Cosmic Weather – New Moon Report for 9/5/13: Healing Inspiration and Shaking The Tree

Hello friends. Welcome to a new month and soon it will be a a new season too with the upcoming Fall Equinox (Spring for our friends in the South). It’s been quite a powerful Summer filled with change, healing and transformation. For many of us, we are definitely not the same beings that we were back in May/June.

Chiron (Pisces) in opposition to the New Moon (Virgo) connects us again to the Grand Water Trine (Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio.) This provides a unique and inspired opportunity to heal and “en-lighten” ourselves and as we do, the collective along with our own “family tree” is also positively impacted. We also have an opportunity to reconnect with our higher purpose (Jupiter) in our own unique form of service to others (Virgo.)

The Sabian Symbol for 14* Virgo is: An ancestral family tree.

I know for many, especially those who identify as Light Workers, Adult Indigos and so forth, there may be a distancing that has occurred from one’s own familial “roots,” especially if one has been labeled or identified as the “Black Sheep” of the family. I feel with this New Moon energy we have the unique opportunity to work with both sides of this healing equation for balance.

1) To embrace our history, roots and where we come from. To honor all of our ancestors that have brought us where we are today. Especially our ancestors who may have made especially inspired, powerful or unique contributions though difficult circumstances.

2) To acknowledge unhealthy or dysfunctional patterning that may have been carried forward, and use our intention and a concerted effort to release it. With such strong Mercury/Virgo energies present, our powers of analysis and observation may be particularly keen. Chiron, along with the Saturn and Jupiter in the Water Trine, opens up pathways to divine inspiration and new solutions that perhaps we missed or didn’t think of before.

3) To reach out to our like and light-minded brothers and sisters in a sense of a growing “soul family” of support. There are those who have felt estranged from their own families of origin, and have spent much time alone, and also perhaps feeling lonely or unsupported. I feel in general not just at this New Moon, reaching out to others and building communities will continue to be important. This New Moon has the potential to create something beautiful and long lasting, especially for those who are holding space for peace in the world for example, and in other important political and environmental causes.

Shaking the Tree – Peter Gabriel

Turning the tide, you are in the incoming wave. Turning the tide, no you are nobody’s slave. Find your sisters and brothers who can hear all the truth in what you say. They can support you while you’re on your way. – Peter Gabriel 

My feeling is that this about both respecting the ancestral tree and “shaking” it too when necessary, especially with the powerful and healing Grand Water trine still making an appearance. You might be surprised what gifts fall down and land right in your lap, especially when you create the space for them.

Happy New Moon friends.

NOTE: New Moon in Virgo is 9/5/13 at 4:36 am PDT/7:36 am EDT. 


kay 2nd September 2013 10:38 am

This is so true for me today in every way. Thank you, Irma Kaye. Kay

(I just love doing those silly little rhymes.)


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