New Moon Report, 9.15.12 ~ The Lion & the Lamb

Hello friends. It's been quite a powerful summer cosmically, astrologically and karmically. Some people feel like they've been every which way but loose as the saying goes. Now that Fall is in the air, the seasons and the energies are changing and bringing with them a greater sense of stability and clarity. Sun in Virgo is always a good time to settle down and examine where we are. 

I had a good feeling about this New Moon for awhile now. I tend to love *all* new moons for the new beginnings that they bring, but this one I sensed was different. It is also the closest new moon to the Fall Equinox (9.22) and that is also significant to mention. 

"The Sabian Symbol of Virgo 24 is Mary and her white lamb. This is a symbol of the self-adequacy of experience on the inner or subjective side, or of that fullness of life which comes through a cherishing of young ideas. The healthy approach to heaven through a child’s wide-eyed expectation is a clue to the adult’s responsibility for his potentials. These he must take with him in a very conscious fashion wherever he goes if he is not to find himself divided within himself and so defeated by his own confusion. The keyword is artlessness. When positive, the degree is illimitable patience and adroitness in personal accomplishment, and when negative, futile show-off and idle boasting. High side of Virgo: seeking perfection, purity but also letting go and letting Grace in." - Lincoln's This & That Astrology 

Virgo energies also have a mercurial and mental quality to them, no doubt about it. To quiet the mind in strong Virgo energies may seem counter-intuitive, but then again maybe not? Virgo has also been associated with divine perfection/design. To access these realms of deep information we do not get there via our egoic or what the Buddhists call "ordinary" mind. As I pondered Mary and her sweet, little lamb I heard these words, "Original Innocence." I just loved how that sounded. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the spiritual teacher Mooji had these wise words on the subject.

"Original Innocence is being before mind, before knowledge. Let your attention return to your own naked awareness. Leave behind what you *think* you know. You know things because you are knowledge itself. You have existed beyond knowledge. What is here now? You are that." - Mooji

New Moon Message

When we speak of "Original Innocence" we would like you to go back to perhaps when you were a child or younger adult. Before the world and its ruses and suffering had a influence on your life. What were your dreams? Where did you find joy? What were your goals in life? It is time to return to the *roots* in your own soul and be-ing. Soon it will be your Fall Equinox, your Second Harvest. As you look back upon these past months, you will see that what you have truly been harvesting in all of its glory, is yourself. - The Keepers, 9.11.12

During the past few months many of us have had to call upon the bold and executive qualities of the Leo energies to draw boundaries in our lives and to show us our own inner strength and capabilities. I was shown that it is time for the energies of both power and innocence to co-exist peacefully. May the Lion lie down with the Lamb and may all beings benefit.



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