The Week Ahead: A Peek at August

Your world is advancing and there are clear shifts taking place. We wish you to really understand that you have all that you need and require. There is no need to stress about the shifts and changes taking place. You always have beings around you to help you and nurture you, as you require it. ~ a message from my beloved guides.

As you open this email I will be jetting off with family and friends for a playful break from the "usual". Because of that I want to let you know that there will not be an energy read next Monday. I'll go ahead and outline the month ahead for you now. The energies will still be following a transdimensional pathway that continues to streamline and focus in a way that concentrates them like we have never seen. This isn't bad; just different. What will happen is that things will begin to open for you in ways you haven't seen coming.

July's simmering levels of accelerated energies now gives way to an August which will stir us to recognize and take innovative action for creating greater security, soul sustainability, stability and practical nurturing for personal and planetary well-being. As I peer ahead the ascension process is gathering momentum and becoming quite active. As the pace of Life (with a capital "L") quickens pushing ahead with sheer will power and determination instead of a soul-based-fluid-flexibility is not the greatest idea. "Merge with Life in Peace," is your motto for the next few weeks so that you'll be able to adjust and refine all the messages that are sure to be coming from your Higher Self.

Since all forms of consciousness in this realm learn about managing energy within the framework of cause and effect many are enduring pinnacle levels of personal and collective dismantling as the natural electric/magnetic, God/Goddess, Male/Female balance returns to the planet and our conscious awareness. All we believed in and thought was the nature of reality is being challenged and shifted. Cosmic forces pummeling Earth are triggering us to adapt and evolve with the moment to moment whirlwind of changing terrain impacting our way of life. During the Piciean Age the planet has been overly electric and during the Aquarian Age she will return to her organic predisposition of 2/3 magnetic and 1/3 electric.

The month of August will release more 5th dimensional magnetism into the planetary field through the Water element (ability to merge/flow with Life). This release of more energy from the Galactic Center into the magnetic field of our planet is just the natural progression of the "phase out of 3D" so don't worry. It won't sweep you away or drown you, instead look at it as the Universe handing you a new skill set of compassion, truth and unconditional love into the lower centers of your being. In this manner you can incorporate more of the divine compliment of your Higher Self in 5D.

The best way to utilize the incoming energy aspects as they assimilate within the physical is to get plenty of rest and playtime. The pattern still continues in which you'll have bursts of energy only later to experience fatigue so great that you need to just take time out. It has to do with the "thrusting" pattern of frequencies that the planet is experiencing. The cosmic tides will be pushing, pushing, pushing and then pause. That push, push, push - pause pattern will be entraining you too. The playtime factor is influenced by Pi's (the incoming planetary host) presence. Using her energy as an example you can anchor and ground what is needed through joy and pleasure - that is how she learns.

Watch for craving new foods. As you digest your new power-of-being your guides will be setting you with new "taste signals" so that you get the nutrition needed for optimal transcending. Be alert to transient joint issues in the shoulder and hips as you bridge the higher and lower energy centers of the body with a new pattern that is supporting "being able to spring up from your individuality". You'll also notice a particular clarity to being present in your reality in that it feels crisper than usual because of the increased prana that Gaia is generating. Also silvery-white energy waves may be moving through your reality. They can be very distracting, as if someone has just passed through the room or outside the window but then when you look, no one is there. These are energy waves that are clearing the veils from between you and all other realities; in other words they are grounding your multidimensionality.

A greater escalation in extreme events may include more severe weather patterns, desperate financial predicaments, and food, water, and fuel problems. The tests of these times are simply about managing all manner of energy with greater awareness, respect and gratitude. Just as you have learned to manage your body and not destroy yourself through ignorance and bad habits the collective must rearrange their priorities and values. Until most begin to once again appreciate the unique richness of the earth we are obliged to learn some big lessons. During these times, great flexibility is required as you participate on a journey of discovery into expanded states of awareness that are triggered by crisis and catastrophe.

Big changes enhance collective awareness because new sensitivities and psychic abilities arise when global events multiply in intensity. My advice is to proceed forward: you are on a valiant adventure! Be daring yet practical, tap into your creativity and trust the voice of your Inner Wisdom. The Soul always supports the growth of awareness and helps in navigating the big challenges and changes in life. The Soul Self oversees things from the grander vista, whereas the logical, conscious mind get stuck in dominating points of view that narrow the field of possibilities. Your feelings fuel your beliefs from the foundation of your experiences because they are agreements that you make with reality. Sometimes beliefs are apparent and sometimes they are unconscious.

From one avenue or another, your feelings about yourself and your place in this earth existence are broadcast as clear signals into the Living Field. Participation in dramatic events depends upon how consciously aware you are of what you are sending out. If you are clear and calm about what you want and can read the signs and symbols, then your Inner Guidance systems will urge you to make any necessary changes to you in alignment with your expectations. Clarity of mind, knowing what you want, staying grounded, thinking ahead, taking action rather than indulging in procrastination and using your intuitive guidance system are some of the basic components for successfully navigating these challenging times.

The harmonics of the August energies will be a different set of frequency relations from that which you are accustomed. Because of this, you may find for a period of several weeks from the last two weeks of August into and through the first week of September that not much makes sense. The key is to realize that it doesn't have to - your brain will not be able to qualify the energetic changes that will be occurring. The informational flow, the intensity of energies, the massiveness of changes on multidimensional levels will be happening so fast that it will be impossible to grasp a singular event or perception of events. That being said, the best way to maintain your balance will be to get as fully present in each current moment as you can. If you are rested, calm, centered and present you will have/find everything that is needed for all aspects of your life. Thus, you can merge peacefully with Life!

May the settling of August graciously unfold in your favor,

Rev. Angela


Pure, Divine Love is uniting in this place I call hom The unity, the harmony and the beauty of
my home environ is nothing more than the Infinite Intelligence of Light making its Presence
known here. How wonderful to live in a homeland of such exaggerated polarity and duality
yet be One. In the midst of every great drama I can relax because I have an inkling of just
how precious, magnificent and connected we are. We are a mandala of
Spirit's creation and I am honored to bear witness to a reuniting of consciousness
at this time.

Each of us serves a vital function at this time, in this cycle of opening, in this cycle
of reunion, of coming together. Everyone, every being, every energy, because life is
not limited to human form, is now birthing the next choice of eternal recognition. I
know the Oneness of  Life moves into this cycle without fear. It moves freely and
with confidence because we move towards love. Towards something that nourishes
All That Is. I move my attention and awareness to those places where I can align
my purpose and be of greatest use to myself and others. Being a light, being a pillar
of light, being in light, I provide many others the opportunity to find light and peace.
I easily bring forth what I deeply desire to be and see on the planet at this time. I
anchor, expand, and go beyond my current perceptual reality to greater ways of being.
Greater ways of honoring my Divine trust and Divine wisdom. Greater ways of
cooperating, recognizing Self and community.

Pure, Divine Love is uniting in this place. Hallelujah! There will be those
who celebrate it in light. There will be those who celebrate it in dark -- oh yes, but
it is ALL Divine movement and I delight in the growth and shift of it all! And so
it is. Amen.




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Rev. Angela Peregoff

Reverend Angela Peregoff  is an ordained minister of Religious Science and is currently the director and program coordinator at The Center for Mindful Studies.  She has been professionally empowering and inspiring others to evolve and create consciously since 1993.  Her mission and purpose is simply to raise people's consciousness so they may experience joyful living at its best.


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