Cosmic Weather - Full Moon in Pisces, 9.19.13: End Points and Infinite Games

A finite game is played for the purpose of winning, an infinite game for the purpose of continuing the play. ~ James P. Carce, Finite and Infinite Games 

Hello friends. Well here we are at the threshold of the Fall Equinox (or Spring for the Southern Hemisphere.)

The incoming Full Moon energies are definitely potent and womb-like. I’ve felt them building for the past two weeks; especially in combination with Pluto stationing direct on Friday which also shines a light on the inner work we have been doing not only in the last moon cycle, but the entire summer (winter) as well.

The quote here above by author James Carce came through very clearly in my exploration of the Full Moon energies, and the statement itself is quite “Piscean” in its way. The interesting difference between finite and infinite games is the driving force behind them. Winning and losing are definitely interests of egoic/ordinary mind and finite games; while the divine play or “Lila” is something the soul and spirit are more comfortable with, thinking in more open-ended or infinite terms.

It’s always an interesting dynamic in play between Virgo (Sun) and Pisces (moon) also. Virgo would very much like to see things “tied off” or wrapped up neatly, while Pisces is more comfortable with ambiguity. The infinite game of life definitely has a mysterious and unfathomable quality to it. Virgo is also concerned with a form of divine perfection that does not particularly exist on earth, so is also attuned with alternative possibilities and explanations. So while Pisces and Virgo are indeed opposites, there actually is some common ground between them.

Full Moon Message

Beloveds, the incoming Full Moon (in Pisces) is a good opportunity to examine if you live your life as an agent of love or of fear. Of course everyone has their moments of both, but it is a matter of predominant thinking and energy. We see it less as a war, and more as a choice. Keep choosing moment-to-moment dear ones. This is the way to further establish yourself in the preferred vibration of your choice. Shanti. ~ The Keepers, 9.18.13

So what to look out for and tend to in the current full moon energies: 

1) Areas of stuck energy, grudges or resentment. When you take a deeper look, it may surprise you where these energies have been hiding. It’s definitely a time where subtle and long-forgotten thoughts and friends may come to call in consciousness.

2) Forgiveness of self and everyone else as you allow and align to the thought of them being “players” in the unfolding and infinite, divine plan of your Soul and life purpose.

3) Areas of identification to your own personal story that no longer serve you and clearly need to GO. How can you re-frame these in another light? What soul level qualities can you invoke in this exercise? (strength, courage, humility, compassion, service, etc.)

It’s that little souvenir of a colorful year, which makes me smile inside.  So I cynically, cynically say the world is that way. Surprise. Surprise. Here’s where the story ends. ~ The Sundays 

The Sundays – Here’s where the story ends

It reminds me of the saying, “You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.” It’s similar: we can’t really afford the luxury of over-identification with a false and/or negative story anymore.

So what happens if we don’t let it go as we step over the threshold of the Equinox? Well it won’t be a Greek Tragedy or anything, life will indeed go on. We will however, miss a magical moment in time to really “cut loose” and move on. For those who are ready to do this, this is *your* moment. Use it well. Some fresh beginnings must clearly be born from the ashes of the old. This is the End Point in many cases, and there simply is no half way. Though this may seem sad or melancholy it actually isn’t, as the Pisces vibration reminds us that our own story in truth, is never really over. It just changes form.

Beloveds, in analysis of perhaps why you have held onto certain people, images or “stories” of yourself for so long, it is suggested to refrain from applying too harsh of criticism (Virgo energy intensified,) and offer loving-compassion and forgiveness (Pisces) to yourself and others instead, knowing that a diving timing aspect is also in play. Shanti.  ~ The Keepers, 9.17.13

Happy Full Moon and bright blessings all.

Note: The Full Moon in Pisces is 9.19.13 at 4:13 am PDT/7:13 am EDT.



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