More Keys on How to Be an Aquarian Empath

Hello friends. First of all, thank you so much for the wonderful reception you have given my first book on Starfield Press, “The Aquarian Empath.” I always appreciate getting emails from people who have told me that the information and tools in the book have assisted them in their journey and also working with and balancing their empathic nature.

Recently on a personal retreat in lovely Sedona, AZ I was given some additional information to serve as a “Part II” to the material in my book. Don’t worry however if you haven’t read it, as I feel it will be fairly self-explanatory. Many people even if they don’t fully identify as being an empath, carry some empathic qualities and may find my work on the subject helpful.

1) Drop co-dependent, “fixer” behaviors – As many wise sources have echoed to us, when we “take on” the burdens of others energetically or otherwise this is a form of spiritual “enabling” that empowers no one. The old Piscean Age dynamic has a vibration of a form of victimhood and loss of personal sovereignty which includes a lack of responsibility for one’s “stuff.” We are moving into a time of greater personal and spiritual sovereignty and this includes leading through love and by example, but not necessarily by fixing or taking on that which does not belong to us personally.

2) Offer assistance and advice when asked – Unsolicited advice can be a part of “fixing” behavior and it also can be perceived as meddling or even rude. It also can be a colossal waste of time if the party you are giving advice to has no interest in changing. This is an essential part of personal “energy management” as empaths. It is vital that we are mindful of our own personal energies and do not allow them to be compromised through what is extraneous or unnecessary.

3) Continue to put your own needs first in your life and drop the “Savior” complex - This echoes back to key #1, with a little added insight. Often the Savior complex comes with a certain redemptive quality to it. The down or shadow side may find people wanting to knock you off the pedestal as quickly as they placed you on it. This kind of action is very “Neptunian” to use astrological terms. Since my own Neptune is very strong in my first house, I am quite familiar with this particular kind of game.

Being empathic and/or highly sensitive, you may find that certain people will attempt to make you a messiah whether or not you are interested. Be sure to search your own mind/ego for any “secondary gain” around this. The more you disengage from this both consciously and unconsciously, usually less of these behaviors will show up in your own life. However if you are an empath it still may to a certain extent, so I wouldn’t take it personally. 

4) Be an example of a spiritually sovereign being. Do the personal work that is necessary. – This is also a benefit to others and the collective as well as you personally. For every spiritually centered and responsible person there is, this opens the way for others to follow suit which benefits us all.

5) Heal your own physical and emotional pain. LET GO of negative thought forms and pain from others. – I have recently parted ways with someone in my life where we both carried deep psychic, energetic and emotional attachments to each other. It hasn’t been easy and is a work in progress, it also was time. The Akashic Wisdom Keepers have been guiding us steadily since 2010 on changes in not only our personal energies, but also in the collective as a whole.

For every “Quantum Leap” we make in consciousness, wider gaps are made in the collective and also between the incoming higher 5D frequencies of love, light and unity and the less useful and effective aspects and energies of 3D consciousness that include separation, lack, fear, and so forth. This also explains why the “cast of characters” in our personal lives may have changed subtly or even radically in the past two years or so. Many who identify as empathic also may identify as Adult Indigos, Starseeds and/or Light Workers in some capacity. We have been steadily moving into a time where our gifts are coming to the fore for more identification and expression.

For those who don’t necessarily possess an Indigo “system buster” mind set; letting go of certain jobs/careers, relationships and even family members may be challenging and even painful at times. For many who identify as Light Workers, Indigos and so forth, caretaking of others in dysfunctional environments is something we have been doing our entire lives, so dropping these behaviors do have a bit of a “learning curve” attached to them. I discuss that in a bit more detail in the book.

The Keepers have told us that in the current energies (especially in regards to Saturn in Scorpio until 12/2014,) that it is a time of personal accountability and truth. For those who have been walking a spiritual path of personal accountability and integrity may find that their ability to abide illusion, lies and fear-based behaviors may currently be very low. This is OKAY.

We can hold healing space for others even if they are no longer in our lives on a daily basis, and remember energies and situations are always in flux and change. As an empath, putting yourself first in your own life may not be exactly customary or comfortable to you, but it is necessary. Again back to the ol’ tried and true analogy, you are of no use in service to others if your own cup is empty. Physician – Heal Thyself.

It is important to understand that there need not be any animosity or “hard” feelings towards a person that you remove cords with. For deeper connections the ties may be persistent and may need to be worked with often. Note that we use the words remove or dissolve in regards to cords as opposed to “cut” which has a more jarring implication to it, which may not be as attractive or understandable to those who are empathic and/or highly sensitive. ~ The Keepers, 10.21.13

Blessings to all in these powerful times.


Sandra Smyre 23rd October 2013 3:16 pm

Ditto to all of this! Hard to do as an Empath but very liberating also. I love all of your sites and look forward to seeing if I'm on the same page in growth. Thank you very much :angel:

StellarWings 24th October 2013 12:06 am

Thank you for your article, your words resonate deeply. Most affirmatively, the cast of characters in my life have been changing steadily since 2009 - tapping into a previously unknown strength and releasing more than my heart can bear at times, to experiencing utter delight in discovering others in my light-family (who knew)! I am still learning how to hold onto the lightness I carry (while sharing it) - being highly sensitive, empathic and intuitive is not for the faint of heart :) Blessings...


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