with compassion. Is the Creative Essence that is your new state of Light the same warmth and joy that you bring to each day? For the most part are you centered and coming from the heart in vital sharings?

As we collectively carve a new path of being the dense can feel so dense now and the crevasse between polar opposites often appears enormous. There's no need to fall into despair if you become swept into the currents of the patriarchy (old paradigm) from time to time. The intensity of regaining spiritual power still pushes many to dig harder and deeper into what they have always known rather than to dance in the unusual and unknown. Occasionally we can get pulled along with them for a short distance before figuring out that we have left our center of calm equanimity. 

However, as we traverse farther and farther into cosmic revolution and radical change a new spiritual maturity and grounded awareness will double as encouragement to pad your evolutionary experience with the savvy I AM principles and frequencies. Soon going off on abrasive tangents birthed from lack and fear will be a thing of the past as the spiritual centers of the physical radiate with the light code embodiments of a New Living Field. Coming into oneness and a belief in the Self as spiritualized power is not a journey for those weak of heart or intent. It is a journey for those who are brave enough to fuel up their life force and bring the heavenly signatures of what was promised over 2000 years ago into reality.

The God within you is tired of moseying along the same old worn path. It is ready to kick off its shoes and run towards something bigger. Let what is now being issued by a natural cosmic order assist and support you in that endeavor my friends.

And remember, befriend a tree this week -

Rev. Angela


There is One life ~ One force of creation that penetrates and
envelops the physical plane with Its invisible presence and
influences. One power which seems to be the material world
itself. This secret consciousness behind all action is God's life,
and this life is my life now. I am its purely objective character,
a pressure of ideas, suggestions, emotional formation. An
impulsion to sensation of this dynamic siege of Universal Mind.

I dedicate this day with clear intention to touch, and be touched
by the twin energies of balance and harmony. The transcendent
power of these unified qualities dissolves all conflict within my heartand mind.
I am awashed in stillness and wholly present to a spiritual
intelligence that is imbued with calmness. Love proceeds me wherever
I go this day, and the living spirit of grace pours forth restoring my
surroundings, my relationships, my body, my intellect, and my emotional
wounds with all manner of its sensory stimuli. In this heightened state of
awareness, it is safe to open my heart and live peacefully in the spaciousness
of Life. There is no effort here, for what I know, what I know is that my
life is now easy. Because I have invoked a tonal quality of peace and
ease, I can detach from all outcomes, and live in the truth that all my
service, labor, play, and community activity is a balanced serene influx
of the sensuousness of Spirit. I am a center of grace and spiritual light
that passes beyond language and comprehension to the intelligence
of every heart I meet this day.

From the tenderness of my heart I exercise these thoughts over and over
and over until all that is unlike their challenging vibration is dissolved from
my life. I let universal mind, the wise one of the law, take up these words
and power them into creation. I am a freshness, a love, and an acceptance
of its wielding force. And so it is.



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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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