Cosmic Weather – Full Moon Report for 10/8/14

Do you know who you were before the world told you who to be? ~ Danielle LaPorte 

Hello friends. I’ve started this post off with this quote for a reason. So for the moment, just put that one in your back pocket. We will get back to it. It’s Eclipse/Full Moon time again and this one is going to be packing more heat than usual.

First of all, the Full Moon/Eclipse is within ONE degree of Uranus, the great awakener. You know what that means: expect the unexpected. Lunar eclipses are often about shedding that which is no longer in service to our highest good and path. Don’t be surprised with this Uranus influence if some things leave the picture that don’t exactly make sense in the moment. The one thing I have found about eclipse energy, is that it can hang around long after the aspects themselves have moved on. The deeper the changes, sometimes the longer the time needed to integrate them; but not always. This particular Full Moon/Eclipse has the energy of a “long slow goodbye” (to borrow from Queens of the Stone Age.) In that perhaps the goodbye itself will be quick, but the process getting us there hasn’t been. The impact of a powerful eclipse such as this one can be felt up to six months from the date. Some astrologers have likened the Eclipse chart as a “birth chart” of sorts for new creations, ideas and transformations.

Aries as the Divine Child 

One thing that came to me as these energies started coming in was the concept of the “Divine Child.” The happy go lucky child as portrayed on the “Sun” card in the Tarot deck. The beautiful, organic and untouched potential that lies within all of us. The quote by Danielle LaPorte illustrates this point so beatifully. Along with the “stripping” away of things that no longer serve; Aries/Uranus will bring the fire of the “I AM” presence to the table, along with some pretty major pure, creative energy. What we choose to do with such potent cosmic power is up to us. Some of the potential aspects for shedding are thoughtforms, limitations, illusions and fears that stifle our divine child within. Don’t be surprised if you feel the need to “burn down the house” metaphorically, especially in areas where you feel confined or overtly limited.

Some shadow potential for these energies are: inventing dramas, fighting for the sake of fighting, tantrum behavior, excessive force and to take on “non negotiable” points of view. The higher application of these energies are: spiritual direction and insight, creating new projects, ideas and solutions, freedom, the healing energy of sexuality, insight and growth through relationships, Kundalini awakening.

This would be a good time to avoid drama in all forms and turn inward to receive one’s own spiritual direction and guidance. Be poised however, to be on the ready to assist family or friends in crisis. We are already in orb of this energy and I’ve had to put out some significant fires already. Just a head’s up, as these energies will not likely be quiet or subtle in their landing.

The Sabian Symbol for 15° Aries: An Indian weaving a ceremonial blanket. Keywords: Projecting into everyday living the realization of wholeness and fulfillment. 

If this symbol comes to the consciousness of the inquirer after meaning, deliberately or through an aleatory act of revelation (like the act of throwing sticks to obtain an I Ching symbol), implied is the profound fact that every individual has as his ultimate conscious task the weaving of his “immortal body,” his Gnostic Robe of Glory. It may sound very mystical and “far out,” but there is a moment in every cycle when, in however small a degree, every individual may be confronted with the potentiality of a fulfilling act of self-realization and may, ever so relatively, find himself “clothed in light” for an instant. ~ Dane Rudhyar 

This quote beautifully illustrates the divine creative potential of this degree of Aries, especially in relationship to the Eclipse and the other influences traveling along with it.

This Full Moon Eclipse is being referred to as a “Blood Moon” due to its red appearance. We previously had another Blood moon on April 14-15 of 2014. For a deeper look into Blood Moons and why they occur, refer to this article by Earthsky: Blood Moons

Happy Full Moon friends and remember to keep it Cosmic!

NOTE: The Full Moon Takes Place 108/14 at: 3:51 am PDT, 6:51 am EDT, 10:51 am UT/GMT.  The Total Eclipse Maximum will be four minutes later at: 3:55 am PDT, 6:55 am EDT, 10:55 am UT/GMT.



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